Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Caroline Giuliani Gets One Day Of Community Service

Caroline Giuliani starts at Harvard tomorrow. Today she was in a New York City courtroom where she said absolutely nothing. Not a word and no apologies as a judge ordered her to perform one day of community service for the $100 worth of makeup she stole from Sephora.

You would expect her to say something but she didn't say anything and not any of her family or her attorneys said anything to the press other than that they would be saying nothing to the press. If you say you will have nothing to say to the press, isn't that really saying something to the press? If you are not saying anything to the press, shouldn't you just walk away quietly? Of course then you would not get to hear yourself say something witty on television like "We are not going to have a comment for the press."

I think it is a fair punishment. She has to have it finished by November so that seems fair too. No dragging it out. I would be interested to see if it is a typical punishment in New York for the crime. She probably would get more than that if they caught her underage drinking like in the photo above. If that is in fact alcohol. Yeah, I think it is too. I know, I know a college student drinking!!! Horror!!

Rudy was a no show in court.


weezy said...

Word here is that it is actually a standard sentence for petty theft. She did not admit guilt, btw. Her mother was there, her father was not. If she stays out of trouble her record will be expunged after six months.

No word on what she was wearing.

weezy said...
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Sue Ellen Mishkey said...

She's going to Harvard, ffs. She's not a career criminal. Seems reasonable for a petty first offence, non?

califblondy said...

That's one photo op Rudy avoided.

HannahPalindrome said...

I go to this Sephora store all the time, and I know that if I stole something, the manager would press charges.

Was the punishment fair? Yes.
However, I was annoyed when I read in the paper that the manager didn't want to press charges after she realized Caroline was a Giuliani.


Unknown said...

'a college student drinking!!! Horror!!" Enty, you don't follow NY news very closely DO YOU??? Over the weekend, the daughter of the U.S. Ambassador to Thailand fell to her death, about 20 stories, off a balcony in NYC. She was 17, going to start her freshman year at Parsons this past Monday. She had been at some club in the city earlier, which was on facebook, pulling in underage kids. She went back to this apartment, continuing to drink, until falling to her death. Of course, she had fake ID, so easy to get in Manhattan. So easy to spot, BUT WHO CARES? They are college kids! What a waste of a young life who was inexperienced and did not know when to stop. RIP

Patty said...

Seems fair and I'm glad they prosecuted even though it is a realtively low amount of $100, which probably amounted to a foundation, blush, mascara and lipstick. Seems more than fair considering Chris Brown got community service for beating the poo out or Rhianna.

weezy said...
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weezy said...

The manager didn't want to press charges, but the chain insisted on it, which I kind of liked. (The manager's decision makes sense given the neighborhood and her market -- super wealthy and very entitled.) when people in this neighborhood get up in your face and hiss "do you know who my parents are? I'll get you fired!" - (a) you probably do know who their parents are and (b) it's true.

The 17 y.o. had spent the evening at Tenjune, a seriously adult club. She got in with a fake Brazilian driver's license, which is not a valid ID for club admission under NY State Law (the State Attorney General's investigating -- I assume the bouncer involved has left town.)

HannahPalindrome said...

Weezy-Good to know that the chain insisted on pressing charges.

I live in the neighborhood because my rent stabilized apt is so cheap!
However, I think the UES is sterile and boring. Ugh

I would love to live downtown, but we both know it's very expensive.

I hope this doesn't sound cruel, but I hope that girl was so drunk she didn't feel anything.
I'm surprised they didn't have a window guard.
I know that in some NY high rise apartments, the window only opens a crack allowing you to stick your one arm out.

I don't know how she managed to get out on the ledge, unless she was on the roof?!?

Kara said...

Something like that would be standard here too.

Actually, if she has no record and paid them back - the whole thing would be dismissed here. Even for felony thefts and people who have no political connections whatsoever.

Robert said...

For the amount of money involved, this (for once) seems like a fair sentence. I hope law-and-order Rudy agrees.

weezy said...

HannahPalindrome -- that's a dicey building, formerly a mid-level hotel converted to expensive rentals. I gather she was standing on the sill of a window on the 17th floor and fell to a third-floor extension.

She was 17, starting at Parsons and thought she was immortal, like all teens on top of the world. Her poor parents.

Mango said...

She deserves the same punishment that the average Joe would get. (Joe Thief, that is.) No more, no less.


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