Monday, March 29, 2010

JD Shapiro Apologizes For Battlefield Earth

Over the weekend, the original screenwriter for Battlefield Earth wrote an open letter to the public apologizing for his part in the debacle. It is a really amusing read, but there are certain parts that really stand out to me, not just for the humor but also because the guy took a few Scientology courses and has no problems giving them a hard time. He says he went to Scientology because he heard it was a great place to meet women. Two weeks later he is having dinner with John Travolta who says they have people in Scientology who can help him with that. Huh? And then probably hold it over your head forever.

Shapiro also mentions running into a SeaOrg member who tells him she signed a 1 billion year contract to make $50 a week. I thought this was relevant considering some of them are suing now under wage laws because they work 100 hours a week for those $50.


Cecilia00 said...

Good for him.

You know, I really do feel that Cruise, Travolta, etc. have a skewed perspective on Scientology because they are sheltered from the worst of it. But the more and more stuff that comes out, you'd think they'd wise up.

bits of moxy said...
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looserdude said...

Sure, the $50 a week sounds pretty good now, but in a billion years inflation is going to eat that down to nothing.

Anonymous said...

Gives new meaning to "another day, another dollar".

chopchop said...

Willy Wonker? For real? Dude, you're not 12 anymore.

I thought the article was full of name dropping and bragging about yachts & stuff. Meh.


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