Friday, August 14, 2009

Random Photos Part One

Allen Shellenberger - RIP
By far my favorite picture of the day. If you don't know the story, the couple posing in the picture were at Banff and set the timer on their camera. Right when the picture was being taken this squirrel popped up.
Alyson Hannigan walking her baby. Well, presumably her baby is in there. She might just be doing it for some type of stroller pushing competition or to carry her groceries.
Anne Hathaway on the set of her new movie.
It also stars Jessica Alba.
Ashley Tisdale and her acid washed jeans. Really? Are they back, because I have a pair in size 54 that I could be rocking instead of my Zubazz this weekend.
For three very famous comics there aren't a lot of smiles here. Double chins yes. Smiles, no.
Bonnie Raitt & Taj Mahal - New York
So is this a new pap game? Lower the air pressure in tires? Yesterday was Christina Ricci and today it is Danni Minogue.
Ellen Pompeo must be due pretty soon.
Presumably not due is George Clooney's girlfriend. George is suing some Italian magazines for publishing photos of a 13 year old girl naked and changing her clothes in one of his bedrooms.
When the husband wins the name my baby game, you get names like Gunner Wright.
Joan Collins is 76 and is working it.
Just think. Women are quitting their jobs so they can have sex with this guy.
John Stamos in New York. He and Gina Gershon have been having dinner together frequently.
Has anyone ever seen Justin Timberlake on a motorcycle before?
Katie Holmes in Australia.
Kellan Lutz getting ready for a remake of Quicksilver. All he needs now is a bike.
Katie Price's new boyfriend playing with her kids.
And exploiting them.
Katy Perry - Melbourne
I actually like this picture of Megan Fox.
With all of the attention and hype that Inglourious Basterds gets, Melanie Laurent doesn't get any love. Here you go Melanie.
Matthew Morrison getting ready for the new season of Glee.
Michael Phelps got into a car accident. No one was hurt, and no alcohol was involved and it wasn't even his fault, yet at last count about 30 newspapers, tabloids and gossip sites were reporting it.
Some randomness. Martin Sheen, Nancy Sinatra and Elliott Gould.
Paula Abdul at The Ivy. I know I have bad mouthed their food in the past but I had some ginger curry mussels a few weeks ago that were amazing.
Renee doesn't seem too happy does she? This was for an Elle photoshoot.


CDAN Mod said...

george clooney is so clipped, and kudos on the lawsuit.

yay for the squirrel!

love bonnie raitt.

Anonymous said...

Billy Crystal looks ridiculous.

I would kill for Renee's shoes.

Katie Perry plays the guitar does she? Or just strums open G over and over again?

RocketQueen said...

That's horrible about the naked pics of a 13 year old! Lawsuit them all the way to the bank, George!

Terrible hair colour on MiserAlba.

I can't quite tell - who's the comedian between Billy and Robin?

Unless she's wearing a crapload of makeup, Katie always looks so tired and unhealthy.

I don't know much about Katy Perry's music, but I will say that every time I see her, she's smiling. I like that.

Karmen said...

I'm not surprised Michael Phelps got attention for his accident. Remember when he was arrested for drunk driving 5 years ago? I don't think many people do. Ugh. I'd tempted to take the Light Rail so I don't have to worry about running into him on the road.

Banff! I've been there! Few times, actually. This pictures doesn't surprise me at all. Last time I was there, the squirrels were so friendly. They came up to us and started eating food out of our hands. They're probably so used to humans it doesn't even phase them. That squirrel in the picture knew what the camera was. I just know it!

Glee = gloriousness. Can't wait for the show to start.

Anonymous said...

I'm with rocketqueen, I don't recognize middle comedian.

Anal Anne looks healthy, kind of a Mad Men vibe. I like.

Good for George. Though why did he have a 13 year old girl in his house?

I approve of Stamos and Gershon. Sex tape please!

LOL quicksilver remake. I loved that movie.

Katie's BF has a nice body but clearly has taken too many hits to the face and way too many steroids.

mooshki said...

Brain cancer sucks. :(

That squirrel pic is awesome! Just what I needed to rescue a sucky day.

That pap & the mags shouldn't be sued, they should be jailed.

My bff's husband wants to name their baby "Steve." My bff wants to name him "Evil Knievel." Now you know why she's my bff.

Gina & John really are a perfect couple.

Justin tries to hard to be macho, and he's just a giant pussy. Hey, maybe that's why J.Biel is with him!


Jeepers, what did Nancy Sinatra do to her face?

