Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Random Photos Part One

Liam Neeson at his first solo red carpet appearance since his wife died.
Anne Hathaway is not exactly being safe driving the scooter one handed and holding a purse. She is wearing a helmet though.
So, Brittany Flickinger has apparently run out of money for clothes. She is wearing a bra and has stolen the apron from some makeup woman at the mall and called it an outfit. Meanwhile her BFF is in the South Pacific and contaminating the wildlife there for generations to come.
Speaking of wildlife, I never thought I would find someone or something as tall as Brooke Shields, but there you go.
Brenda Song at a bar. Is she 21? Oh, and she swears up and down that no matter how many times she is photographed with a Jonas brother she isn't actually dating them or hooking up or canoodling.
The only thing that was missing from Britney Spears yesterday was her pink wig and some bare feet in a bathroom. She wore three different outfits in a couple of hours of shopping.

Somehow I missed posting Dylan McDermott yesterday.
Fergie just gets more scary with each passing day. Stay off drugs kids.
IAMX - Budapest
A first time appearance for Isabel Keating and the first time Jennifer Westfeldt has been in the photos without Jon Hamm.
Also first time appearances for Jessica Collins and Matt Czuchry.
It has been awhile since Jason Lewis was in the photos.
Stamps from old television shows. This is June Lockhart from Lassie.
Barbara Hale from Perry Mason.
And one of the best scenes ever from I Love Lucy.
Jack Nicholson and his son who is about the same age as Jack's girlfriends.
A very happy Lou Diamond Phillips.
Blanket and Prince.
Ne-Yo gets the best dressed award of the day.
Pearl Jam - London
Richard Belzer and his dog.
Reese Witherspoon and her black eye.
Ska-P - Budapest
A very odd red carpet photo. Zach, Heather Graham, and Bradley Cooper.
Even Justin Bartha found it amusing.


Pookie said...

aww...liam has aged. :(

wow, lotsa 1st-timers. i'm all...who? the lucy stamp!

jack n. = VOMIT.

idc how down-low neyo is, he always looked fab.

RocketQueen said...

Someone cut Blanket's hair - please?!

Love how Nicholson's son inherited the eyebrow look ;)

Jason Lewis is orange with crazy coke eyes!

Weird, I thought Dylan McDermott was David Schwimmer there for a quick minute.

Oh, Britney. I'm rooting for you, really, but you have to help YOU help you. A new, better weave and dresses where your bits aren't popping out are the number one priority.

lutefisk said...

why is Nicholson's son holding his moob?

Quintessential Southerner said...

so is fergie back on meth?

Quintessential Southerner said...

enty, i don't think fergie looks that bad.

AnonMom said...

Blanket and Prince look like they're doing good ... and happy.

I saw a Barbie Doll set of that Lucy sketch at my local Big Lots ... ha ha.

Jason Lewis ... looking good, but he has crazy drug eyes.

califblondy said...

I think Fergie looks okay too. I'm not crazy about the hair color, but I don't think she looks like a druggy.

Enty, Anne Hathaway has her feet on the ground so I don't think she's actually driving the scooter. I'd love to see her in one of those little Hell's Angels helmets with a skull and crossbones.

Jason, run right over to my place, willya?

Britney can make all the wardrobe changes in the world and still look like trailer trash. Does she ever bathe?

My heart breaks just looking at Liam.

Snakeoiler said...

According to IMDB, Brenda Song is 21.

Anne Hathaway couldn't be riding that scooter, because her right hand is not on the throttle (unless she's in a country where throttles are on the left).

M said...

In the photos I've seen of Fergie recently, I think she looks more and more like Pricilla Presley everyday. How PP looks, now, and that's not a compliment. Maybe its the long hair and the color she has it. I don't think the dark hair color is flattering on her. said...

Something is looking just a little "off" about Britney again, I don't think she is doing as well as she was say, 8 months ago.

Anonymous said...

The IAMX album is pretty good if not a little morose. I already have "I Am Terrified" tagged for my halloween mix.

Love the Belz.

Ne-Yo does look good, surprisingly.

Jack's son is probably just enjoying daddy's castoffs.

Jason still has crazy eyes.

Quintessential Southerner said...

yes, brit brit does look nasty. the problem seems to be her hair color. she needs a softer color, brunette?

Cute Little Redhead said...

Barbara and June look fantastic!

