Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Random Photos Part Two

Jessica Simpson on her way out of a restaurant after lunch. Meanwhile,
Kelly Rutherford just kind of takes her lunch to go.
So, Keira Knightley is laughing but her boyfriend looks like he is about to keel over. What is up with that face?
Prince William and Kate Middleton snowmobiling.
Meanwhile, Miley Cyrus asks Liam what a snowmobile is.
From the Michael Lohan collection.
I just want to reach out and shave that mustache off Nathan Lane. I know it is for a part, but it still looks bizarre.
Meanwhile speaking of bizarre hair. Take a look at Robin Williams' hands and then imagine to yourself his back and chest.
Selita Ebanks is in a position I will never ever get into. Hell, I can't remember the last time I saw the bottom of my feet.
Selena Gomez has been waxed.
Swan Lake - London


RocketQueen said...

I like America's Best Dance Crew, but I cannot STAND Mario Lopez. He drives everyone who watches at my house crazy with his cheesy lines and expressions.

Keira's boyfriend looks thinner than she is!

Oh Jessica. What. are. you. wearing.

nancer said...

jessica must be a graduate of the britney spears school of fashion. good god, what goes through her head when she gets dressed?

all i can think of when i see robin williams (who i detest) is B.O. i've heard his is legendary. (as george costanza would say, he's got B.B.O.---beyond B.O.)

Sinjin said...

As a fellow Southern girl (who was brought up correctly) that is NOT what you wear to a restaurant. For SHAME!

Methinks that Kiera & her boyfriend's facial expressions are a reflection of each individual's bank account. :-D

FrenchGirl said...

selena gomex's wax is great!
Knightley's boyfriend is so gaunt! even her,she's less skinny

jess said...

Selena's wax figure looks so real! it's creepy

HudsonJoe said...

Nathan Lane could not open the Addams Family next week, as Adam Gomez with a fake mustache. Would he have any other style of mustache?

RJ said...

Anybody else see Robin Williams on Letterman last night? What a God-awful, extremely un-funny segment that was!! Williams just wears out the same lame, tired shtick over and over again. Plus, last night he had some kind of weird, crazy-guy in the wilderness kind of laugh. It was like nails on a chalkboard.

RocketQueen said...

@RJ - I can't watch Robin Williams anymore for exactly the same reason you mentioned. It's manic, desperate and hard to watch. I prefer to remember him in his heyday.

Sinjin said...

Robin Williams is bi-polar non? Perhaps he chooses to not medicate. He's just uncomfortable to watch,and highly annoying.

MnGddess said...

Robin Williams lost the "funny" YEARS ago. Now he's obnoxious. Won't watch anything he's on. Now, Craig Ferguson is hysterical. Robo-skeleton army, anyone? Can't wait to get to the hollowed-out volcano. I hope it's WARM in there.

And Enty - I love a good ballet. We should go sometime.

lanasyogamama said...

Could Miley's shorts be any shorter? (no)

Cancan said...

Dixie loves her some Hermes: the bag, the cuff, the baby name. Try another designer, for the love of ham.

Kim said...

I knew I'd remember who Nathan Lane reminds me of with the mustache, if I thought long enough. He looks just like Snidely P Whiplash from Rocky and Bullwinkle.


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