Monday, April 26, 2010

Random Photos Part Two

Jennifer Lopez in Paris trying to convince people to go see her bomb.
James Van Der Beek and Kimberly Brook at some party.
A very shiny Kirsten Dunst.
Katie Finneran & Joan Rivers playing peek-a-boo.
The Kardashians head to Vegas to get paid for Kourtney's 31st birthday.
Lady GaGa shows the readers of Esquire how to play a game of leapfrog.
Liev and Naomi in New York.
Miley Cyrus shows the world and Demi Lovato how many people saw her new movie. Considering how many people are in her family it shows you just how bad it was.
Orlando Bloom in London while
his girlfriend Miranda Kerr was in New York.
For the first time in recorded history, the Princess was not wearing heels.
Russell Crowe promoting Robin Hood.


FrenchGirl said...

Lady Gaga tries too much to be the new Madonna!
JLo was nice at "le grand journal" talk show tonight

timebob said...

I would like to think people have had their fill of rom-coms. Unless it is really well done. You can't just shovel poo onto a screen and think becuase a name is attached it will sell tickets. Listening Jen Aniston?

Anonymous said...

Dang, JLo looks miserable in that picture.

Laura said...

I like Jennifer Lopez. There, I said it.

My prediction: Miley will be the next Lindsay.

ardleighstreet said...

I thought Katie F. & Joan might have been looking for part of Joan's face that cracked and fell off.

Lady J said...

lol @ ardleigh

looserdude said...

Enty, unfortunately Miley's movie has grossed 55 million against a production budget of 20 million, and it hasn't even gone to TV or DVD yet, that's just box office. So I think she'll be around for at least another film.

Nosey Parker said...

I'm looking forward to Robin Hood.
Love Russell Crowe!

Pookie said...

i'm sick in bed, congested and w/ a fever watching a bootleg copy of 'the backup plan'...i kinda think it's cute. i know i must be delusional.

loooooove khloe's dress!

run, gaga, run.

ewww @ the princess' high-waisted pants.

alaina said...

Dear Enty,

More Liev, less Naomi. Thank you!

Love, A

PotPourri said...

I love Russell Crowe and can't wait to see him as Robin Hood.

Marna Palmer said...

is that dress Sasquatch--excuse me, Khloe Kardasihian's lame attempt at starting preggo rumors?

RocketQueen said...

Love Liev and Naomi!

Will forever hate J.Lo. and I'm so SICK of Miley's 'peace' pose and her short-shorts. This one is a Lindsay-in-the-making.

selenakyle said...

Ooooooh, Russell Crowe in a suit with cleaned-up hair just gave me the goose bumps. In a good way.

jess said...

I can't stand Jlo's "bedroom eyes"
-Is Kristen Dunst finally "on the wagon"?
-Russell Crowe looks good when he's sober - and clean

blog hopper said...

Dear Kim K, stop effing with your face. You're scaring me. tx.

B626 said...

so proud to say I am not in that
no life gosh i'm so bored crowd that is surrounding the 3 Kard's.

Kinsey Holley said...

Yeah, I know he's a crazy drunken mess of egoridden bloviation, but he cleans up hot. Really, really hot. And I love him.

lanasyogamama said...

That Miranda Kerr is so good looking, it makes me sick.

kit said...

Looks like Kirsten's gettin' her shine on....

Unknown said...

James Van Der Beek's picture says you may not know it but I'm a very gay man!

Kirsten Dunst doing a great impression w/make up and all to convince us she's not a chain smoker.

Joan Rivers on her knees where she really belongs looking for one of the safety pins that keeps her facial skin from sagging downwards.

The Kardashian's who recently reinvented the term "ho" in the new 21st century. God bless them!

Miley Cyrus, fresh from winning Miss Trailer Park Trash again for the 5th year in a row..congrats honey. A true legend in the park.

Beta said...

gaga rules


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