Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Happy Birthday Dominique Swain

Today is Dominique Swain's birthday. Normally I don't make a big deal out of birthdays of friends, but Dominique was such an integral part of the site in the first few months it existed that I feel like to not wish her a happy birthday would be wrong. Dominique or ZX as she was known sucked it up a few times a week and wrote about her life and what she was doing and provided some of the most controversial posts ever. Looking back at them now makes you wonder what all the fuss was about, but there certainly was fuss. In honor of her birthday I am reposting two of the more controversial ones. The first is from April 18, 2007 and was just a recap of a photo shoot. The comments however turned into a debate about the angle of the sun and whether you could see the sun reflected in the pool.

The second post was from April 23, 2007 and was also a huge deal because Dominique made one mistake and I didn't catch it. She spelled Louboutin incorrectly. I know, I know and the world went insane. So, enjoy the posts and you can click on the dates above each one to go back and read the comments.

April 18, 2007

ZX--Two Combined Posts, Three Photos

**Originally, ZX wrote the name of the photographer and the make-up artist, but I deleted them because it would make it too easy to guess ZX. If you recognize them, then please send me an e-mail before you post ZX's identity in the comments section much like the woman did from ABC. ZX and I are trying to keep her identity a secret at least through May. I will say that one specific guess made ZX really hysterical. It seems that one person guessed Miss No-Pants. **

If only I had not been crazed and on my way to a photo shoot, I would have been more specific about the fact that Frankie said to a birthday party WITH Ryan Gosling, not Ryan Gosling's birthday party, but it doesn't matter because we confused Parc with Mood and never ended up at the party anyway. I was wondering why Frankie and crew never showed up... Found all this out later when my best friend was telling someone this story and he claimed to be Ryan G's close friend. Anyway, to all you doubters, you should know by now that I have trouble being organized with almost every element of my life. I just thought this particular snafu was so funny I wanted to share it.

Photo shoot was lots of fun although I think the engineering of Mulholland Drive is a conspiracy. Why did they make it so difficult to simply stay on the same street. One minute you're merrily on Mulholland talking on the phone and cursing zen drivers and the next you're rudely dumped in Hollywood or the Valley. I have to read two scripts tonight but I'll use my handy dandy fact checker next time I want to relate a night on the town.

Here are the photos from the shoot. The first is of the view on the Hollywood side of Mulholland. The second is the sumptuous clothes I wore. The third is the photographer and the makeup artist.

April 23, 2007

ZX's Weekend--No One Gets More Out Of A Weekend Than ZX

Friday, I went to do the interview at Izzy's Deli, yes, for the size 10 cheap shoes/ kmart clothes/provoking pool shoot. Izzy's was totally packed and when we asked the Angelyne-ish hostess if we could move to a quieter booth, she first ignored me like she was far too busy, then Just Said No, and finally upon further inquiry, took five minutes while the place was lining up out the door to lecture both of us on how we could have been seated immediately if we'd waited for the table we wanted in the first place.
Don't mean to be an erudite jackass but she's been hostessing at a deli for 50 years too long and didn't appreciate our gig. Next thing I know, my interviewer is admitting to sending shoot photos to a persnickety actor. When he gave her more trouble, she sent him an email, "How about these? You look beee-eautiful!" And replaced the pictures with photos of her bulldog. So we spent the lunch not working and laughing our asses off and had to reschedule for Saturday.

Went home and tore into some Screen Actor's Guild Envelopes which mean but one thing: Cha-ching! Opened one: "Yes!" Opened the second, "YEEESSSSS!"Opened the third. "Wait. No. Bill." In an identical envelope, the hooligans.
So Saturday, had the real interview. Fell further in love with this girl, but lost my car for two hours and had to pass by a homeless artist who said he loved my feet. I thought he wanted to look at them or draw them but he bent down and caressed my arch. "Aaaaah," he said. "Lower back trouble. And you love organizing things." He was right about the lumbar but I had to pass him two more times in search for said lost vehicle and that pretty much eliminated his second theory.
Stalked my guy and he actually picked up his phone and invited me to an art show, but it was another A-frame disaster and he pretty much hates me now which somehow makes him more mysterious and alluring.
a view of a side room at the art show through a hole
a neato poquito exhibit where sensors detect your movements and make a lighted wall of buds bloom as you move

