Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Today's Blind Items

In honor of the US Open, I will offer up this tennis blind. This Top 25 foreign born men's player is currently having an affair with a married Princess of a Northern European country.


jenique said...

My guess is Robin Soderling from sweden.

sunnyside1213 said...

Where is Enty's favorite princess from?

Tenley said...

that Camilla Parker-Bowles really gets around

nunaurbiz said...

Don't know but how juicy!

Robert said...

Enty's consort, Letezia, is from Spain, but Princess Marie of Denmark was featured here yesterday as well.

SugarRush said...

Spain is certainly not a Northern European country and Marie is pregnant with twins

Karmen said...

Enty, I'm relieved - for your sake - you didn't say princess from an Iberian country. If it were the Princess, I'd hope you would drown your sorrows in bacon flavored vodka.

Unknown said...

There are two very similar-looking and named princesses in Denmark - Crown Princess Mary who is Australian and pregnant with twins and her sister-in-law Princess Marie who is French. I believe it was Marie who was in the photos the other day.

Stacy said...

North Europe is Scandinavia, so I'm going with the Swedish Crown Princess who just got married. No idea on the tennis player.

jenique said...

@ Stacy

Thats why i chose Robin Soderling since he is from Sweden :)

iheartjacksparrow said...

If I was a Princess of a Northern European country I'd be having an affair with Rafa. What a hottie!

nancer said...

jasper parnevik? he's a swede.

or that hottie camillo villegas? i'd have an affair with him!

mazshad said...

Camilla Parker Ho-bag is not a princess, she's a duchess if you please !

RocketQueen said...

Isn't parnevik a golfer?

Mimi said...

Princess Matte-Marit from Norway has a shady past

Mimi said...

Sorry. Mette-Marit.

weezy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
cricket61 said...

Tenley, you made me spit out my soda!!

Mango said...

Ummmmm, bacon flavored vodka....

Jeez, I hope it isn't the Swedish princess who just got married. What has it been, ten minutes?

What about Princess Anne? I'll bet she's wild and crazy when she lets her bun down.

Bella said...

I'm going to go with one of the Princesses of Sweden...the one who broke off her engagement.

sunnyside1213 said...

The Princess is married.

Robert said...

She's not a duchess, she's a man, baby!

Tallulah said...

I agree with Mimi. Crown Princess Mette-Marit is rumoured to have been using a lot of blow back in the day, as well as having a sex tape.

I'll be shocked it it turns out to be Princess Märtha Louise. She says she has psychic powers and can teach people to communicate with angels.

It has got to be one of them though. How exciting!

watcher said...

There are lots of candidates. The blind doesn't say the tennis player is a current top 25, so it could involve older people.

The younger royal princesses are too recently married, or appear to be happy with children. Also, there are lots of German princesses who are no longer royal, and who knows where to start listing them.

Good candidates include Princess Caroline of Monaco (if that's "northern") and Princess Birgitta of Sweden (sister of King), both of whom are separated from their husbands. And Princess Marie-Christine of Belgium, who lives in the USA and isn't very princess-like at all. And Princess Michael of Kent.

Married European Princesses:


- Crown Princess Victoria - but she was married only in June 2010, and seemed genuinely happy in the televised ceremony
- Princess Birgitta of Sweden and Hohenzollern, age 73, sister of King Carl Gustav. She and her husband separated in 1990, but are legally married. She’s into golf.


- Mary, Crown Princess of Denmark, age 38, pregnant with twins and has two other children
- Princess Marie of Denmark, Countess of Monpezat, age 34, 2nd wife of Prince Joachim. Their son is 1 year old now.
- Princess Benedikte, age 66, sister of Queen Margrethe
- Princess Anne-Marie Dagmar Ingrid, age 64. Note: she is now known by the courtesy title Queen Anne-Marie of Greece though the Greek monarchy is not in power. Sister of Queen Margrethe
- Princess Alexandra Rosemarie Ingrid Benedikte, age 39, daughter of Princess Benedikte
- Princess Nathalie, age 35 - She won a bronze medal at the 2008 Beijing Olympics for dressage, and earlier this year married her husband when she was a few months pregnant. She had her baby July 24, 2010. Also daughter of Princess Benedikte.


- Mette-Marit, Crown Princess, age 37. She has a son from a previous relationship.
- Princess Martha-Louise, age 38, daughter of King Harald V. Martha-Louise has children and controversial business interests.
- Princess Ragnhild of Norway, Mrs. Lorentzen, age 80. Sister of King Harald V
- Princess Astrid of Norway, Mrs. Ferner, age 79. Sister of King Harald V


- Princess Máxima of the Netherlands, age 39, from Argentina. Married to Crown Prince. Her parents did not attend her wedding, since her father was a controversial figure in Argentina.
- Princess Mabel of Orange-Nassau, age 42, married to Queen Beatrix’s second son
- Princess Laurentien of the Netherlands, age 44, married to Queen Beatrix’s third son. Controversial life before marriage. Her husband lost his rights to succession to the throne by marrying her without permission from Parliament.


