Friday, April 02, 2010

Random Photos Part Two

Kendra Wilkinson shopping at Target yesterday.
That's a flattering photo of Lindsay. This is right before her spill to the ground.
Ahhh, nothing like filming those Christmas movies in April. This is Leighton Meester by the way.
The ageless Morgan Fairchild.
So, do you think Mamie Gummer will ever come close to breaking her mom's Oscar nomination record? Meryl has what, 16 or 17?
Melissa Joan Hart wants everyone to know that she and her husband are doing great. So,
she gives him some tongue right on the red carpet. Hello publicity.
I always have room for a Goonie. So, here is Martha Plimpton and Jesse Tyler Ferguson.
Bad place for a photo Morgan Spurlock. Looks like you are the devil.
Some Peter Sarsgaard the way you like him. Alone.
Rachel Bilson and her dog.
Rachel Bilson and no dog. Did she put the dog in her car?


AEB said...

Lindsay must be broke for real. I have seen pics of her wearing that god-awful yellow shirt before. And there is no excuse to wear that fugly thing once, let alone twice, unless you have no $$$$. Fashion icon my ass.

Cheryl said...

Morgan Fairchild doesn't look pulled and scary like other actresses her age.

jess said...

Ugh...Too much p.d.a from Melissa Joan H.

MadLyb said...

I can't believe how well Morgan Fairchild has held up. She hasn't aged in about 30 years. Lindsay Lohan is on death's door. I really hope someone helps her before she is found dead. Her mother keeps insisting she's fine when that is obviously not the case.

MadLyb said...

Oh - and tongue kissing for the cameras seems sort of desperate.

RJ said...

I always get a very lesbian or at least bisexual vibe from Melissa Joan Hart anytime I see her in a picture or on tv. (Not that there's anything wrong with that.) It wouldn't surprise me at all if her marriage was rocky.

I think the reason Morgan Fairchild looks so awesome now is that she hit it big in the 80s when young women tended to do themselves up in the hair and makeup departments until they looked MUCH older than they were. She looked 40 when she was 25 so now that she's in her late 40s or early 50s, it seems she's barely aged at all in the last 25 years.

RJ said...

Just looked it up and Fairchild is 60. Dang!! She really does look good.

amazonblue said...

I love Martha Plimpton on the Good Wife. I wish they would make her a regular. She needs to work more, she is such a great talent and a joy to watch.

I like Peter but please tell me he shaved his head for a role.

Momster said...

I thought Peter was Billy Zane for a sec.


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