Friday, April 02, 2010

Four For Friday

I guess you are veer too young to spice up your relationship, but this is the oddest combination. First, you have a C list actress on a hit show for a network. It doesn't take much to have a hit show on this network. She has an older boyfriend. Not much older, but older considering she is pretty young. They have been dating awhile. He is a C list actor also on a hot show for a network. Again, doesn't take too much to be a hit. Recently, our actor ran into a friend of his who is a B list actor on a very hit television show. They have known each other awhile and even did a project together. Well, one thing led to another and the next thing you know all three were getting freaky at a party together and then brought it back to the B list actor's house. Oh, this B list actor is way older than either of the other two.

#1 - C list actress
#2 - C list actor
#3 - B list actor
#4 - Any of the shows.


MontanaMarriott said...

1.Hayden P

nunaurbiz said...

DK but can't wait to see the guesses!

Cheryl said...

I need a flow chart or a diagram for some of these.

ItsAJ said...

@Cheryl I agree, very hard to follow this!

The network must be one with the type of shows that usually have a big following like 'Gossip Girl' etc on CW or even kids shows like Disney??

cdanluva said...

1) Johnnie
2) Johnnie Jonnelle
3) ???
4) Johnnie goes to Paris

Angie said...

not Hayden, she is dating a boxer and this states he is "older, but not much older". She is 20, I think this boxer is in his early 30's range.

Maybe the CW network..."not much to have a hit on this network"

With that I got nothin', I don't watch any shows on that station.

maggiemei said...

#1 Blake Lively
#2 Penn Badgley
#3 Either Taylor Kitsch (worked with Badgley in John Tucker Must Die) OR
Milo Ventimiglia (worked together in the Bedford Diaries)

#4 Gossip Girl and either Friday Night Lights or Heroes.

I am going more with the Milo guess, cause Heroes is (was) a bigger hit.

Unknown said...

Ok so this is out there but I really have no idea. But Chad Michael Murray was dating someone younger than him. She was on his show One Tree Hill. Don't know her name nor do I know if she is even C-list.

Krab said...

Why is it that about every page here now has a Flash ad running--with sound!--that I can't turn off? Unbelievably annoying.

RJ said...

I don't think the two C-listers are on the same show, but I do think the CW is where at least one of the shows is. NBC is also a good guess for another network where it doesn't take much to be a hit. Gonna have to do some thinking on this one.

Unknown said...

@Krab....I COMPLETELY agree. First of all, it scares the cr*p out of me. Second, it backfires as marketing bc I find the ad so annoying, I would go out of my way NOT to purchase that product.

.robert said...

Krab, use firefox browser with flashblock, you get a blank square with a selection button for music or video.

SkittleKitty said...

Ditto @.robert. Love Firefox and its ad blockers. :)

Stacy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Stacy said...

1. Daneel Harris
2. Jensen Ackles
3. Joshua Jackson
4. One Tree Hill/Supernatural/Fringe

Dasha said...

1. Annalynn McCord
2. Kellan Lutz
3. Alexander Skarsgard
4. 90210/True Blood/Generation Kill (the project between Lutz and Skarsgard)

Stacy said...

Kellan Lutz is not on a hit TV show.

sunnyside1213 said...

I like Stacy's guess...
1. Daneel Harris
2. Jensen Ackles
3. Joshua Jackson
4. One Tree Hill/Supernatural/Fringe

Unknown said...

Daneel Harris was born in 1979. I wouldn't call that pretty young.

Marc said...

Shitty network: NBC

Young actress: Katrina Bowden, age 21, on 30 Rock

Dating: BJ Novak, age 30, on The Office

Older Actor: Not sure... BJ wrote for Bob Saget's old show, and Sagat is currently "on" How I Met Your Mother if you count being a narrator, though I doubt that show would be considered a big hit. Plus he's way older at age 53.

Jillian S. said...

BJ NOVACK IS STRAIGHT?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!!??!?!!?!?!?!!!!!!

Selock said...

Jillian....if this is BJ, then...not completely? ;)

maggiemei said...

Daneel Harris is 30 yrs old- not young, and she is not longer on a TV show.

Plus, Jensen and Josh Jackson are the same age. This cannot be them.

Mango said...

Re the posts about the bothersome ads on this site: I never know what everyone is talking about b/c I use Firefox.

*gags at the thought of Bob Saget getting freaky with anyone*

Frank Black said...

1) Elisabeth Moss (Peggy from Mad Men)

2)Fred Armisen (SNL)

3) Any SNL Alum now on another show

4) SNL, Mad Men, ??

libby said...

Ha! Mango, I use Firefox too, with a noscript add-on. I don't get any annoying flash ads; I even have to click to allow flash videos. It's great.

No guess on the blind, sorry.

Unknown said...

1)The Phyllis character on the Office

2)The Stanley Hudson character on the office...the black fellow.

3)Tracy Morgan...the black fellow on 30 rock

4)The Office?

Barton Fink said...

I can't say who I think is the most likely guess, but I have to admit I'm very fatigued from imagining all of these intergenerational bisexual threeways! Thanks, people.

Anonymous said...

1. Shenae Grimes
2. Matt Lanter
3. Milo Ventimiglia
(Lanter was on Heroes briefly.)
4. 90210, Heroes

DaveDixter said...

Does anyone watch any of these shows???

annie said...


NO! that's why i have no idea who anyone is suggesting! except joshua jackson because he's from my era! lmao.

Unknown said...

BJ Novack is GAAAAYYYY??? Seriously, I thought he was oh so straight.

MaryMQC said...

#1 Nina Dobrev
#2 Ian Somerhalder
#3 Matthew Fox
#4 The Vampire Diaries, LOST


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