Friday, April 30, 2010

Random Photos Part Four

Dorothy Provine - RIP
Aaron Eckhart looks great here.
Not so much Angelina Jolie. Knox looks good though.
Amy Adams getting ready to have that baby.
Love Beth Ditto. Not sure about the makeup though.
Brian Grazer and the best part about Vanity Fair - Graydon Carter.
For Bai Ling this is like she is dressed as a nun.
The Madden Richie family.
Hmm, we have Brooke Shields, Julie Halston, Anna Chlumsky, Doris Roberts and Samuel Jackson's wife LaTanya.
Colin Eggleston on the set of his new movie.
Calendar Girls in Sydney.
Long time no see Devon Aoki.
A first time appearance for David Bygrave.


nunaurbiz said...

Well, I think Aaron's pic from yesterday was better, but I ain't sayin' this one's bad! Thanks, Enty!!!! MWAH!

Shmooey said...

1) The Brian Grazer & Graydon Carter photo was taken at the Crazy Dude Hairdos of America Union's annual meeting, yes?

2) I'm glad Anna Chlumsky is acting again.

3) Angelina is looking some 10 years older than she is.

nancer said...

that's one ugly dress, brooke.

delilah said...

angelina is channeling mommie dearest right now.

FrenchGirl said...

when will Amy Adams give birth??

Jim said...

It's Egglesfield.

MISCH said...


Marna Palmer said...

I thought Anna Chlumsky looked beautiful yesterday, but in that pic she looks plastic. Did she get her boobs done or is that just a bad bra? One looks higher than the other.

Shmooey said...

I have just noticed how much bigger Brooke Shields looks, next to all the others in the photo... HUGE!

Mango said...

Aaron Eckhart looks great here. Yes, from the head up!

Angelina looks old and frightening in that pic. Mommy????

Bai Ling and Tila Tequila would make a nice, crazy couple.

Brooke Shields is wearing one seriously dorky dress. And safety orange is rarely a good color on anyone.

Who is cupcake tits?

jen said...

Big Angelina fan, but MAN am I sick of seeing that hair. Is it extensions, I'm assuming? Ugh, driving me NUTS LOL

lanasyogamama said...

I kind of think Angelina looks fabulous and glam. I'd trade.

Chrissy Buns said...

LOVE Aaron, LOVE Amy...but am i the only one who can't stand the sight of Beth Ditto? she makes me ill, and i kinda want to smack her...sorry, it is like some kind of gut reaction

libby said...

I love Angie's eye make-up and her eye color.
Knox doesn't seem to have the Voight yet, so maybe he'll be a mini-Brad w/ big lips.

I sound like a Brangeloonie, right? But my feeling is that maybe they want fresh air, and can't do anything about the paps. Honestly, I choose the benefit of the doubt, b/c their kids absolutely melt my heart and I want to believe they are having a GREAT time with great parents.

libby said...

I meant about the balcony shots.

Another idea is that clear pictures of the kids as they are growing are 'given' to the paps to curb some of the frenzy when they actually take them in public. Memaw & Pepaw Pitt were in on it one day, and they aren't famewhores that I've ever seen.
I'm on flight 420 right now, sorry all.

Linnea said...

hahaha@libby, i loved that...

Jerry said...

The Madden Richie family.

Shouldn't that read "the Maddening Richie family?"

Jeffrey said...

Aaron Eckhart looks good everywhere.

libby said...

Hi linnea! I had to remember to come back and see what I'd written. Ha!


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