Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Random Photos Part Two

One of my favorite up and coming actresses, Kate Mara. She just needs one little break. She does have a role in Iron Man 2 so hopefully that will help.
And here is Kate's younger sister Rooney.
Kid Rock - New York City
Hank & Kendra and Kendra's Wonder Woman bracelet shield.
Lydia Hearst sure can pick them.
Leona Lewis in In Style
Marc Anthony at a Marc Anthony listening party. It must be one hell of an album because
Marc fell asleep.

Nicole Richie finally gets out of the Mrs Roper dresses and looks good.
Prince Charles challenges another person to a wheelchair race.
Princess Letizia gets some competition from Queen Rania.


Cancan said...

Loooooove the Mara girls! GO GIANTS!

jess said...

Both Kate and Rooney are gorgeous!
-hahahaha @Marc Anthony

RocketQueen said...

I thought Nicole Richie was J.Lo there!

That guy with Lydia is CREEEEEPY

Can't stand Kid Rock. He's a violent, fur-wearing, misogynistic adolescent.

mooshki said...

Love Kate Mara! Talented and adorable!

Cindy said...

Is it just me or is Leona Lewis an odd color -- like bronze or something

chopchop said...

Those photos of Marc Anthony grooving & brooding to his own tunes is almost as awesome as Kevin Federline grooving to his own recording of Popozao. Frickin' brilliant.

B626 said...

I still have to listen to Kid Rock's 'CowBoy' at least once a day on the Ipod to help me make it through.

Mango said...

Is Lydia Hearst dating one of Satan's minions?

Love Leona Lewis' dress despite the awkward pose. And she has a wonderful voice.

Wow, Nicole Richie looks to be at a healthy weight!

Sinjin said...

Rooney?! Seriously?! Wow; and here I thought "Noah" for a girl was bad. Her school life must have been misery.

LOL @ Marc Anthony. said...

Methinks Nicole Ritchie might be pregnant again. I've never seen pregnancy agree with anyone more than it does her. Everytime she starts looking really good, it turns out she's pregnant.

Pookie said...

leona looks good.

don't forget to catch mark's acceptance speech tomorrow night at the billboard latin awards...he's receiving the spirit of hope award...again. it's like every 5 yrs w/ him. but in all fairness, his non-profit does great work.

that's the best i've ever seen nicole richie. go her.

Monica said...

I used to think Nicole richie was pregnant, too, but honestly I think it's harder to lose the baby weight from number 2. I think the Mrs. Roper dress phase was just covering the old pregnancy weight she hadn't lost yet.

Although if she does end up pregnant - congrats to her. She seems like a great mom. (and my god i hope it's true behind closed doors)!

My pet peeve is when people bash Marc Anthony. When he first hit the American spotlight, seemed everyone just wanted to talk negative about him. What people don't know is that in the Latin music scene, M.A is incredibly brilliant and his songs are mesmorizing. He has a great voice and he sings from the soul. I wish the American market would have given him a fair chance; instead it was bashing him because he was skinny and short.

shakey said...

Leona Lewis looks like she has fallen from a great height and broken her back.

I wouldn't have known that was Nicole Richie.

Linnea said...

Is Lydia Hearst dating one of Satan's minions?

Hahaha, that was my first thought as well

Tatyana said...

"instead it was bashing him because he was skinny and short."

You forgot the most important thing, he is Latin.

Leah said...

Do you think Leona's legs are tingling?

I've liked Kate Mara for years! Hopefully this will be here year!

I like Nicole Ritchie, I hope her transformation is real.


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