Monday, March 29, 2010

Errol Flynn's Son's Remains Found

When I saw the headline reporting that Errol Flynn's son's remains had been found I immediately knew what they were talking about which is strange. I guess I remembered the story or had seen Two Of The Missing. Apparently sometime in the past week, the remains of Sean Flynn and Dana Stone were discovered in Cambodia. Sean had been an actor and then became a journalist. During the Vietnam War he traveled to Vietnam and Cambodia and was last seen in 1970. It was suspected he had been captured and killed but no one could prove it until now. Forensic tests will be done in Hawaii this week to see if it is the son of movie legend Errol Flynn. Apparently there are still at least 37 other journalists and photographers that are still missing and presumed dead from that time period.

The picture above was taken the day they were captured. Rumor has it they lived for about a year in captivity but no one knows for sure.


Momster said...

Wow. I hope the remains are identified and some family members somewhere have a bit of "closure".

Also, I'm not seeing any pictures??!

Patty said...

How sad...having 40 years of wondering about a loved one. Also hopes it brings closure.

I got pictures.

mooshki said...

Holy shit! I can't believe they found him after all this time. I know it was horrible for his friends and family, but reading about it years later I thought it was a bit romantic that he disappeared so mysteriously. He was like a real-life version of his dad's dashing characters, but sadly without the happy ending.

timebob said...

His mother died only his sister survives. She is the one that got the last round of searches going.

If my brother dropped off the earth tomorrow I wouldn't pick up a rock to look for him.

Really amazing family. And hot damn Sean Flynn was gorgeous. Amazing what he gave up to go to Vietnam.

Robert said...

@Apple: I looked at that photgraph and facetiously asked myself, "Gee, I wonder which one was Errol Flynn's son?" It's a testament to the person that he was that he did turn his back on H'wood for serious journalism.

Angela said...

Sean Flynn and Dana Stone are mentioned in Michael Herr's "Dispatches", one of the best memoirs about Vietnam (a few stories were also reused in his script for "Full Metal Jacket"). He was reportedly looking even better than his father and was very serious and passionate about his job.

The Clash also wrote a song about Sean on "Combat Rock", a very good track close in spirit to "Straight To Hell".

Wil said...

We hardly ever think of the toll journalists take in covering a story ... Bill Stewart's murder has haunted me for over 30 years.

mooshki said...

Angela, that book is amazing, isn't it?

mooshki said...

Angela, that book is amazing, isn't it?


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