Wednesday, March 31, 2010

No More Private School - I Need Plastic Surgery

So, what do you do if you have a child who is in private school and it is costing $15,000 a year but you have an addiction to plastic surgery? Well, most people will try to get over their addiction and take care of their child. Not Nileen Namita who has had 53 separate procedures and spent about $350,000 on plastic surgery. She has spent so much money on plastic surgery that she took her daughter out of private school, put her in public school, just so she could afford more surgery. Honestly, she looks like a mess and all she is doing at this point is making things much worse.

Her goal is to try and look like Queen Nefertiti. Honest, that is the person she chose. It all started with dreams she had about the Queen 26 years ago and since then she started on her quest to look like her. What would have happened if she had had a dream about Queen Elizabeth or Freddie Mercury from Queen? She says she has no regrets about taking her daughter out of private school and knows she will be fine in whatever school she was placed.

(Thanks Wen)


austinrob said...

The mom could pass for Elvira's daughter....well, at least for a witch.

RocketQueen said...

Yeah, I suspect she actually looks quite like Queen Nefertiti does in her tomb these days.

chihuahuense said...

Honestly though, she's not doing anything *wrong*. You get out of school what you put into it. Public school isn't horrible. Psychologically, though, she is doing some damage to the girl.

Anonymous said...

There are good educations to be had in public school, that's not exactly child abuse. But this woman is seriously freaky looking and I don't think further plastic surgery is going to make it any better.

SkittleKitty said...

I read about this nutjob on Awful Plastic Surgery.
Good public schools here, yes; I don't know about those in the UK. Seems to me it used to be that it was much better to be in a private school there, at least at one time. Also, it made getting into college easier.
Mom's a selfish freak.

ardleighstreet said...

LOVELY message to show your child. That your obsession with the scaple is more important then her.

Shmooey said...


It's true. There are good public schools, but these are EXTREMELY difficult to get into, as it depends on where you live, and even if you live in the right catchment area, a place is not guaranteed.

There is also, depending on where you live, a huge problem with violence, and grades are usually lower than in the private sector.

Private schools have their problems (whatever you do NEVER send your child to a single-sex boarding school!), but their students generally do much better academically, because the school environment values academic achievement (as opposed to being branded an uncool nerd) and because prestigious universities are still very elitist and prefer students from elitist, prestigious schools.

MISCH said...


Anonymous said...

I had heard or read about her I think last year. Thought she was nuts.

Syd said...

As if she really knows WTF Queen Nef really looked like.

mikey said...

When it's all said and done mom will still look like crap. She needs to go to plastic surgery rehab.

mikey said...
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Alli said...

I don't even know what to say. As a woman who can't have children, I want to slap this woman. I can't even bear to call her a mother. Yes there are worse things she could do, but self-absorbed, self-obsessed, completely obtuse parents drive me nuts.

And $350,000 to look like that? She's been robbed!

Have to say the daughter looks normal, good for her if she can survive her lunatic mother!

Unknown said...

Butt ugly.

jess said...

she's crazy, all of that plastic surgery is going to make her...what? "perfect"? it's stupid and she clearly has an image disorder

jess said...

Also,I went to private school and it made it easy for me to get into college because we have already seen some college type coursesand admission tests seem so easy. Besides, we were valued for our achievements and not for our labels(nerd,geek,etc..) but if someone doesn't care for their school work, it doesn't matter if it's public or private.

Selock said...

Well...besides these woman being a crazy nut I definitely agree with one thing.

Private school is usually a total waste of money. I live in a small community and have friends who went to all different kinds of schools...parochial, private prep, public, experimental progressive.

There is hardly any difference in the end. Except maybe lack of perspective and private schoolers tastes get pretty expensive, esp. in drugs.

That's all I got.


Selock said...

@Schmooey - that's an awful lot of oversimplification/stereotyping & assumption about public schools...

Education is certainly as valued in any public school. I don't even think there is a higher ratio of kids who aren't valuing it in public schools. They just shirk in different ways.

As for it being hard to get into "good public schools" that is also usually based on fear & wrongheaded assumptions, but it's also a result of a really screwed up choice/charter system that exists right now in our country that ought to be abolished so that the semi-privileged can stop trying to create private-like schools on the taxpayer's dime and marginalizing the disadvantaged to schools where they are doomed/destined to have an appearance of failure because they are an amassing of people with all high risk factors.

Those are still worthy schools too, though, in most cases. And since society/the country is only as strong as its weakest links we might all think about encouraging reform of this problem.


Sorry. Just my opinion.


soxy said...

An all boys' boarding school teacher here. Just curious. Why the negativity?????????

soxy said...

