Monday, August 10, 2009

Miley Cyrus Wants The Attention Focused On Her Again

Apparently having the world focus on Vanessa Hudgens and her latest picture drama rubbed Miley Cyrus the wrong way. What better way to get back in the minds of perverts and to be a role model for young teen girls than to barely wear any clothes and writhe around on a stripper pole. It was bad enough that last week her like 6 or 7 year old sister was photographed holding on to a stripper pole but I guess Miley's parents have no idea how to market Miley except as a sex object. All of those things they said last year about how they didn't know Miley would be posing almost nude in Vanity Fair and wouldn't have allowed it if they knew just really come off hollow and empty.
I don't care if she is 16 and has a career as a stripper in front of her. Right now she has chosen to be on her Disney show for another season and with that whether she likes it or not is a responsibility to kids who watch her and idolize her and then see her on a stripper pole and think it is normal behavior. At what point did we decide that it was ok to put a 16 year old girl on a stripper pole and say that is normal behavior?

When Miley walked the red carpet she wore a mini skirt in which there was no real way she could sit down. She then changed into a dress that was worn on the runway in Paris earlier this year and was held in place by tape on the breasts. In between she did her stripper pole number. The stripper pole is on top of a box which says Miley's ice cream. Seriously?

The only thing that was missing was Billy Ray getting a lap dance while sitting next to Brooke Hogan riding her father. Maybe I am just old and cranky and not seeing the artistic merit or maybe this is what 16 year old girls aspire to now. Maybe this Christmas Toys R Us and Wal-Mart will be selling stripper poles with Barbie on them. Everything is included. Stripper pole, strobe light and a bunch of fake dollar bills for the male customers who come over and watch.


RocketQueen said...

I am beyond outraged at this. Her parents, the organizers of the show, SOMEONE should have had a moment of clarity and said "Have a newly-minted 16 year-old grind on a pole is inappropriate." Where is everyone?!?

RocketQueen said...

*Having, not Have

ItsJustMe said...

I really cannot believe she is just 16 years old.

Chris Rock had this joke a while back that went something like ... your main goal as a father is keeping your daughter off the pole.

That's a big fair for Billy Ray right there.

ItsJustMe said...

I meant, fail.

jlb said...

Sick. I wrote an email to Wrigley's last week commending them on the Chris Brown drop (and I actually got a reply saying thank you and they were happy to have some feedback)(thank you to who ever posted that idea btw)- I think it's time to start writing to the mouse about ms. Cyrus and being inappropriate as a role model.

Ms Cool said...

I'm surprised parents let their young daughters watch this tart.

Ms Cool said...

Oh goodness. Accidentally clicked on the picture of her on the pole and saw that the platform she is on says "Miley's Ice Cream." What kind of message is this?!

Anonymous said...

I guess Disney's policy on family orientated was thrown out the window.

Oh and by the way she is starting to look older beyond her years. By the time she is 18 she will look like Sharon Stone LOL.

.robert said...

Well, she can go work in R.I. if she wants. Maybe she is trying to get Disney to cancel her contract?

selenakyle said...

The girl is rocking a nice-looking pair of legs.

If she's 16, she's a damn sight more innocent-seeming and age-appropriate than Taylor Momsen is, who by comparison appears to be about 39 with a distended liver and coughing up a lung.

sunnyside1213 said...

Give her time to catch up to Taylor Momsen who looks like some reject from a makeup factory.

sunnyside1213 said...

Give her time to catch up to Taylor Momsen who looks like some reject from a makeup factory.

procrastination101 said...

ok there had to have been a dress rehearsal or run through. no one who saw this thought it was inappropriate to have a 16 yr old on a fucking pole riding on top or a cart that says miley's ice cream with her legs spread open?!

i'm think i wanna send that pic to

selenakyle said...

...and we all know Disney is about as far from really wanting to promote chastity, virginity and innocence as Larry Flynt is.

My sister-in-law won't let my nieces watch SpongeBob for f*ck's sake, but lets them watch and buy every Hannah Montana and High School Musical product out there. She and other Moms of her ilk might have a time on their hands before long with those kinds of influences...

mooshki said...

"...and we all know Disney is about as far from really wanting to promote chastity, virginity and innocence as Larry Flynt is."

