Friday, April 02, 2010


Isn’t it funny how we’re taught to avoid certain things like the plague, only to be told years later to embrace those same things we were supposed to fear? After all, didn’t that happen with red-wine, coffee, sun exposure…and even drugs?? Okay, maybe ecstasy still hasn’t been proven beneficial, but the point is…rules are made sometimes to be broken…and that’s the case with Denim on Denim.

Only recently has the controversial blend become a popular trend seen on the runaways and red-carpets, alike. Just keep in mind one rule when rocking D on D, keep it light on top, and dark on bottom. If you stick to that rule, maybe, just maybe, it won’t have to be broken.

FASHION: Reese Witherspoon keeps it super casual with a light denim boyfriend top paired with darker jeans, tucked into brown riding boots. The contrast makes the look super chic.

Find Reese’s look for an affordable $26.50 at Old Navy.

FASHION: Jessica Alba nails the look with a distressed 7 For All Mankind denim jacket paired with black J Brand skinny jeans, the best jeans on the planet, in my opinion!! They may be pricey, but what an investment?!

By the way, I actually bought my own jean jacket just like J-Alba’s from H&M and I’m in love with it! It was $20. What a steal?!?!

Or check out the Gap’s gold-stitched denim jacket for less than $30.

FASHION: Here’s another way to rock double-denim. Let’s face it, Alessandra Ambrosio

could wear a potato sack and still look hot but she rocks it out here with a denim vest and itty bitty mini shorts. The same color denim throughout the outfit because it’s broken up with a white T, scarf, belt and other accessories.

Again, at the Gap you can find a killer, shrunken denim vest for less than $50. It’ll take you through every season.

FICTION: Here’s how NOT to wear D on D. The dark denim coat over lighter jeans modeled on Whitney Houston, proves that crack really is wack!

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mygeorgie said...

I know it's Easter & we are all supposed to be extra grateful, but this fashion post is so irritating. I have kept quiet about this in the past & I know I can "skip over, blah, blah", but the whole feel of this site has gone to shit & it's become so effing dissapointing that I hardly bother to visit the site at all any more.

Who ever has HIGHJACKED this goddamn site, give it back & please quit letting friends & lovers guest post. IT"S NOT WORKING! Huge Fucking Fail.

.robert said...

Alessandra Ambrosio has an unattractive bellybutton, otherwise, I live in Florida and have no interest in Canadian tuxedos, poutine and beer yes though.

chihuahuense said...

I love how this was snuck in here. I thought we'd seen the last of this shit.

*~Dani~* said...

Everytime I see one of these, I feel like this has turned into US Weekly.

trogdor said...

What the fuck is this shit?

Sue Ellen Mishkey said...

hahahahahahahahaaaaaaaa! @.robert. I was TOTALLY going to post that up here we call that the Canadian tuxedo. I would NEVER wear that, and neither would anyone else, and that's the TRUTH.

Linnea said...

sue ellen... are you saying its not... FICTION?!?!?!?

kathrynnova said...

i look at for fashion. or vogue. but definitely to the runways, not this costa lady's opinion. i look at this blog for gossip.

i wish this "fashion" portion of the blog would go away.

sorry to be negative. but i noticed i'm not the only one.


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