Whoa selock! Not sure what you mean by "lack of perspective" and drugs are available anywhere; from the wealthiest private AND public schools, to suburban and rural areas, AND the inner city.

Selock said...

@soxy Sorry for my tendency to make seemingly grandiose statements on the fly...I am only speaking for my friends I know, not everyone/everyschool.

It's very true in our community - the bigger/crazier drug problems are in our private schools.

O said...

This poor, delusional thing has her forehead practically on the the crown of her head. I can't imagine how many facelifts/brow lifts she's had. Yikes.

O said...
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soxy said...

It's unfortunate for your friend's situation. Drugs are everywhere. :(
Still curious about your lack of perspective point, though.

Shmooey said...
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Shmooey said...


It is generalisation - I am saying that in England in general:

a) public schools have an environment which is less safe and less conducive to achieve the high grades necessary to be accepted by top universities

b)In private schools students tend to be highly motivated, since they are expected to succeed academically; and to be clever, studious and get good grades is encouraged and considered positive qualities, and does warrant one attracting negative reactions for being a "nerd", or a "geek".

This is an opinion I have formed from personal experience AND observation of the educational system.

I regret having to disagree with your opinion that education is as valued in any public school (both by teachers and pupils).
Even in the most deprived, problematic schools there may be teachers who do their utmost to educate and inspire, and pupils who are determined to succeed academically - but too often the reality is that intellectually gifted students in such an environment tend to not achieve their full potential, just like teachers tend to become demotivated by such apathy and, frequently, outright hostility towards them.

[Just these last couple of days school violence both among pupils and against teachers has been in the news yet again]

It is extremely difficult to get into a highly rated public school, because the limited number of places are so sought after. And since the schools only take on pupils from certain postcodes, some people go to extreme lengths to move to the right catchment area of the school, often even BEFORE their child is born, just to make sure they fulfil the minimum requirements to get a place.

Private schools also have many issues.
For example, some have big drug problems (the kids have more money to spend on them), and the most expensive schools are not necessarily the best.
And even if a better monitored private school offers less opportunity for conspicuous physical violence, it in no way prevents emotional/psychological bullying.

Overall though, privately educated students tend to achieve better GCSE and A-level results, those 2 factors (the prestige of the secondary school + grades) in turn combine to increase their chances of attending a top university, which in turn maximises their chances of getting a great start in the professional world.

So, to sum up: I am not saying that ALL public schools provide an inferior education compared to public ones, or that publicly educated pupils won't be able to achieve all that privately educated pupils can - but statistically, it is an advantage when it comes to academic/professional development to have a private education.


I attended a mixed public school, so all my knowledge of single-sex boarding schools comes from what I have heard from those who attended them, rather than my own personal experience.

While some expressed fond memories, and said that they had made friends for life, quite a lot complained about the insular nature of the arrangement, where they are kept with the same people everyday, all day, with little respite. They spoke of all the things that occur in public schools (cliques, b ullying, etc) only worsened by the fact that they did not get to leave every day.

For girls in single-sex schools, the worst was the psychological bullying (girls can be vicious towards one another).

Most shocking for me, many boys from all-boys schools reported having been molested, some raped, by older boys in the school.

Those who seemed happiest with their private education had attended co-ed schools and/or day schools (where they go home after class instead of boarding).
Hence, my statement about not sending children to single-sex boarding schools. [Hopefully your school does not have those problems]

There is a lot I have left out, but I've been writing a long time and it's 2:47 AM here, so I have to leave it.

Shmooey said...

Oh, I must add: although I was referring to England in general, I should add that I am speaking from a London-centric point of view when it comes to the social, behavioural problems encountered in many public schools.

MnGddess said...

I have to say that when I saw the mother-daughter photo, I thought the "mother" was a mannequin. The face looks like a mask. Gross. I never ever understand justifying all that money for BAD plastic surgery.

Goodgrief said...

She does look a fright in that picture. Hopefully that was taken pre-surgeries. I know you can get a good education in public schools, it is the principle of the thing that makes me mad. It would be one thing if it was out of need, like for food, and shelter, but it's not. The daughter not only has a crazy freak for a mother, her school life was turned upside down by having to leave her friends and school. All because of her moms selfish addiction.

Bethan said...

It's NOT about whether a public or state school is best. It's about this mother TAKING HER DAUGHTER OUT IN THE MIDDLE OF HER STUDIES. That is massive and unnecessary disruption. Different schools cover different things - different books for English, for example. Then there are the issues of friends, familiarity.. You think she can just slot in easily? It doens't matter if she's good at schoolwork or not - it's disruption for selfish or screwed-up reasons.

caydian said...

Are you sure she didn't dream about Herman Munster? Cuz it looks like she bought his forehead.


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