Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Random Photos Part Four

Quite the collection of movie stars in this picture. Robert Duvall, Sissy Spacek and Bill Murray.
Amanda Peet on a red carpet eight days after giving birth.
Brian McFadden showed how classy he can be when he told a contestant last night on Australia's Got Talent to f**k off. It was edited from the broadcast.
Meanwhile his ex, Kerry Katona, was out tonight at the Back Up Plan premiere in London.
Speaking of classy. Christina Aguilera and a still from her new video.
I love Connie Britton.
Oh, and Carla Gugino too.
The Glee photo of the day is Cory Monteith.
A normal pose from Coco? The world must be ending.
Charlize Theron and her best "friend" Jeremy Renner.
Later Jeremy posed with a blast from the past. Paula Wagner. Ever since she and Tom Cruise split, she has been very quiet.
Elton John - New York City


nancer said...

i adore connie britton. she's beautiful and she looks like a REAL woman.

i think theron/renner make a very hot couple.

RocketQueen said...

I know a lot of people like Coco, but I can't stand her. I'm embarrassed by the pictures of herself she takes and shares with the world. Famewhore indeed.

jess said...

I keep saying, Bill Murray got robbed for his work in "Lost in Translation"

-No way...Amanda Peet just gave birth?

Unknown said...

That picture of Xtina makes her look like she has an ass the size of Kansas and scrawny old-lady legs. Nnnnnot hot.

Robert said...

@Gretchen: I thought the same thing when I saw the picture. And what's with Xtina going all diva-licious on the guy who coughed during her interview yesterday? When did this happen, post-Lady Gaga?

mooshki said...

I love Amanda Peet, but wtf is she wearing?

mygeorgie said...

Ya, Amanda's dress straps need to be shortened. She's approaching that "If they meet the elbows" rule. I love when women have naturals breasts, but lettin them that loose is not a great argument against silicone.

I think Jeremy Renner will be a one hit hottie a la Chris Pine.

Am lovin all the clunky shoes the women are wearing this season.

chopchop said...

Thanks for the Bill Murray, Enty!! He could read the scripts for Two & a Half Men and make it sound hilarious. Bill Murray can do no wrong in my book.

Cancan said...

Bill Murray got robbed for his work in Lost in Translation, yes, as well as Zombieland, Rushmore, Hamlet, Life Aquatic, Ed Wood, Groundhog Day, Stripes, What About Bob?, and of course Ghostbusters. He is a national treasure and the greatest actor of all time. OF ALL TIME. If there's anyone who deserves one of those lifetime Oscar thingies it's him. He has done well in blockbusters and quiet movies and he has made a ton of money for Hollywood over the years. BEST ACTOR EVER. Oh! and Caddyshack, duh! But especially Ed Wood and Stripes.

Kait said...

Dear XTina,

You are not and will never be Madonna. The world will be a better place if you realize this now and stop making a damn fool of yourself.

Besides, the sex phase didn't work well for Madge, why do you think it would work well for you?


A former fan

Bethan said...

ugh, McFadden. seriously, I fail to see what Delta Goodrem sees in him.

I mean, anyone who has dated Kerry Katona... enough said.

Mango said...

Oh, Christina. You're a mother for crying out loud. Grow up. PS: You are NOT Madonna and you are NOT Lady GaGa. You're letting your jealousy show.

(Bill Murray) is a national treasure and the greatest actor of all time. OF ALL TIME.

Really? I mean really???

Pookie said...

ditto mygeorgie re amanda peet.

i love, love, love you, xtina...but you should never ever let on you feel the pressure from the competition.

loving these little glee kids. cory is adorable.

MadLyb said...

Brian McFadden - I'm sorry, you were in a 'boy' band. You are not nor will you ever be 'bad ass'. I hope Kerry Katona wasn't that blind about the person drinking the meth cocktails. She does look great. I love Coco and I couldn't tell you why. As far as Christina - isn't having a great singing voice enough? Why do women artists have to also be an Porno/S&M fantasy as well? I don't like it.

Monica said...

Totally agree with everything Cancan says. Bill Murray is the greatest. Ever.

Also agree with all the comments about Christina. Hey - Xtina - wanna really do something 'edgy', orignial, inspiring. Wear normal clothes and sing your heart out. Nobody else is really doing it these days.

E. DuBois said...

Xtina, this pop/porn star thing so boring...and done to death!

shakey said...

Amanda, now is not the time to parade the milk jugs. You're beautiful, but all I can see is the space between your chin and the blue flower.

Xtina - your desperation is showing.

Coco - hide your hands when you're trying to look coquettish.

J-Mo said...

wasn't Amanda Peet worried about leakage?!

K said...

Lost in Translation was one of the worst films I have ever had the misfortune to endure.

Amanda, hitch up the straps love, and make sure you have loads of nip pads.

Jeremy Renner looks like a gnome but Charlize looks great there.


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