Monday, April 26, 2010

Random Photos Part Three

Bruce Springsteen makes fun of whatever on earth Steven Van Zandt is wearing.
In other wtf fashion is Joe Pantoliano.
Chelsea Clinton on crutches and showing off her engagement ring.
Catherine Zeta Jones and the scary legs of the day.
David Duchovny and his abs.
And in case you were blinded by his paleness here he is with a shirt on.
It took two hours of struggling through years of botox but Ellen Barkin managed to finally move her facial muscles enough for a smile for Christopher Egan.
A very rare appearance in the photos for Guy Pearce.
Helen Hunt is finally looking more recognizable.
Never one to miss a Broadway opening is Hugh Jackman. Love the suit.
Bieber mania in Australia.


Seachica said...

More Guy Pearce, please! I will never understand why Russell Crowe was the breakout star of LA Confidential when Guy Pearce tore up every scene he was in.

JustJenn said...

Ditto Valerie - he was amazing in LA Confidential. My second fave movie of all time.

JustJenn said...

Ditto Valerie - he was amazing in LA Confidential. My second fave movie of all time.

JustJenn said...

Ditto Valerie - he was amazing in LA Confidential. My second fave movie of all time.

Taylor said...

Looks like Christie is trying to hide some recent cosmetic surgery work under that beret.

Pookie said...

eeeep czj. =0

i'm not even going to lie...i think the little bieber boy is adorable.

alaina said...

I'd like to also say thank you for the Guy Pierce. Yum!

CZJ...whatever you're doing, STOP IT! Gain some weight fer chrissakes!

Shoeaddict said...

I get that white is not as attractive as tan to some, but I'd rather be pale then risk cancer!

Someone recently commented (negatively) on the paleness of my 6 month old daughter. Give me a break!

Cheryl said...

Thank you Hugh for being you!

nancer said...

jesus, when did CZJ get so emaciated? those are some scary legs, girl.

LOVE guy pearce. i see every movie he does and he never lets me down.

FrenchGirl said...

why has Guy Pearce not a better Hollywood career?
he was in LA Confidential and Mememto,he's handsome and he's a good actor! what is wrong?
more Guy Pearce pix!!

RocketQueen said...

Bieber looks like a 6 year old. It's creepy for even teenagers to be digging this child.

Add me as another Pearce fan! I wasn't happy with his work in Count of Monte Cristo (the movie, generally) but he was great in L.A.C and of course Memento which also starred...Joe Pantoliano! Yeah, wtf is with that outfit??

Ms Cool said...

Thanks a lot for Bruce and Paul Simon. Now if only we could get some Daniel Craig and Andy Whitfield.

Unknown said...

When did Bruce get so orange?? He looks like he could fit in with the cast of "Jersey Shore."

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
jess said...

CZJ is waaaay skinny
-David Duchovny and Luke Wilson are starting to looks alike.
-Helen Hunt looks amazing!
-I don't understand the "Bieber Fever"

Unknown said...

I don't get Bieber either, but even when I was a young teen in the '80s I didn't like New Kids on the Block (my favorite bands were U2 and REM). I guess Bieber appeals to the same type of girls that loved NKOTB when I was a kid. Personally I think he's gross, but whatever.

If he manages to escape his teenage years with his sanity and humility intact then he's a very strong person with kick ass parents. If they're not careful he could end up like Lief Garrett or Britney Spears, etc.

jess said...


I'm from the Backstreet boys generation and I didn't get it either. All I say is I feel sorry for those parents buying the mugs, the necklaces, the Cd's, the Dvd's, etc...

Sporky said...

Ellen B. is channelling Hatchet Face from Cry Baby in that picture. *shudders*

That is the best picture I've seen of Helen Hunt in a while.

Oh and another thank you for Guy Pierce, I love him!

B626 said...

I bet Guy is way cuter in person
dang helen hunt is wow wow wow

where do these kids get the tongue hanging out of the side of the mouth?
justin b is it your fault?

califblondy said...

I can't believe how close CZJ is to showing her chacha. I never realized her legs were so horribly skinny. She looks awful.

Helen Hunt can look like crap in one picture and then so hot in another.

Guy Pearce was awesome in Memento. I will never forget watching that weird ass movie. Isn't it his choice to not have a big movie career? I thought he was a mellow pothead who'd rather chill in Australia than put up with too famous B.S.

E. DuBois said...

Ellen Barkin....please stop what you're doing. She has to flex her whole body to move her face and what we're left with is a horrible grimace.

Guy Pearce is looking grrrr-eat! I've loved him for years. I was so sad that he died in The Hurt Locker! Yes, he is a ga-jillion times better than Russell Crowe - that guy can not act.

Unknown said...

Lady Godiva was a freedom rider

She didnt' care if the whole world looked.

Joan of Arc with the Lord to guide her She was a sister who really cooked.

Isadora was the first bra burner
And you're glad she showed up. (Oh yeah)

And when the country was falling apart

Betsy Ross got it all sewed up.

And then there's Steven Van Zandt.
And then there's Steven Van Zandt.
And then there's Steven Van Zandt.
And then there's Steven Van Zandt.
And then there's Steven Van Zandt.
And then there's Steven Van Zandt.

That old


anything but tranquilizing,

Right on Steven Van Zandt.

Selock said...

Guy Pearce is one of my all time favorites! More of him - here, and everywhere!


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