Friday, April 30, 2010

Random Photos Part Three

Ummm. It looks like the guy driving is getting a lot of Diane Lane leg.
Estelle and Eva Mendes.
Prince Charles shows Elizabeth Taylor a bust of Richard Burton.
Elizabeth then breaks down in tears.
I didn't even recognize Ginnifer Goodwin.
The Gooper, Eugenia Silva, Claire Danes & Christina Ricci.
The Gooper earlier in the day blinding all of us.
Halle was all smiles last night.
A very shiny Jessica Alba.
Jon Bon Jovi - New York City
Jencarlos Canela - San Juan
More Johnny Depp Tourist pictures.


Elle Kaye said...

Does this mean Alba has started Botoxing? She is quite shiny indeed.

Lady J said...

I luv Johnny Depp!

I like Alba's shoes.

Goop REALLY likes to show off them legs. Shoes are kinda cute.

What the hell is Eva Mendez wearing? That dress is UGLY. She can do better.

Shmooey said...

Oh my...

Whoever the make up artist was: That's quite a feat, making J. Alba look ugly.

Merlin D. Bear said...

OMG, talk about syncronicity...
strolling through this part of the Random Photos, and seconds before coming across La Liz being shown the bust of Richard Burton, what comes on Pandora?
Burton singing "Camelot".
I turned some heads between laughing and singing along.
*sigh* I loves me some Pandora.

hotchacha said...

I love Johnny Depp. I do. And I'm well aware that these are stills from film sets, but I've been feeling that over the past few years his look is becoming sliiiightly more eccentric. He shaves his sideburns away more often which looks funny to me, and I don't like the big Michael Jackson hat either.

There I said it.

RocketQueen said...

I'm with you, hotchacha. Depp is starting to age noticeably, and I think it's related to the eccentricity.

Lol @ that first picture. It looks like her driver is actually burying his face in her leg!

I actually think Alba looks pretty good but for the two foundation STRIPES under her eyes.

That outfit isn't doing any favours for Ginnifer.

Love you, Liz. Forever.

hotchacha said...

I don't mind aging. I LOVE a spicy older guy. I just wonder if the missing sideburns means Johnny Depp's having his face lifted or something. He's been looking a bit waxier and a bit more... I want to say stunned. It it eccentricity? It is Europe? I don't know, but something's getting stranger.

B626 said...

& Christina Ricci looks the best

chihuahuense said...

Christina Ricci is HOT in that dress!

I caught a little bit of the Goopster on the View this morning and she was, dare I say it? Likeable. I can't believe I thought that, but I didn't think she was horrible. And I would rather see pale legs than that freaky day glo orange on Ciara yesterday. I can't believe everyone was talking about Justin Timberlake's eyes and no one even mentioned that real-life Simpson's character standing next to him. I am actually still laughing about it.

Shmooey said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Shmooey said...

Hey, don't blame Depp's looks on Europe!

Don't forget he is a chain smoker who once said "I wish I had two mouths so I could smoke twice as much", and that he is also an inveterate wine drinker.

Smoking and alcohol are the second and third biggest external accelerators of the ageing process, respectively (ultraviolet radiation from sunlight is number one).

I tell you who is also looking rough and eccentric: Robert Downey Jr.

He appeared on a talk show last Friday and he was looking aged and weirdly morose.

hotchacha said...

Be cool; no one is blaming Johnny Depp's looks on Europe. I'm suggesting that perhaps he's less hounded in Europe so maybe has more room to look however he wants to look and less pressure to be All Hollywood All The Time.

I don't care if he drinks, smokes or grows old. I just think he looks weird without sideburns and in that big hat. And maybe that's his intention.

Shmooey said...

I'm cool, I knew you weren't *really* blaming his strange looks on where is lives.

I was making a joke - and a point - that it is only natural if his lifestyle leaves him prematurely aged.

hotchacha said...

On second thought, I'm totally blaming his looks on Europe.


Shmooey said...

Hang on a minute... Those photos of Elizabeth Taylor with Prince Charles: is she over here or is he in the US?

If she's ill (I don't know what her conditions are), should she be flying abroad? I would have thought that would be quite physically draining, for someone in her state.

nancer said...

liz taylor was fucking richard burton openly while he was still married to the mother of his children. it was the scandal of the day.

he was married to someone else when he died. so why is LIZ there?

sorry, i know she's old and sick. but i wish she'd stay home. no love here for liz.

Mango said...

From the back that looks like George Kennedy kissing Diane Lane's leg. (Love her hat, btw!)

This is an important day for me: Goopy looks seriously UGH in both pics! It's like my birthday and Christmas all rolled into one!

Not good pics of Jessica "I burn fish sticks" Alba.

I just do NOT get the Johnny Depp thing. And all those pics of him looking so anti are such bullshit amidst tales of his huge honkin' yacht.

RocketQueen said...

@nancer - because she was married to him twice, and by both their accounts, they were the loves of each other's lives.

nancer said...

she married a lot of people. and before burton, everyone knew mike todd was 'the love of her life.' so i remain unimpressed.

she and richard burton were both horny drunks---they had a very sick relationship.

E. DuBois said...

I've had something on my mind about Johnny Depp and I just needed to see more photos of him to be sure (ish) - that man has had something done to his face. I don't know if it is fillers, a nip/tuck or if he's seriously an alcoholic, but his face is looking strangely smooth yet bloated especially around the cheeks. I don't know, but it's just...odd.

Angelina is looking so gaunt, I don't know what this picture is going to look like. They've been shooting that movie forEVER.

Jessica Alba is looking especially bony in the face these days.

Winner this round: Christina Ricci! The dress looks great on her.

Cindy said...

About Halle being all smiles, I read that they had already worked out custody and money, so I think the breakup was done months ago. Anyone see a pic of the two of them together lately?

tallulah b said...

Jessica Alba looks like she has the drug sweats.

MadLyb said...

Don't hate on ET, man. That's just SO not cool. Maybe you've led a pure life and all, but most of us can relate to human failing, and we can forgive it.

Meg said...

The Gooper has some nice legs. I'll give her that! Does she own any pants/jeans?

libby said...

RE: Alba's make-up: I know only a little about make-up, but it looks like the 'artist' used cool-toned highlighter on her warm-toned skin. It makes her look ashy.
Also that make-up was done in different lighting than she was photographed in.
Maybe Alba was such a bitch that the artist sabotaged her face on purpose. That would be fun.

Jerry said...


RocketQueen said...

Well said, Madlyb.
@nancer - regardless of how you feel about Liz, your original question was why she was even there. I think it's pretty clear she had every right to be there.


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