Thursday, April 01, 2010

Random Photos Part Three

Debbie Reynolds gets the top spot. One heck of an interesting life and made Carrie Fisher's life pretty interesting too.
Abbie Cornish on the set of her new movie. OK, we have the girl about to kick the guy with her skates.
She doesn't really get close so how do you fix that?
You have the skates and some legs and
then swing them at the guy's face.
Alexa Davalos and Sam Worthington at the Clash Of The Titans premiere.
Alyssa Milano was also there.
Congratulations Aubrey O'Day. For her this is like dressing for the Vatican.
There will always be Ed Hardy as long as there are people like Bai Ling who buy it.
Carney - Sydney
I have to say that Cat Deely did a great job co-hosting Regis & Kelly.
Goodbye CalNeva. The casino once owned by Frank Sinatra is closing.
"So, which one of you wants to be my next wife?"
Dita von Teese - Las Vegas


jess said...

Dita looks smoking hot!!

lmnop123 said...

Debbie Reynolds is holding up well. And I agree Enty, Cat Deely was enjoyable on Regis and Kelly yesterday.

So is that a hint that Trump's marriage truly is on the rocks?

RocketQueen said...

I saw a picture of Sam Worthington on Lainey today at the same premiere wearing that suit and the STRANGEST boots that looked like hiking or work boots?

Was Debbie Reynolds the subject of that "Legs Up!" skit on SNL? Funny shit. As much as I love Liz, I always felt kind of bad for that whole Liz-Debbie-Eddie Fisher thing.

Unknown said...

I'd love to see a Dita von Teese show. Anyone know where she performs? Only Vegas?

angelina said...

@ Gretchen, me too!!

mooshki said...

Aww, I love Cat!!! ♥

Selock said...

Aw, go Carney!!! Friends of Jonas are friends of mine...

Also, re: Sam Worthington. How does one spell "humminah humminah"?


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