Anyone who has any doubt about that needs to watch the Jonas Bros. South Park episode. :)

Kara said...

I think a toy company did market stripper poles to little girls. There was public outrage and they pulled them back, but it has already happened, enty.

Kara said...

FYI - the stripper poles were being sold at Tesco.

Selock said...

As a mom of a young girl, this girl steams me!

I know people take this opportunity to slam Disney - but they are a corporation that follows the profits, not any more dastardly than that, certainly not with the responsibility of a PARENT.

If people actually put their money where their mouths are regarding the youth culture & pop music they encourage their kids to listen to (and I mean young kids - prepubescent, pre-rebellion aged, when you still have influence) - that we want more decent, less processed music that isn't an insult to kids and adults alike - the Jonas Brothers would be doing a helluva lot better than Miley is doing. Their music is better - its immaturity is at least come by honestly, not mock seductively - and they are just outwardly decent kids (not perfect, just decent, they are basically KIDS after all.)

But clearly, people really just want skankery, tackiness and garbage. They want it very, very, badly.

And I don't think Miley is awful...she is just given precious few opportunities to not be. And she's trying to limbo down to the bar set by MTV indicating where she needs to go to keep her rapidly aging demographic for the next phase of her career.

Hopefully she'll make it through and be a better adult artist (adult as in "grown-up" not as in PORN, but hey, either-or).

I'm not religious, I'm not anti-rebellion or edge or whatever, but for now, when it's not more classic rock/pop's stuff like the Jonas Brothers that gets encouraged in our house. At least they comport themselves like musical artists, not like pseudo-rebellious famewhores like...just about everyone else. So we support that with our $$. Hey, Hollywood is trying to give you something less abhorrent - take it! Instead people insult them - which just implies your kids should idolize this skankiness that won't get them mocked like that.

If any of you are parents and want to complain about this crap that Miley is made to peddle, they better make sure they aren't watching/buying it and justifying its very existence. We get what we pay for, why blame it on anyone else?

Anyway, end rant on behalf of my kid's future.

Tara said...

Man, Little Britney anyone?

As a parent of three girls aged 13 and under, I find the things that parents in Hollywood let their children do odd and strange. Really, is the money that important? I wouldn't let my daughters wear clothing like this when they are 16. It's a little ridiculous.

It seems as though Miley is on her way to becoming the next Britney. Is that really what her parents want for her? Is that what she wants for herself? These kids are just commodities to the people who manage their lives and it's really sad. What kind of person is she going to turn out to be? Her parents and handlers should have her best interest at heart instead of dollar signs.

selenakyle said...

I was not lucky enough to have kids.

But I do have step-grandkids who thank God are all boys. Give them a Tonka truck and some dirt and they're good to go.

Seems the girls are given much worse influences than boys are in the 5-10 age bracket.

Boys do seem a bit more brand-conscious these days than one would like to see in kids, but not promiscuity-conscious or song-and-dance routine movie conscious at all, thankfully.

Chrissy Buns said...

i think is just so amazingly insanely innapropriate. my 7 year old wants to watch Hannah Montana, and there is no way in hell i want her to think that Miley Cyrus is a role model! we'll stick with iCarly for now ;)

blog hopper said...

Tara- you took the words right out of my mouth. Seriously, didn't anyone in Hollywood learn anything from the Britney meltdown?

Murphy Brown 2020 said...

Okay. Part of me wants to defend her and say that it's HARD to be a girl. You begin to emerge as a sexual creature around the time you're first leered at by dudes around your dad's age. But there's a limit, and there are actresses and singers out there who've remained in that limit.

I defend Taylor Swift endlessly -- I'm not a huge fan or anything; I've never downloaded any of her music, but I think she's a good songwriter and she can write a catchy tune -- because I've yet to see her say or do anything jailbaity or teen prostitute-y.

When you're sixteen, you are, to paraphrase the wise and immortal Britney Jean Spears: still a girl, not yet a woman. Miley might not be a virgin, but I'll bet a LOT of you out there lost it when you were sixteen. Miley has a sex drive. So did you at that age. That doesn't make her a trollop. I guess what disturbs me is Miley WANTING to toss her sexuality out there in such a trashy way, as well as the fact that there are MANY pre-pubescent girls out there who think this is an appropriate thing for a girl to do at that age.

