Monday, April 26, 2010

Random Photos Part One

Four parts today.

Reese Witherspoon drinking a Corona and watching Brooks & Dunn. That is a good time.
Sasha - New York
Selma Blair and the always very, very lovely Rashida Jones.
Yes, it is Susan Boyle actually waiting for a bus. Nothing really diva about that.
Simon & Garfunkel - New Orleans
Sean Hayes & Kristin Chenoweth make out after their new play opened on Broadway.
Sia - Chicago
Scarlett J doing press for Iron Man 2. Better her than The Gooper.
Tina Fey paying off that free weekend at Disney World with some pictures.
I wonder if Tricia Helfer misses Battlestar Galactica like I do.
Vince Vaughn and the hilarious Ahmed Ahmed.
Let the WAG games begin. The British have made the first move by securing the Palace of the Lost City Hotel for the WAGS of the UK soccer team to stay during the World Cup.


FrenchGirl said...

since she isn't dated more with Jake G,Reese looks better,more relax,less boring ,more cool! the next step:she acts in a not-generic movie!!(i like the begining of her career until Legally blond)

Lady J said...
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timebob said...

God I miss Battlestar Galactica. Caprica is pale in comparison.

I must be very old. Who the heck is Sasha?

Borg Queen said...

I knew I loved you ENTY for a reason. I am a direhard BSG fan & was very sorry to see it end. I wish they would have said more about who Kara really was. I tried to watch Caprica but I have missed it the last few wks. Is it even still on the air?

JustJenn said...

Vince Vaughn. OOFAH.

Love Selma Blair - my girl crush.

Carissa said...

I adore Sia! She looks great!

RocketQueen said...

Agree with Pookie about Reese.

I know it's easy to hate on Vince Vaughn - but I gotta say, that guy makes me laugh in EVERY movie I've ever seen. Best comedic timing ever.

I can't WAIT for Iron Man 2!

Simon and Garfunkel - come to Vancouver, pretty please?!

jess said...

Rashida is gorgeous but that is not a great outfit
-I can't wait to see Iron Man 2!!
-Vince V. looks wasted
-I also can't wait to watch the World Cup but I hate the WAGS...ugh

timebob said...

@BQ I read that Caprica is on hiatus until the fall. Syfy just loves to split up the seasons. There are another 8 or 10 episodes left in the first season.

Little Miss Smoke and Mirrors said...


mooshki said...

You can't really tell from that pic, but ScarJo's dress is hideous. With a body like that, why does she wear such dowdy clothes?!

Sorka8 said...

What are WAGS?

RocketQueen said...

@Sorka8 - I finally asked that question of a friend of mine last year, too - apparently it means "wives and girlfriends" of athletes - primarily in the UK, I think. They're a fascinating bunch to watch in and of themselves.

B626 said...

Vince Vaughn-lovin that home cooking!

Andrea said...

Wasn't there a blind a while ago (and I mean a while ago) where a Hollywood insider provided Enty with party details, and everyone thought Rashida Jones was the insider?

Reese looks great.

Alli said...

WAGs are Wives and Girlfriends. It's used in the UK to describe football (soccer) women. It is a highly derogatory term. Victoria Beckham is the uber WAG.

And by the way Enty, it's not the UK football team, it's England. England, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales all have their own football team and only England qualified for the World Cup in South Africa.

Sorry for being so pedantic and boring.

Jerry said...

Selma Blair and the always very, very lovely Rashida Jones.

One "always" and two "very's?" Enty, that's some serious suckuppage.

Unknown said...

Reese Witherspoon holds up well for a coke head and alcoholic. Can one photo shop a chin off in real life?

Tina Fey one of the few women in life I wouldn't fear making love to w/out protection at the same time enjoy it very much.

Actually that's Rosie O'Donnell waiting for the bus and not Susan Boyle.

I have to think International Man of Mystery, Austin Powers was thinking of Selma Blair when he made the comment "Well, no offense, but if that is a woman it looks like she was beaten with an ugly stick it's Selma Blair. Yikes

Leah said...

Reese would look approachable if she didn't have a napkin wrapped around her beer bottle.


Sunnyhorse said...

Reese Witherspoon is a cokehead and alcoholic? Link, please.

Tenley said...

Am I the only one who thought that's Reese and her girlfriend?

__-__=__ said...

Tenley - good one! Maybe. Maybe.

Susan Boyle is so unaffected. I hope nobody does harm to her. She is a sweetie.

Vince is certainly an alcoholic. Might be fun BF material for awhile but surely he would turn into Guy Richie and soon be bringing a drunken limp peen to bed for anyone. Sad.


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