Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Lindsay & Ali Make Milkshakes While Their Parents Fight

In the continuing saga that is the Lohan family, there were several developments yesterday. Michael Lohan hired Gloria Allred's daughter to try and get a Conservatorship over Lindsay. Not only would that make Michael orgasm with the thoughts of weekly paychecks from Radar, but it would also allow him to get plenty of Conservatorship fees if he can get Lindsay acting and working again. Although Jamie Spears made money off Britney, he took a very, very small percentage of what she earned. Somehow I don't think Michael would be quite so shy about taking whatever he can get.

Meanwhile, Dina Lohan blathered on to someone that Lindsay and Ali were going to get restraining orders against their father. If this sounds familiar it is because it is about the third or fourth time she has made the same threat without ever following through.

While all this was going on, Lindsay picked up enough club and drug money to last a couple of days as she made an appearance at Millions Of Milkshakes. This is the second time, the store has let Lindsay near their food products. Of course they also let Jon Gosselin touch them and let Aubrey O'Day and her dogs in the kitchen also, so if you get hammered in West Hollywood one night, you might want to skip that particular spot for your late night munchies.

Oh, and Michael or Dina. How about spending a few bucks on Ali and buying her some clothes that don't have holes and look two years old. I know she doesn't generate the income that Lindsay still does with those residual checks, but at least you could run her through a Wal-Mart or something. Oh, or let Lindsay teach her how to steal. Either way, get her some clothes.


selenakyle said...

Loving MK's Ali eyebrows comments today!

On a serious note, she looks like high or something. And about the dark circles--she's been staying up late studying, I'll bet...

Also, please Lord, do NOT let Michael Lohan get any kind of supervisory role for anyone, ever!

timebob said...

I know it is wrong, but Michael K went to town on Ali's eyebrows.

I really think it is wrong for Lindsay to drag her sister in front of the paps while she is going through her awkward teens.

OMG those eyebows are hypnotizing me!

blondegossip said...

Ali looks like she's 45 and on speed.

Supposedly Daddy Dearest twittered & then deleted the tweets that Lindsay has HIV & that Tommy Mattola slept with her when she was 17. Frankly, nothing would surprise me.

0 said...

I never thought I would say it, but I believe in Ali we have found someone even less attractive than Rumer Willis. I feel like an asshole having said that, but... yeah.

Lindsay needs to just give up.

Unknown said...

ok this is it! Perez has the scoop about LL being HIV +

Remember the HIV + American Pop Princess blind Enty posted ages ago?

"Our friends at "Entertainment Lawyer," reported last week that a HIV+
white pop singer was asked by her local health department who she had
sex with so they could be notified. Last week, allegations persisted,
on the backend, there was a media frenzy bidding war for the list
because it contained identities of some of the most famous and richest
men on planet earth. This week we are hearing, this whole story has
been swept under the rug, similar to the Heath Ledger video cover-up.
Fast Forward: Sky Villa has unearthed similar data. We have also been
informed about a white pop princess with the package, we're not saying
it's the same celebrity but the similarities are astounding. This is
what we uncovered: One of her reps asked that the few black men she
had been intimate with-be moved to the top of the list to take the
focus off the white male celebrities who dominate the list. This way,
a black man can be set up to be the "fall guy," if and when this
sensitive information ever leaks-and be accused of infecting one of
America's Sweethearts with the deadly virus. I guess her rep didn't
realize, it doesn't matter what order your name is in. It's just
devastating to be included on a list like this, regardless of order.
The Truth: If this is the same woman, she could have gotten infected
by anyone. One of our sources walked in on her at a industry party, in
a bedroom, while she was bent over snorting cocaine, an anonymous sex
partner was pounding her from the back without a condom. He was her
dealer and she exchanged sex for drugs although she can afford to buy
her narcotics but she's addicted to the thrill of anonymous sex. Who
Is She? "

jax said...

do we really need to read that? and that was already proved to be a hack job that Perez posted.

we already know it's not Lilo,that was removed as a guess long ago based on all the clues.

RocketQueen said...

I remember that blind - I thought we all thought it was Britney? I still kind of think it is - LL isn't really a pop princess, but then again I think LL has been handing herself to so many people in the last few years it's utterly possible.

