Monday, August 10, 2009

Random Photos Part One

Ben Harper - Chicago
Chace Crawford and Ashley Greene swapping spit in a car at LAX. Maybe it is because he had just seen these completely NSFW pictures of her. I would post them on here, but I have had enough letters from lawyers in the past week.
Who do you think is better looking? I am going with Solange. There are just too many strikes against Beyonce.
Bat For Lashes - Chicago
I know there are always lots of pictures of Britney Spears, but I am trying to remember the last time I saw her on a red carpet.
Those shoes look way too large for Courteney.
The lovely Cheryl Hines.
David Cassidy promoting his show.
And David live in concert taken by lutefisk which I have been remiss in posting.
Emma Roberts was at the Teen Choice Awards. Meanwhile,
dad was over on the other side of town with Patrick Warburton. They are in a new movie called Rock Slyde. Think Puddy as a private detective. Very funny, but you have to really get into it.
Andy Dick is in it and is hilarious as the head of Bartology which is very similar to Scientology.
Drea de Matteo plugging away for Desperate Housewives and trying to avoid Lindsay Lohan.
Hmmm. You think they could be related?
My favorite picture of the day. Gwen and Zuma.
The John Mayer wants more attention picture of the day.
Kate and her bodyguard. Cue Whitney and Kevin.
Kim Kardashian and her new hair color.
You know when you see someone you hate them after awhile? Well then you kind of start to miss them and you start liking them again. That is where I am in the Katy Perry process.
Kristen Stewart because well Twilight won all the awards last night so I figured I should post her photo.
This is what happens when Avril Lavigne and Cher decide to have a baby and cover it in tattoos. I have no idea what in the hell Kat von D was thinking here.
Lykke Li - Chicago
I found someone more pale than Michelle Trachtenberg.
The family Brosnan.
Shaquille O'Neal was the life of this party. Seriously.
At this point it is just easier to post most of the Twilight actors in one photo. I wish they would at all times pose together. It makes things much easier.


MontanaMarriott said...

Kim K. looks like porn star Terra Patrick now.

karen said...

Did Kim get a new nose job? She looks different in the face. So was she wearing that blonde wig a while ago to test how the color would look on her?

Gwen Stefani is wearing a lot of makeup. I also wonder how she manages it to still have hair on the head when she's always bleaching it. Even during her pregnancies she didn't stop with the bleaching.

Kat von D looks awful with the blonde hair. Awful!

Anonymous said...

Kim looks like Candis Kane (transsexual from Dirty Sexy Money)in that picture

I kinda find Kate's bodyguard attractive.

Eric Roberts wearing glasses. Answer to the blind?

And what would Ent have gotten legal notices from last week?

Hilary said...

Lyyke Li was so awesome at Lollapalooza- Band of Horses even better- they played OVER Jane's Addiction- they got a late start and they wanted to complete their set-- they got cajone's playing over the Festival Organizer's band! The Lead singer said, "Let's blow this shit out" and nodded over at Jane's Addiction-- it. was. awesome!!!!!

RocketQueen said...

I'm surprised I like that hair colour on Kim K - it actually works.

John M. is such a douche.

Wow, Patrick must really be huge - I thought Eric was big!

David Cassidy messed with his face too much. I barely recognized him in the ads for his new show!

Open letter to Laura Dern - and to think you almost got stuck with Billy Bob - shudder. Ben Harper ftw!

ItsJustMe said...

Kat Von D --eep!

as for Kim ... she looks like an Armenian Barbie. Can't say I hate her look - she's just gorgeous, IMO. She did get a more recent nose job in the last few months or so.

I love Gwen and I love her kids ... Zuma is a cute pie!

califblondy said...

I love Kim K's new hair color. She works the lighter look much better than Kat. Damn, those tattoos are just nasty.

Kate's bodyguard is hunky in a Jim Brolin kind of way.

Katy Perry was hilarious last night on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire. Regis wasn't getting her sense of humor so she kept having to say "I'm kidding." Her shoes were too high for her to walk across the slick stage. It was funny.

blog hopper said...

So I'm not a fan or Perez, but a friend just sent me pictures he posted of Jamie Pressly peeing on the sidewalk outside of a bar, in the afternoon. WOW.

Anyway, love Kristen Stewart's outfit. Most age-appropriate, compared to girls like Amanda Bynes, who squeeze into mini dresses for every event.

strawberrygirl said...

Kristen Stewart I'm convinced is permanently high.

Cute Little Redhead said...

I love Gwen. I just sent that pic to my daughter saying, Gwen always looks so relaxed and happy and so very obviously loves her kidlets.
She radiates happiness.

I think Kate Hudson is gross. She is not aging well and it's funny how much different she looks in person than in a movie (all made up).

I LOVE Pierce Brosnan and his lovely family. I love that his wife looks like a regular woman and not a bleached, starved, overly made-up Hollywood chick.
I think they have hot sex.

I think Kate and her boyguard are totally doing it and it must be incredible sex. She is obviously taking excellent care of herself now with the new guy in her life (and bed).

I just saw Eric Roberts on an episode of Entourage and he was wonderful as always. Love him.

I am rooting for Britney. I want her to do well.

Cute Little Redhead said...

@Blog Hopper: Seriously? Peeing on the sidewalk in the middle of the day?

What was wearing? (fingers crossed that you will say a skirt).

@Califblondy: Yes! He does look just like James Brolin!

