Thursday, August 13, 2009

Good Morning America Puts On Their Larry King Mask

Good Morning America is like a whole gaggle of Ann Curry's and Larry King's combined. The last time any of them asked a serious question was about whether they should order the chicken or egg salad for lunch. This morning they had Oksana Grigorieva on their program. Have you heard of her before? Yes, you are right it is Mel Gibson's girlfriend.

Would you have ever heard of her if she wasn't Mel Gibson's girlfriend? You know because of her singing and her new album. Of course you haven't, so it is effing ridiculous that Good Morning America told the world today that the only reason she was on the show this morning was because of her singing and her new album. Please, it is only because she is pregnant with Mel's kid and Barbara Walters wants an exclusive with Mel at some point down the road. How much do you want to bet that Mel turns up on her list of Most Fascinating people of 2009? A little payback from Mel.

So, GMA had Oksana on their show and so you would assume they would ask about Mel or the baby or the divorce or the church or if she speaks Aramaic. Anything at all. Nope. Crickets. I don't understand why GMA even pretends they are part of a news organization because all they are is just a younger version of Larry King. Without the eye patch of course. I love the pirate look on Larry. I'm hoping they will cast him to play Keith Richards' dad in the next Pirates of The Caribbean movie.


mooshki said...

That's funny - whether to get the chicken or egg salad is usually the biggest question of my day, too. I love egg salad, but it just isn't quite as filling. Sigh, I need to get a real job.

Anonymous said...


I saw the clipping at TMZ it was ridiculous. She doesn't know how to express herself correctly. Was either too nervous or too stupid. Also her voice OMG it's horrible. She sounds like a CAT LOL.

Mel is using his tiny head when it comes to this stupid woman.

Merlin D. Bear said...
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Pookie said...

i saw it...and gma was totally all kneepads-like. teehee @ your use of 'gaggle'!

Merlin D. Bear said...

I don't know what you're talking about... I was headed *right* down to the record store to pick up her album. (I'm typing through tears of laughter at the thought)

She's world famous y'know... oh yeah, that's right, it's for the horizontal tango, not the vertical.

My bad.

But you have to admit, she's got some world class skills to be able to break up a 30+ year marriage to someone who professes to such a binding view of Christianity.

Of course, he could be just another hypocrite. I mean seriously, could you entertain such a thought?

I'd be shocked. Shocked, I tell you.

Sinjin said...

11:41 a.m: Mmmmmm chicken salad sandwich w/ chips. (*tummy growls)

sunnyside1213 said...

She sings? OMG...what is the world coming to? This story just keeps getting worse.

Anonymous said...


MommaBear said...

Now, I wasn't expecting her to be Mariah Carey great(pre-crazy, not post) but wow, is she ever bad. And I know bad singing, as I usually sound like a cat with it's tail slammed in a door.

Poor old Mel is trying so hard to make her a star just like him (or rather like he used to be).

Apparently Mel's hearing is going as well as his eyesight, because, for the life of me, I can't imagine what he sees in her vacant eyes.

As my hubby would say: she must be a demon in the sack 'cause she's nothing to look at, and in this case nothing to listen to as well.


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