Friday, April 02, 2010

Tiger Woods Lied About Kindergarten Racial Beating

Tiger Woods certainly does have a vivid imagination. If you are his former kindergarten teacher though, that imagination is also called lying. Apparently Charles Barkley wrote a book and in his book there is a story from Tiger about how on his first day of kindergarten, a group of 6th graders took off his shirt and tied to him a tree. They then painted the N word on his chest and threw rocks at him. Tiger says his teacher didn't do anything about it. Well, according to her, the reason she didn't do anything is because it never happened.

Maureen Decker has hired Gloria Allred to set the record straight. What she says is that "I was shocked, saddened and disappointed ... by his false accusations of racial abuse. I want a public apology and a private apology. Teachers do very hard work. ... It is unfair to get this in return."

In addition, she said it was impossible for the older children to get near the younger kids. Sounds like Tiger has some explaining to do.


ItsAJ said...

Still interesting....

jess said...

Isn't that what happened in the first episode of Smallville? the tied Clark to a scarecrow pole and painted the S letter...LOL


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