You can see the sadness in Liam's eyes.

I am still loving Richard Belzer from Homicide: Life On The Street.
God I loved that show and he was one of the reasons why.

And Ne-Yo looks fine!

.robert said...

How can Jack Nicholson still be that pale after so much time in the sun recently?

Ent's Ex-wife said...

Anyone have any idea how Michael Jackson's oldest son went from bright blond hair when he was 5-6 to being a brunette now? Just curious.

Dave said...

Wow, an IAMX pic, wacky

Sporky said...

Britney is going back to the crazy: stay tuned for new Daily Cheeto Reports!

Jack Nicholson's son is pretty cute.

Belzer is an asshole.

MJ's kids are cute, look good. Hope they are okay.

I agree, Fergie just gets scarier and scarier with time. I'm gonna have nightmares tonight.

vamp said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
vamp said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
vamp said...

fergie admitted to abusing meth awhile back...

as far as prince michael, most blonde kids get darker hair as they age...even the platinum ones can turn brown...

Anonymous said...

Agree that Jason's hair looks whack, but my God, my God, that face. He's so beautiful that it's actually a little disconcerting.

Sometimes I still wanna put Eddie Vedder in my pocket and take him home with me.

Katie said...

lol@Rocket Queen

I still laugh anytime I hear old clips of the Jacksons saying MJ was the father--just because he was white later in life does not mean he could have white kids.

Really, Det. Munch is an asshole? I need proof--I don't buy it.

How did Reese get a black eye?

moxie said...

Is it just me or does it look like they gave MJ's sons an all-over spray tan? It could just be summer sun exposure, I know.

Wil said...

Wow .. Liam .. Wow. I don't mean to degrade the importance of Natasha .. but I hope to Christ Liam finds love again soon. He looks so lost/old/sad/insert your favorite word for heartbreak here. So sad ..

I think Britney is NOT going to be getting control of her own leash back at her next meeting with the judge if she continues no this way.

Zach .. Zach is the only thing that kept me from bursting into tears at the site of Liam. Such a crush, I have!!

shakey said...

My husband had very blond hair when he was a toddler. It got dark fast.

Fergie's outfit makes her look like the owl in Clash of the Titans.

I like how Jack is posing, like he is IT.

Blanket, in particular, seems to have the same colouring as Slash. One white parent, one black parent.

Ella B. said...

Nicolson sure is an unselfconscious tub of lard.

not on my dollar said...

I heard Britney's father was just playing guardian so that she could get through the concert, then everyone could get paid and after that she gets to control her own life. In other words he held down her crazy just so he could get paid.

Liam Neeson looks exactly like I expected a person who's grieving the loss of someone they honestly loved. I rarely see that look in Hollywood.

I like Richard Belzer's doggy. Why is he a jerk?

Who gave Reese a black eye?

Neo is modeling his new clothing line from Alfani which is a Macy's brand.

Jack's son is holding his chi chi.

June and Barbara have held up well, but June favors George Clooney's mom in this picture.

Jason is very attractive to bad he's a coke fiend.

I like Fergie's outfit.

Tara said...

I find the whole Britney thing very strange. It seems that no matter how much she is cleaned up or how much weight she has lost, she still looks...frumpy and...very, very unhappy. I honestly feel sorry for her, which makes me LOL a little because she has a crapload more money than I have, yet I feel sorry for her. Kind of ironic.

PJ Nelson said...

I so love Liam Neeson, he looks sad there

WTF is going on with Fergie's knee?

Love the 'Stamp' photos!

Blanket looks like MJ

Richard Belzer... is he sick? He looks terrible

That 'odd' red carpet photo has Heather looking like she got TP stuck in her underwear and peeking out the bottom of her skirt :)

E said...

Michael Jackson admitted to bleaching Prince's hair when he was just a wee lad. Someone actually had to tell him to stop and that it was bad for the kid.

This was in an interview a while back and he (MJ) seemed mystified and amused at the whole thing. He just totally did not get why it was weird.

E said...

Michael Jackson admitted to bleaching Prince's hair when he was just a wee lad. Someone actually had to tell him to stop and that it was bad for the kid.

This was in an interview a while back and he (MJ) seemed mystified and amused at the whole thing. He just totally did not get why it was weird.

Jasmine said...