@Caroline: She does look stoned all the time but I'm thinking too that maybe it's just uncomfortable-ness. Like she signed on for that movie and then BAM...she is mobbed day and night. I do like that she looks like a real person all the time, stoned or not. I have worked with many stoned people over the years!

sunnyside1213 said...

What did Eric Roberts do to fall so far from grace? Glad he is coming back. Think he is great. Much better than horse teeth sister.

lutefisk said...

Yes, I admit I went to see David Cassidy--but we had a GREAT time, & yes, his face seems to be way to smooth & shiny for a 59 year old.
He put on a great show, & for someone like myself, who was a little kid when the Partridge Family aired, it was unbelievable to see him up close!

mooshki said...

DN, the lawyers were about the Vanessa Hudgens pics - you were right, she was underage.

Bex said...

Wow, that David Cassidy concert looks awesome but simulatenously something that would be infinitely boring for a sixteen year old.

lutefisk said...

Bex, how would you know? You never once looked up from reading Harry Potter until it was too dark to continue, & then you stuffed your face with s'mores & cupcakes!!! You seemed to be enjoying yourself!

Bex said...

I could have been sitting at home, reading Harry Potter in the light like a normal human being, whilst eating s'mores and cupcakes AND checking Facebook. Sounds nice, hm?

chihuahuense said...

I met Ben Harper in 98ish when I was in high school. I said "ohmygodbenharperiloveyousomuchandiloveyourmusicsomuchandiloveyou." I had waited out some crappy other band so I would be front and center for Ben. It paid off...he said "yeah, I saw you down there groovin' to my vibes." Swoon! He is more handsome (and taller) in real life. Yummy, and yes, Laura Dern lucked out that Angelina is a ho-bag.

Also, I too love Pierce more because of his lovely family.

Marcia Cross looks like a red-headed skeleton.

califblondy said...

Too bad David Cassidy is looking more and more like his Father (who I couldn't stand).

lutefisk said...

Bex, you would have missed out on ALL of the fun sitting at home.

Bex said...

I think the saddest part is the fact that we're having this conversation despite sitting literally four feet away from each other.

Sinjin said...

LOLS @ Bex & Lutefisk. :-)

Bex, I too was reading Harry Potter yesterday! However,I was outside laying in a shady hammock with my wee little doggie. :-P

Unknown said...

Gwen's baby is cute. That Twilight chick is god awful ugly. What is the matter with her face?

Steph said...

I hate to say this but I think Kim Kardashian's new hair color looks HOT. Good for her. Marcia Cross looks dreadful. Someone please feed her!

Sarah said...

I agree John M is a douche....but he's with Rob Dyrdek...I heart Rob

ardleighstreet said...

Zuma is one cute baby.

Pierce is still handsome as hell. I like that his wife looks real instead of starvation thin.

Emma Roberts looks like she's doing the gotta pee-pee dance. Her dad looks happy.

Is Andy Dick still sober? If so good for him!

Anonymous said...

I was all set to go to Lollapalooza and then at the last minute I remembered - oh yeah. Job, kid, husband, money, plane ride, shit. i'm not 25 anymore am I? I'm not even 30 anymore. In fact, I remember being in second grade and hearting David Cassidy because my older cousins said he was groovy and you know what? They were right. Then I got a little older and fell in love for real with Shawn.

I'm gonna go Google Shawn now and see if he's messed up his face.

Kat Von D is awesome, but Lord, that outfit.

Back to lurking now...

gay tallywacker said...

Goldie is hotter than Kate, and she looks like a helluva lot more fun.

Kat von D must have a back straight down to her legs to wear those pants.
No butt at all!

Jingle Belle said...

I think Kim K looks like a typical Hollywood clone with the light hair. Why do all the beautiful brunettes and redheads decide to go blond? It usually doesn't go with their skin tones and they look washed out.

Lutefisk...ubercool that your pic got posted!

We finally see a velvet jacket again and it's on the douche of the century John Mayer.

That's my 2 cents for the day. Thanks for reading! :)

Cheryl said...

Pierce, who I think is the most handsome man ever, was the answer to a blind item about the star whose wife was a lesbian but it was ok with him because he wasn't interested in sex.I don't think it was a CDAN blind.

I always figured he was still in love with his late wife and that he and Keely Shaye enjoyed their companionship.

libby said...

Cheryl, there was a Lainey blind last year called "just as she is." I think it implied that he allows her to dabble occasionally with the ladies, because that's something she needs to do and because he's exceptionally generous and truly loves her.

PB's elder son got his father's looks! Wow he's going to be really handsome! Too early to know about the younger.

I agree with whomever mentioned Gwen's happiness. So much joy in having kids. Can you believe little Zuma's face?! Just precious! It looks like he's going to have Mommy's dark eyes.

J-Mo said...

Goldie and Kate look like they have cooties.

Leah said...

I love that picture of Kat VD. I can't stand her and now when I have a bad day, I can look at that photo and be glad I didn't do that to myself.

I can't understand why all the Twilight/New Moon actors are so fugly. If they weren't hired for their looks, you'd think they'd be better actors.

Rickatoo said...

Bex & Lutefisk - #1 LOL! #2 - wasn't that MY David Cassidy picture from the concert? For the record, my 12 y/o boy had a blast watching me that night

lutefisk said...

Actually, it was Lynn's photo, & I was the quickest to send it in.
Why was he watching you, & not the show?? You are not that entertaining, unless buttercream is involved. lol!


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