Friday, April 02, 2010

Tiger Woods Lied About Kindergarten Racial Beating

Tiger Woods certainly does have a vivid imagination. If you are his former kindergarten teacher though, that imagination is also called lying. Apparently Charles Barkley wrote a book and in his book there is a story from Tiger about how on his first day of kindergarten, a group of 6th graders took off his shirt and tied to him a tree. They then painted the N word on his chest and threw rocks at him. Tiger says his teacher didn't do anything about it. Well, according to her, the reason she didn't do anything is because it never happened.

Maureen Decker has hired Gloria Allred to set the record straight. What she says is that "I was shocked, saddened and disappointed ... by his false accusations of racial abuse. I want a public apology and a private apology. Teachers do very hard work. ... It is unfair to get this in return."

In addition, she said it was impossible for the older children to get near the younger kids. Sounds like Tiger has some explaining to do.


ItsAJ said...

Ok, it's not interesting anymore...

cdanluva said...

What is the matter with him? I mean he must have some serious problems - waaaay beyond sex addiction!

Kristen S. said...

So nice he posted it thrice!

Mango said...

Judging from the number of OP about Tiger Woods and his lying, does that mean he lied three times about the so-called incident? *snickers*

But seriously, folks, he is one damaged individual.

Elin, run. Run fast, run far.

lmnop123 said...

This is hilarious. So he lied, why does the teacher need a lawyer and a PRIVATE apology.

I could have appreciated her telling us that he's lying about the racist comments but is she looking for money hiring Gloria?

Tiger's a jerk and he doesn't claim to be an African American so even if I'd heard this story from him I would take it with a grain of salt.

This teacher looking for her money bag and 15 minutes of fame is a joke too.

I guess she heard about Rachel's 10mil hush money.

PotPourri said...

He's a piece of shit. I think we all agree.

Anonymous said...

Lost all respect for this idiot.

Jeff said...

@not my dollar: Wouldn't you want to protect your reputation and job from an accusation like this?

Vanessa said...

He said this when it came out in 2005...5 years ago....why does she decide now to say somehting and why does she decide to get a lawyer...Gloria Allryd.

Please..this smells of bullshit, grab.

Plus...who would ever admit to letting a small getting beat up b/c they are not white.
It's not like she is going to say...yes I did nothing when three 6th graders attacked tiger.

once again...why does she need a lawyer now for something that was printed 5 years ago and that was never mentioned ever again.

Famewhoring at its finest.

Public and private apology....this trick is an idiot.

lutefisk said...

Gloria Allred is one busy lawyer these days.

BlahFrickinBlah said...

I never heard of it 5 yrs ago when she came forward before. Why didn't it make the news then? Tiger get it swept under the rug? He's an asshole. Who cares if he has fame whores coming out of the woodwork now? Couldn't happen to a better guy. He's a dick. I say tie him to a tree now but not cause he's black, just cause he's a jerk.

chopchop said...

Maybe she is a famewhore or maybe she didn't want to accuse Tiger of lying 5 years back when he was a golden boy with a flawless reputation. Maybe she waited until now because people will be more apt to believe her, KWIM? She probably hired a lawyer like Gloria because Gloria is in the news quite a bit and the teacher knew this would fast-track her story to the press. Maybe Gloria is acting as a PR rep or something? Then again maybe I'm naive and she's gonna end up asking for some cash. Hope not though.

Vanessa said...

Why would she want her story in the press....unless shes a famewhore and wants money.

You Kindergarten teachers don't make much money these days and with a lot of teachers getting laid need to look for money somewhere.

Why wait now....and what proof does she have to prove otherwise.

If it was so horrible...why didn't she rebuttal the article when it was first published. If it causes her emotional harm and damaged her for life.

His an adulteror...but this whole thing is so fishy and reeks of B.S.

I wonder how she is paying Gloria Allyred..she is a high power L.A. attorney...she isn't cheap.

Vanessa said...

I wanted to add...that it was in charles barkly book written 5 years ago I think...can't recall.

He didn't call her racists...he just implied that she didn't do anything when a bunch of students were hurling racial epitaphs at him.

It's like...he said he was bullied b/c he was black and the teacher did nothing to stop it.

I'm likely to believe it b/c I know lots of people who get bullied for whatever reason during school and the teachers did nothing even when you complained.

sandman said...

throw out the gloria allred.
& focus on tiger was stripped of his shirt, tied to a tree & spray painted....duhhhh, otay buckwheat.
it really sounds like an invented, imbellished sob story created over a few rounds of beers with barkley who is always looking for a bit of racism/sensationalism.
tigers dad micromanaged this kid since he was 2 & oh btw, didn't notice his one & only spray painted on the first day of school.
that was the 80's folks, it wasn't the 50's, there would definately be a lynching report filed....give me a fucking break.

libby said...

Thank you, sandman.

At the least, she probably has an actual libel case against him. I say get the money and your rep back. Fuck Tiger.

Vanessa, you accidentally wrote "racial epitaphs", instead of 'epithets', which is what you meant.

I laughed out loud at the idea of a racial epitaph:
Here lies Paula:
Beloved Wife,
Proud Mother,

Goodgrief said...

I think this has probably bothered her for 5 years. If she had called Tiger a liar back then, no one would have believed her. It would have made her look even worse than Tiger accused of being. She probably thinks now is a good time to try to fix her reputation. if it were me I would be furious at a claim like that. If I saw an opportunity to undo the damage I would go for it, its now or never. What Tiger is accusing her of is pretty bad. She does deserve a appology at the very least if this is all a lie. As for using Alred, she is the go to gal when you want your story told along with legal advice. Gloria's clientile must be more than just celebrity males discarded ho's. I have my doubts this happened to Tiger. The first day of school? Most parents take their kindergartener to school for at least the first day. I don't see where the opportunity would have been. In most schools the 6th graders don't have recess with the kindergarteners and the kindergarteners only go 1/2 a day so there would be no lunch for them. It should be interesting to see if Tiger addresses this or says nothing and hopes it just goes away.

ellapetal said...

Wait, wait, someone is saying that Tiger Woods lied about something?? Sorry, I can't even pretend to say that with a strait face. Let me know when he is actually honest about something, at this point. That will be news.

jax said...

where there is Charles Barkley,there is fire.

Linnea said...

Jax- for sure.

Babs said...

"Epitaphs" go on tombstones.

"Epithets" are words or phrases.

I think all you folks mean the latter.

cyberisis said...

When I was in 5th grade an african american girl pushed me (who is white), against the wall during class and treatened to beat me up after school, the teacher (who was white), saw it happen and did nothing about it. Honest. Some teachers just suck...


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