Paula tweeted that she took her staff to the Ivy. Whatever you may say about her, she sure has Tyra beat!

RocketQueen said...

@DNfromMN - I just laughed right out loud at "Sex tape please!" and scared the person next to me.

Pookie said...

rip allen shellenberger. :(

squirrel pic = AWESOME!

i so had ashley tisdale's jeans in 1986.

wow, nancy sinatra looks great!

amazonblue said...

I can't wait for the blinds to start rolling in on Anne & Jessica.

I had no clue Ellen was preggers.

Lainey said George was hosting all sorts of friends and their families at his villa. The 13 year old is probably part of that mix.

That's the best picture of Megan Fox I've ever seen, she doesn't look like an online porn ad.

mazemerizing said...

Megan Fox's mouth is closed! I believe that's a first.

And I think the comedian in the middle is Chevy Chase?

mazemerizing said...

And I'm wrong as usual. Looked it up. The guy in the middle is Bobcat Goldthwait.

Lady J said...

@DN and Rocketqueen
The guy in the middle is Bobcat Goldthwait

Mic said...

Ugh enty I appreciate you so much more when you don't like Lamey Perry.

Banff is a place EVERYONE should visit once in their life. Truly breathtaking and full of beautiful people.

ardleighstreet said...

Awesome squirrel pic! :)

Bonnie Raitt and Taj Mahal-- Had to be a hellva good show.

Good for Clooney.

So Justin is going to be in the Brando movie remake? They are calling it THE MILD ONES. :)

mygeorgie said...

Banff is soooooo beautiful, even this pic doesn't do it justice. If you are ever there (The Canadian Rockies, take the gondola ride up the mountain and then the walk out to the next level. "On top of the world" view & well worth the $30!

And of COURSE our chipmunks are cute & friendly, albeit cheap tippers, but cute nonetheless ;)

mygeorgie said...

Gawd, even George's tanned feet are sexy and he wears jeans like no one else imo. Yummy, sexy beast.

Maja With a J said...

I wanna go to Banff one of these weekends, but no one wants to go with me (probably because they'd have to drive).

TinselSass said...

@ Ardleigh - RE: So Justin is going to be in the Brando movie remake? They are calling it THE MILD ONES. :)


RE: Acid wash jeans... NEVER AGAIN.

Winston Ono said...

RIP Allen. So sad.

MoodyBlueEyes said...

LOVE the squirrel pic - priceless!

Blonde does not work on Alba, at all.

Bonnie Raitt rocks!

John Stamos is so handsome and always seems to be smiling. He's aging really well, too!

Timberlake looks like a total douche on that bike, in that getup. Get back to prancing around onstage, sister.

Ok, to make sure I wasn't completely clueless - I checked the weather in Australia. Correct me if I'm wrong, but 70 degrees doesn't warrant a puffy winter coat, right?

MommaBear said...

Love the picture of Justin on the bike. Had the photographer got a shot from behind, we'd have seen the training wheels. lol

BlahFrickinBlah said...

Justin has had a bike for years. There have been pics of him on it before.

I love John Stamos. He is always a great guest on Howard Stern. He would make some seriously gorgeous babies with Gina. She is stunning.

Unknown said...

I feel like I get the Herp just by looking at pics of Megan Fox! So UNBELIEVABLY skanky; I just don't get it.

Joan Collins may be a b!tch, but she looks fabulous!

Who the heck is Ellen Pompeo's baby daddy??? Where have I been? Please tell me it's not that loser of a husband who cleaned her out with his gambling addiction...

I want to be BFFs with Alyson Hannigan. Wait-she's not a Scientologist, is she?

dragongirl said...

Hello everyone - I'm from Alberta (where Banff is located). That's not a squirrel in the photo, it's actually a gopher... not that anyone cares really, but I'm sure the gopher would.

shakey said...

I didn't know one of Katie Price's kids had a different Dad.

lmnop123 said...

Clooney looks handsome in that picture. I used to find him attractive, now he's just Creepy Guy to me.

Not that he would sleep with a 13 year old but God forbid if she was 21 and took her clothes off on the internet or for a living. He'd be all over her.

What a f***king hypocrite he turned out to be.

Tara said...

@anita_mark - I would kill for Renee's shoes, too. They are fabulous.

I think Megan Fox is pretty, but I'd like to force feed her a half dozen Big Macs. She needs to gain some weight.

God, I think I'm beginning to dislike Jon more than Kate. He annoys me with his smugness. Yuck.


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