Thursday, April 29, 2010

Random Photos Part One

Four parts today.

Lest you think Robert Downey Jr just hugs random women on the streets of new York, it was actually
his wife.
Rachel Bilson finally got a job!!! No, not acting. That would require talent. Instead she is the style director for Sunglass Hut.
Rihanna - Paris
Robert Pattinson arriving in London.
A first time appearance for Rufus Sewell. Good looking guy. Co-starring in a movie with Angelina Jolie. Hmmm.
Rachel Zoe and Zoe Kravitz. Now all we need is Zooey and this picture would be pretty damn interesting.
That's a lot of layers.
Sigourney Weaver gets some help holding her protest sign. Good for her though.
Happy birthday Timbaland.
I watched about 15 episodes of 30 Rock last week. So, yeah, I am feeling Tracy Morgan right now.
The staged random photo of the day.


chihuahuense said...

can't stand the Spellings, but I'm digging those bikes.

Rhianna, put your pants on!

nunaurbiz said...

Rufus! Thank you Enty for my drool pic of the day!!!!

Anonymous said...

I like how happy RDJr seems to be over seeing his wife.

Unknown said...

I'm so glad RDJr is straight. Just makes me happy to know that one fantasy is not futile! ;-)

kalabee said...

Love the bikes, too!

Not loving that the parents are not wearing helmets as well. But kudos for putting them on the kids.

skeeball said...

@kalabee~you know they would never put safety before a photo op!

Unknown said...

For some reason I feel sorry for Tori Spelling. She just has this air of unhappy desperation about her.

Too bad she couldn't have just taken her inheritance and lived a quiet normal life, because honey, you got a face for radio, not the screen, I'm just sayin'.

RocketQueen said...

@skeeball - nor would they put safety before perfect hair!

This is how I picture the conversation between Kravitz and Zoe:
Zoe: "Oh honey, really? That's what you're wearing? Why don't you lose 10 pounds and then come see me about your wardrobe. We can fix this."

Susan Downey's tights match her bag! Rad.

Jen said...

Damn you for ruining my RDJ dream!!

amazonblue said...

I recently saw Death at a Funeral. It followed the British original closely, but somehow the new version was a bit boring and not nearly as funny.

The hint about Rufus and Angelina, something current or digging up the past?

Meg said...

Style Director of the Sunglass Hut???
Oh, Summer Roberts. Is she still engaged to Hayden?

Tracy Morgan is def. one of my favorite parts of 30 Rock.

lmnop123 said...

I just don't get Tracy Morgan's humor and Death at a Funeral was awful. I can expect that kind of garbage from Martin Lawrence and Tracy Morgan but if Chris Rock doesn't watch himself he's going to end up like Eddie Murphy.

ardleighstreet said...

Why is RiRi channeling a Flock Of Segulls? WHY? Most people ran from that look...they ran so far away.

Unknown said...

i loved summer robertts!! i know she is in a fake relationship with the guy that helped ruin star wars but is she really that bad - she looks so pretty!

B626 said...

Did Tracy throw like a girl?
Hope not!

chopchop said...

@ardleigh LMAO!

I do not understand why Rachel Bilson is supposed to be this fashion icon. I think she often looks like hell and her hair always looks greasy & flat. And what is up with her roots being practically to her chin? Girl, either cut off the stuff that's lighter on the bottom or dye it all one color.

Style director for Sunglass Hut? Are you kidding?? That's a friggin' kiosk in the mall. Next she'll be nut director for Buddy Squirrel.

Fabulous! said...

LOL @ ardleigh! but that song is a classic!!

JudyPatooty said...

I am here only for RUFUS SEWELL! I can't believe this was a first-time appearance in your blog for him, Enty. Sexy, sexy man AND incredible actor.

I hope you've seen the error of your ways and will post many more photos of him.

Unknown said...

There is something about Rachel Bilson that enthralls me. It could be her doe eyes but good Lord do I get all lathered up whenever I see her.

As for Sarahorse Jessica Parker, she is looking quite horsey there with those thick layers of clothing. Each time I see a photo of her I get this sense her horseface keeps elongating further and further south.

HannahPalindrome said...

"Rachel Bilson finally got a job!!! No, not acting. That would require talent."


Ahari said...

I seriously doubt if there's a more hyped yet irrelavant celeb out there than Bilson. IMO she's a joke.


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