Ew, look at her old lady hands. $5 says neither of them took a sip of that milkshake.

If he really wants to do the right thing, Michael should suggest a neutral third party for a conservatorship. There is no way in hell Lindsay would allow her father to run her life and her (lack of) money.

jax said...

michael Lohan's twitter was HACKED PEOPLE. it is not real!

selenakyle said...

I would not ingest any food product touched by those skanky fingernails.

And what's this alleged Heath Ledger video mentioned above?

blondegossip said...

with all due respect Jax-michael lohan *says* his twitter was hacked, he lies constantly. Maybe the "hacked" tweets were lies he tweeted for yet more publicity? it worked, we are talking about them all...

selenakyle said...

Also, sounds like it was a fun party!

Unknown said...

Jax, who is the singer?

KellyLynn said...

Actually, the grossest thing I see in that picture above are two girls with long, flowing hair making milkshakes without hairnets, hats, or anything to restrain whatever falls. Hair shake, anyone?

Sue Ellen Mishkey said...

Ali looks like she rolled out of a dumpster and used a bus window to put her make up on. Geeze

Syd said...

I hope Tommy Mottola sends some guys to whip his ass.

@0: I feel like an asshole for agreeing with you. But, yeah.

canadachick said...

umm how old is Ali? Damn thats a hard 16 - she looks 45, and i'm not talking Fabulous and Fit at 45 either. DAMN Dina look at your kids, how can that woman say they are fine? Seriously?

jess said...

Fuuuuck! Ali is 16?

She needs a tutor, maybe a foster home or something...she needs someone to watch over her. LaLoca is going down (even deeper) and taking her sister with her.

Little Baby Jade said...

Ali needs a good scrubbing with lots of soap and bleach.

Unknown said...

I'm pretty sure that Ali is turning into a man. Or many she's been a guy in drag all along.

Seachica said...

Ali needs a good eyebrow artist. STAT!

Anonymous said...

Ali used to be a very pretty girl. But then, so did Lindsay.

The anti-alcohol and drugs lobby really needs to get them for its poster children, looking at them could turn me off partying faster than anything!

RocketQueen said...

Sigh. On Blind Gossip they just revealed the Lohan sisters as the answer to a blind about a troubled star dragging her sister into risky sex hook ups.

Jasmine said...

Honestly the first thing that popped into my mind was Eeep! Ali looks like a speed or meth abuser for sure. I dont usually like to just assign a drug to a celeb, thinking its amusing gossip to banter back and forth what kind of drug they are taking; but Ali really does look like she is on something.
I still cant believe Ali is living with her now. Thats so weird. Like if, during Britney's crazy period, Jamie-Lynn lived with her and was following her around on her crazy escapades.
This whole Lohan shit continues to blow my mind

Thea said...

How is it possible that Ali looks even rougher than Lindsay in that photo??

Lioness70 said...

Risky sex hookups...WTF. This is a 16 yo kid!

If Dina Lohan was really worried about these girls, she'd give up her celeb leech lifestyle, but that's not going to happen. Sick and sad.

Reese said...

I still think Rumer is uglier than Ali, but it is one hell of a fine line. At least Rumer doesn't look 30 years older than her chronological age.

Sporky said...

Good Lord. Ali is straight-up channeling Burt of Burt & Ernie in that picture. She really shouldn't be subjected to her sister's shit. Way to go, Dina.

Pookie said...

i don't even know what to say, this family is so screwedd up...i can only hope someone in the lindsay camp gives enough of a damn to get her help NOW.

nancer said...

britney's parents are assholes too but the conservatorship saved her life, IMO.

say what you will about michael lohan, but is he lying about lindsay being fucked up? no. is he lying about being concerned for his 16 year old daughter? no. does she need to be saved? put in fucking SCHOOL? yes.
at least he's not denying anything is wrong like their worthless slut mother.

Justa JobSeeker said...

Ali bears a striking modern day resemblance to the wicked witch in the Wizard of Oz. Envision her green and tell me you don't see it. Maybe its just the angle of the photo.

RocketQueen said...

lol Sharon! Dead-on!!

Unknown said...

All my God I thought ALI was the Dad shrunk down. Good God Father & younger daughter really were separated at birth.

Leah said...

Ali looks like a circus fortune teller.


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