Friday, April 02, 2010

It's That Time Of The Year - Olivia Newton John Boyfriend Stories

Last year, there was that huge Dateline NBC special where detectives showed the proof that Olivia Newton John's former boyfriend was still alive. It all seemed like a lot of mumbo jumbo to me and I never got the feeling they really knew where he was. Well, now the detectives are back and they say they have positive proof that Patrick McDermott is alive and well. The problem is they just aren't going to share it with the rest of the world. Phillip Klein is the lead private investigator and he says "they are checking documents and voice recordings of Mr McDermott that he and his lawyer had provided in return for their agreeing to leave him alone."

"Mr McDermott's wishes, according to his counsel, is not to be 'hounded' any longer by investigators or the media," said Mr Klein.

Uh huh. Of course there has been no statement from his lawyer, just Mr. Klein saying what the lawyer said. Oh and guess what? Klein is writing a book about all this where he promises all the answers. I think it is convenient that Klein made the deal to leave McDermott alone if McDermott gives him the proof that he is alive. Now no one can check anything. But, once a year it makes for a great story. See ya next year when the book is published.

(Thanks Jennifer)


lmnop123 said...

I thought this guy ran away because he owed somebody money? If that's true and he really is alive wouldn't they come after him?

I don't believe this "detective".

lmnop123 said...
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audrey said...

Is it not illegal to pretend you are dead?

Melody the First said...

@audieh_1 no it's not. I recently wrote an article on Andy Kaufman (whom I believe is still alive as he told half of everyone he knew he was going to fake his death)so I've recently researched this. It's illegal to defraud someone financially by pretending to be dead but merely pretending you are dead is not illegal.

Unknown said...

@Melody, do you have a link to that article? That sounds interesting.

Melody the First said...

Hi, Gretchen. Sure, here you go -- the short url version:


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