Shakey- I too think that Blanket actually looks like he could be at least half black. Maybe I really is MJ's son hmmmmmm, how intriging would that be.
And as for Justin Bartha, whoever the hell that is, all I can say is yum yum gimme some! I like em preppy and stern looking...
p.s. The sex and the city dude was hawt back in the day but just like with fergie, his looks are really being affected by whatever drug of choice he is doing. I know he technically can still be called attractive but you can really really really see something is off about him now and he just doesnt do it for me anymore.

Aimée said...

I'm a huuuge Britney fan (I'm actually wearing a Britney shirt as i type this, oh dear), and i just hope to god she's not being crazy again :-( I'll just stick my head in the sand and say she changed her outfit 3 times to lose the paparazzi...

Alice D Millionaire said...

Leave poor Fergie alone. She has some weird features that she cannot do anything about. She abused drugs in the past and that has a permanent affect on your friend who used to do meth thinks it aged him a lot. Plus she isn't 20. She has great legs and a hard body and I have a soft spot for her.

Alice D Millionaire said...

Leave poor Fergie alone. She has some weird features that she cannot do anything about. She abused drugs in the past and that has a permanent affect on your friend who used to do meth thinks it aged him a lot. Plus she isn't 20. She has great legs and a hard body and I have a soft spot for her.

Leah said...

Love to Liam. Poor thing.

I thought Britney looked good in the first photo. I can't pin down what is so off about her. I think it is the hair. She doesn't wear "beachy" hair well. Perhaps it needs to be washed more often? She is too broad (like me) for strapless dresses. She needs to step away from the red lipstick and night before raccoon eyes.

Thank you for the Matt Czuchry!!!

That is my favorite I Love Lucy episode.

Looks like Zach G. is trying to stifle a major giggle, perhaps Heather just farted?

LMAO at the Justin Bartha comment! He always has the same face.

MoodyBlueEyes said...

Poor Liam, you can just see the heartbreak and loss.

Ever since I was a kid, I always loved Brooke Shields - still do!

Britney's boarding the crazy train again, no doubt about it.

I admire Jack's confidence, but he's one ugly-ass mofo.

I too think that Blanket could potentially be MJ's son. I think there's somewhat of a resemblance.

Ne-yo looks fab!

Thanks for the Eddie, Enty! He is the hotness, and Pearl Jam is one of the best bands ever - IMHO.

Mooshki said...

I'm really liking McDermott's new show Dark Blue. I'm used to him being more 'smiley' in roles, but he pulls off 'badass' pretty well.

Richard Belzer rocks my world. Add a cute, fluffy dog in, and you have pure awesomeness.

Lisa (original) said...

I like Britney's 1st dress picture, maybe it's the Southerner in me which likes the hat.

Jermain STILL insists MJ is the biological father to those kids. And I STILL lol and think "LIAR! We're not stupid, we know about genetics!"

Prince Michael's hair was clearly bleached when he was little (you can see the yellow).

Welcome new posters!

not on my dollar said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
not on my dollar said...

I want to steal Richard's puppy. :)

fester said...

I admire a guy who carries a fluffy lap dog proudly!

Haha, hilarious that Jack Jr is feeling up his dad.

Lou DP looks like he just emerged from an Old Boy ordeal.

No way is MJ the bio father of Blanket unless Blanket is having his hair relaxed.

Jason Lewis looks like a major tweaker. I think the looks will be completely gone in about 5 years.

GoddessNow said...

Who in hell is Brittany Flickinger and why is she relevant?

Britany changing 3 times - Maybe she has a sweat problem.

Thanks for the Barbara Hale photo. I loved her on Perry Mason.

Fergie - I don't know what to say. What happened to her face?

GoddessNow said...

The MJ kids, Enty you left out Omer B who was also on this outing in Santa Monica. Interesting.

Neyo - a very good entertainer, who IMO needs to come out.

Lynne said...

Blanket looks like he is on his own little planet, and I don't think that's a good thing.

About Jack's son, may I just say RRROOWWWRR!!!

Liam Neeson looks inconsolable. Poor, poor man.

Melody said...

Richard Belzer is one of the nicest actors I've ever met. Anyone who calls him an asshole hasn't met him.

ahdaboom said...

did you know jermaine has a child named "Jermajesty". anyway, my dad was commenting about the change in the hair color of michael's children. does seem like an extreme change.

and how did reese get a black eye??


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