Friday, April 02, 2010

No Fake Sex - Lose A $1M

I think Neal McDonough is a great actor. Combine that with the fact that it seems like he has a conscience and doesn't let money get involved makes him even better. Neal was fired from his latest television series for not having sex scenes with Virginia Madsen. Yes, Virginia is still gorgeous. That wasn't the issue. The issue is that Neal is married and has three kids and believes that he shouldn't be doing that kind of thing outside the marriage bed. He has always been like that so I don't know why ABC thought they were going to change his mind. He didn't one day say, you know what, I am not doing simulated sex. He has said the same thing for years. This just happens to to be the first time he was fired for it.

So, ABC found someone else who was willing to bump and grind with Virginia Madsen and Neal is looking for a new job. Oh, the job he got fired from? He lost about $1M. Lets hope no one catches him with a stripper because then all of this really won't mean as much will it?


chihuahuense said...
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jess said...

People from ABC already knew this, they shouldn't have put him on the spot like this.

KellyLynn said...

I agree -- that's baiting him. He's handsome enough and a decent actor. I hope he gets some new work soon.

ardleighstreet said...

Dear Hollywood,

Please someone hire him. I like him. I have watched crap shows because he was in it. He did an excellent job in Band of Brothers.

Integrity can be a good thing.

Thank you.

tigerjen77 said...

Reading this made my day.
Bravo Neal for having morals and respecting your marriage above $$$$.

shakey said...

Wow. He can play such a creep, and here he has morals. He should be commended. You'd think they would have known his views while on Desperate Housewives playing opposite Nicolette Sheridan.

Unknown said...

An immensely wonderful and great actor, especially in Band of Brothers. He's a wonderful guy to watch being interviewed too. What a rarity in Hollyweird.

Ellene said...

simulated sex scenes are what actors do. It's called acting. They were right to fire him for refusing to do his job.

Unknown said...

I always wondered and I mean this sincerely and not to make a joke or act stupid but does a man achieve an erection even when simulation takes place? I mean when I'm in a store and I bump into something I know I do and I'm not simulating anything. Just wondering, honestly.


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