Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Random Photos Part Two

The two leading ladies of Iron Man 2. First is The Gooper and
second is Scarlett J.
Hanson - New York City (MMMBop. It's ok to click. You know you want to.)
Hugh Hefner and Crystal Harris.
Hugh Jackman picking up his daughter from school.
Jessica Alba learns how to use a cell phone.
I'm glad Jasmine Guy finally got another tv series.
The Jonas Brothers making some movie which no one will probably watch.
Jude Law and Sienna Miller looking at houses.
And her old engagement ring from Jude.
Jennifer Lopez bringing misery and her movie to another country. This time Spain.
Although, this one did warm my heart.
Apparently someone called John Stamos Danny instead of Jesse.
Dressed in black are Justin Theroux, Clark Gregg & Jennifer Grey.
Kevin Spacey looking like he has a secret.
Your Glee pictures of the day. Lea Michele &
Matthew Morrison.


Pookie said...

seriously enty, i love you, but wth w/ all the goopy love? boo.

the little glee girl looks lovely, go her.

geek jo-bro looks cute. and don't underestimate the consumer buying power of tweens. trust me on this.

so happy to see jho w/o her usual constipation pout.

RocketQueen said...

Love Scarlett's dress...and her.
Gwyneth looks like ass. WTF?

jess said...

Scarlett looks hot!
-Two of the Jonas Bros are getting really muscular...weird for a teen popstar
-Jlo is smiling o.O
-Is Lea Michele losing weight?

ms_wonderland said...

There's no need for us to see any celeb picking up the kids. As Johnny Depp said, (the kids) didn't sign up for this.

Alice D Millionaire said...

If I were Sienna I think I would start fresh with a different ring.

Don't like what ScarJo or Goopy are wearing.

Lady J said...

Jlo looks nice in both pics.
I don't like those shoes with the outfit Goopy has on, nor the long sleeve jacket.
What show is Jasmine Guy going to be on? I love her!
Sienna and Jude are engaged?

MontanaMarriott said...

OMG Jlo's shoes when she is carrying her daughter are DA BIZZZNESSSS LOVE THEM!

Lea Michelle looks like a nasty B!

Cancan said...

Is JLo angling for a Burberry contract? Seems to be all her kids wear. Frightfully unoriginal, IMO. I thought she would be trying to out-Suri Suri with girl twin.

mikey said...

Cancan - you are so right! A little Burberry on a toddler goes a long way. Poor kid has many Burberry years ahead of her. Dress her in something she can't wear when she's older - only a kid once!

Ms Cool said...

What happened to Jasmine Guy's face? I loved her in Different World.

Felicia said...

Hey, folks, we have a hint here about the gay celeb who is planning a big "coming out" in the upcoming People issue - see the photo of Kevin Spacey and the caption "Kevin Spacey looks like he has a secret."

We have a winner!

Selock said...

The Jonases aren't making a movie, they're making the second season of their TV show, which does pull a couple million viewers an airing on the Disney Channel. They are just very young viewers. My 6yo loves it.

And I LOOOVE Joe. Just look at him in those geek glasses. He's adorable! Great personality. And someday he will be vindicated & liberated from this Disney madness. One hopes. But not for a long time.

Selock said...

@Pookie Geeky JoBro (Joe) is super cute! And funny. Their tween fanbase ain't what it used to be though...

@Jess The geeky one is very into fitness stuff. He also wants to be the next Spiderman.

And the other muscular brother (Nick) seems to have a pathological tendency to try to make sure he equals or outdoes his brothers because in all things because he has an incredible massive ego. Ugh.

bionic bunny! said...

ha. i've never heard the mmmbop song. i've heard OF it, but i've been lucky enough to not have been subjected to it.

RocketQueen said...

@Felicia - on BG they're hinting that it's going to be a woman that comes out, in which case I've got money on Queen Latifah

Unknown said...

Wasn't Clark Gregg married to the author of Eat Pray Love?

Could kevin Spacey be the person who is going to come out on the cover of People?

Unknown said...

Both Queen Latifah and Kevin Spacey are good guesses for the People cover story. I can't imagine it being someone who would truly shock us.

Kinsey Holley said...

MMBop is a really fun song. I'm sorry, it just is...it's literally impossible to hear that song and not move. I swear. Try it.

I'm 46 years old and when I hear that song, I bop.

I probably shouldn't be telling people that.

B626 said...

Justin Theroux, in the most frustrating movie I ever saw that David Lynch directed. Mulholland Drive, but he was great in it.

Unknown said...

I, too, love Jasmine Guy. I saw her on some MTV show where she went shopping on Rodeo Drive. She was very frugal and down to earth. She was great in Different World.

Selock said...

Kinsey - don't be ashamed! Fun music is fun music.

Mango said...

Glad to see Goop and J-Ho both looking dreadful! I loathe them both!

Is Sienna CRAZY?? Jude is incapable of being faithful. Run, girl, RUN!

timebob said...

@Mango I think it is funny now that Jude got his semi A list ticket back (thanks to Sherlock).
she wants to rekindle their love.

I think Sienna is liking the attention on her again after all that bad press with B. Getty.


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