When I was sixteen, I think I got my ears pierced and learned how to put on mascara. I KNOW I never imagined how to gyrate around a pole.

Murphy Brown 2020 said...


Okay, thanks.

Sinjin said...

Kara, I remember that and was going to mention it. Didn't the package come with play money and the company had the nerve to market that crap as "exercise equipment"?

Eddie said...

you'd be surprised at how many parents let their teenage daughters actually put a friggin stripper pole in their bedrooms....s.m.h

Maja With a J said...

Dear Guttersnipey,

you are awesome.

H. Hellfire

lutefisk said...

It's a shame, because she is talented. But she is also turning into a pig at 16.
Hopefully Mirnda Cosgove will remain a better model for these tweeners.

chihuahuense said...

totally agree, Elizabeth.

Can't remember the name of a book I read on that, Born to Buy? Maybe?

This explains why 12 year olds walk around the mall in booty shorts with "juicy" across their ass.

ardleighstreet said...

OK, I get her being 16 and wanting to rebel against things and seeing herself as a woman but who I have the MAJOR problem with is her parents. How much are you making for selling your teenager?

Would any of you allow your 16yr old daughter to dance around a pole on top of a fake ice cream cart?

I have a tween niece and would flip on my sister if she allowed my niece to do crotch gymnastics around a stripper pole at 16.

Elwood said...

Send your letters of compaints about Miley's inappropriate situations, clothing and behavior to:

(1) John E. Pepper, Jr., Chairman of the Board

(2) Robert Iger, President & CEO

(3) Anne Sweeney, Co-Chair Disney Interactive Media Group, President, Disney-ABC Television Group

(4) Rich Ross, President, Disney Channel's Worldwide

Each message can be sent to the individual at Corporate Headquarters:
The Walt Disney Company
500 South Buena Vista Street
Burbank CA 91521

PJ Nelson said...

What Enty said.

Gary T. Burnaska said...

I always thought Hannah Montana sounded like a stripper name, tis and now MORE nekkid Vanessa Hudgens pics?

When are they gonna stop.

Judi said...

The sign reads, "Miley's Ice Cream"? Ew.
And in 15 years, she'll wonder what happened to her career. I just ignore her.

J-Mo said...

-another Miranda Cosgrove fan. Should we send letters to Miley's pimps saying she's simply gross? She's also comes across as very egotistical and proud of it.

Unknown said...

Lingerie is being manufactured and sold to 9-year olds, and the girls of this country are being sexualized at earlier and earlier wonder there are so many pedophiles and sexual predators out there. It's like the country is encouraging them or something.

leeloodallas said...

"Dear Guttersnipey,
you are awesome.
H. Hellfire"


leeloo dallas

ElsieFire said...

She's a minor. Someone *cough*BillyRay*cough* ALLOWED this fuckery, her mother is producing Miley's next movie and had the paps onset while Miley was filming a scene in the WATER with a WHITE t-shirt, kissing a boy.

And we think that that scurvy pedo that was just busted for stalking her is the only one out there??

As a parent who does allow her kid to watch Hannah, that's where it ends. No Miley Cyrus shit, just the show. (Jackson's really funny!) Thankfully, she's young enough now so that she isn't begging to watch the Teen Choice Awards. And while I'm at it, since WHEN should a parent have to audit a fricking awards show targeted at kids???

How many freaked out parents do ya think there were when this shit happened? Not to mention the Dane Cook crack at Vanessa Hudgens?

Seriously, there has to be expiry date on this shit.

Sorry for all the caps. Grr, arrgh.

Lisa said...

From what I have read there IS a company who made a stripper pole for little girls - just had to share the link...

THe 7-year-old neighbor girl my son plays with is always on a "diet." As in she'll tell him she can't eat lunch because she's on a diet. How sad. She watches everything Miley. So God only knows when I'll see her on her front porch humping a pillar. (Unfortunately.)

fairylights said...

Joining this party late due to a family vacation (tent camping with no web access....eeek!) JIB had a great idea about writing in to the House of Mouse about Miley's behavior, I think I'll take the opportunity to do that.


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