The dinner with the financiers was awesome. The hostess had a slumber party of little girls who kept peering in from the kitchen clutching my dvd cover,and then disappearing when I looked up. Which was probably why the most outrageously gorgeous Australian meat mogul to ever come up over was paying so much attention to me. He even offered to drag me outside and kiss me, cheeky I know, I would have told him to piss off but he was ADORABLE. When I asked him how old he was, he said, "You were still in your dad's bags when I was in Baghdad." Had a good conversation with the financier about the film we want to make and the director told me as we left, "No shtupping Dad's Bags until we figure out everyone's dynamic." They may have all been swingers, who knows.

Went sheep herding on Sunday which was amazing. I didn't bring my dog, but I'm definitely going back. My best friend crocheted me a hat with sheep ears which I wore, OF COURSE, and one of the dogs thought I was some overgrown human sheep hybrid and couldn't focus. The owner got frustrated so I took off the hat and she looked over and said, "That's scarier."

Went to a Chumash festival with my dad and wanted to buy a bracelet but didn't have time for them to run my credit card over the phone. So I took my friend back the next day in the rain to see a Native American who could hula hoop with 24 hula hoops, and there was my dad coming out of the cloudburst to surprise me with the bracelet!
Later, went shopping at Elyse Walker, which is this chi chi boutique in the Palisades. A woman working there looked down and took in the shoes I wore to Burning man, coffee stained sweater, and back up to the sheep hat and kind of turned away. I bought some adorable Christian Laboutin shoes and wanted to box her ears with them and say "Big mistake, HUGE!" like Pretty Woman, but they were from her store, so I think it would've lacked impact.

Oh. Got a call from a director who said he wrote a vigilante action movie FOR ME, but his financiers wanted some TV girl who fits my identical description for the lead, but would I do this other part? I pouted for a couple days, but it's actually a terrific script with a great cast and the read- through's Monday. All signs point to Hooray.


Pookie said...

awww, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, dominique! yay you!

teehee...*remembers posts* reading old comments.

Maja With a J said...

Happy Birthday!

I started reading this site towards the end of the ZX era, she had not yet been revealed but it happened shortly thereafter.

Winston Ono said...

Ah, the good ol' days. Happy birthday!!

GladysKravitz said...

Happy birthday ZX/Dominque Swain! I was a lurker back in those days, I think.

Re-reading the comments makes me very, very, very grateful that Enty has blocked anonymous comments from this blog. All that arguing just makes me tired.

kris said...

who was no pants?

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Dominique!

kris- No pants was the girl who played Juliet Darling on 'Dirty Sexy Money'. Samaire Armstrong. That was the part Dominique was up for.

ItsJustMe said...

Happy Birthday, Dominique! I was a lurker back then, but always enjoyed your posts. :) said...

Still no proof DS is ZX....whoops..sorry I was having a flashback to the good ol' days.

ardleighstreet said...

Happy Birthday!

Robin the Mad Photographer said...

Happy birthday, Dominique! I saw you listed in the "Today in History" blurb in the paper, so I knew Enty would mention you today. :-) Feel free to come on back sometime; I for one always enjoyed your posts. (Didn't you describe going to Coachella in one of them?)

Gillybean said...

I started reading in early 2008, after the ZX/DS reveal and have to say:

1st of all...I LOVED her in the movie Girl. Well, her and Sean...

2nd..thank GOD the anonymous posting feature was removed. I just lost massive amounts of brain cells going back and reading all those ridiculous comments.

Wil said...

I have just adored Dominique since the remake of "Lolita" .. had no idea 'til just now about her early days at CDAN.

Congratulations to Ms. Swain on the occasion of her Birthday! Many Happy Returns!!

Tara said...

I fell in 'adoration' with Ms. Swain when I saw Lolita back in the day. I started reading on here around the time of the reveal and I was pleasantly surprised. It's good to see that she's not completely self absorbed and idiotic like some actresses.

Happy Birthday, DS!

Jerry said...

Happy Birthday ZX. How about an update on what's going on now?


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