- Princess Mathilde, Duchess of Brabant (Crown princess), age 37, 4 children
- Princess Astrid of Belgium, age 48, her father is Albert II the current King of Belgium
- Princess Claire of Belgium, age 37, married to Prince Laurent who is son of current King Albert II
- Princess Marie-Christine of Belgium, age 59, daughter of King Leopold III, but not very princess-like

Do they qualify as Northern European??

United Kingdom:
- Sophie, Countess of Wessex, age 45, wife of Prince Edward of UK - but she’s not styled Princess
- Anne, Princess Royal
- Princess Michael of Kent, age 65, married to Prince Michael of Kent. Controversial family background. Called Princess Pushy. Rumours of infidelity in 2006.
- Katharine, Duchess of Kent, age 77, but she’s not styled a princess and converted to Roman Catholicism in 1994 with the approval of Queen Elizabeth.
- Birgitte, Duchess of Gloucester, age 64 - married to Prince Richard, but not styled princess

- Crown Princess Letizia,age 37, married to Crown Prince
- Princess Elena, age 46, daugher of the King - but she’s divorced
- Princess Cristina, age 45, daughter of the King

- Caroline, Princess of Hanover, Hereditary Princess of Monaco, age 53, her third husband has been seen publicly with other women, so maybe she’s seeing someone, too

Mari said...

Now we know why Princess Zsa Zsa Gabor is in the hospital, exhaustion.

Now! said...
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Now! said...

That is one amazing princess round-up, Watcher!

I got nothing, except that Princess Marie of Denmark - the one who was in the pictures - is a real looker who is married to a dud of a prince. They live on a farm in rural Denmark, however, and she's not the brightest bulb in the box, so I doubt it is her.

Tatyana said...

Doubt very much it's Mette-Marit, "shady" past notwithstanding. She appeared to have learned from her mistakes and went for a decent guy the second time around. *Really* cute children too.

LiinaH said...

Nothern Europe monarchies are Sweden, Norway and Denmark. Belgium and Netherlands are NOT Northern Europe, let alone UK, Spain or Monaco.

J said...

Netherlands, Belgium and UK are considered Northern Europe. That's what Europeans think at least! My bet is on a Scandi princess though

__-__=__ said...

So glad this is NOT The Princess! We would all need bacon flavored vodka if it was!!

LiinaH said...

OK, I live in Scandinavia, and would never consider UK as "Northern Europe". However, Wikipedia disagrees with me. BUT Belgium and the Netherlands are definitely Western Europe.

Celimene said...

I'm thinking it's Princess Marie of Denmark. Wouldn't be the first time her husband's been cheated on - his ex-wife did too. He's boring, not terribly clever and not very interesting. She's French, so it's not necessarily Soderling that she's shagging - could be Monfils, Simon or Tsonga of France.

Maja With a J said...

You people know more about Swedish royalty than I do...and I freaking grew up there! *LOL* I'm a disgrace to my motherland...*L*

Unknown said...

Celimene, what proof do you have that Joachim's first wife cheated on him? Nearly the whole family, except for Henrik (who was overseas), recently came to Alexandra's house to celebrate the older son's bday. I doubt she would have the title or house if she had cheated, since Joachim doesn't have much money in the first place. He's taken out millions of euros in loans.

Anyhow, as someone else pointed out, Marie really isn't the brightest bulb. At age 30, she was answering the phones at her stepdaddy's office and living in the flat that her daddy bought for her birthday. When the tabloids first discovered her, she didn't keep her mouth shut like Kate or Chelsy. No, Marie told a tabloid that she loved Joachim, but she hadn't told him yet. Why she told the tabloid first before telling him, who knows? Then she actually posed for a picture with the tabloid reporter. Days later, she allowed another tabloid reporter and photographer into her building and she did yet another interview and posed for a bunch of photos----including a photo of her posing with the tabloid reporter. So she posed with 2 different tabloid reporters. Then she actually signed her autograph for the tabloid. Kate and Chelsy don't carry on like that. Normally, the royal girlfriends keep their mouths shut before the engagement, but Marie conducted multiple interviews, photo shoots, posed with tabloid reporters, and signed her autograph long before the engagement. A pathetic famewhore. Not the brightest bulb, so I doubt this blind item could be about her.

Hot Ginger said...

Caroline of Monaco qualifies under the fact that she's married to Ernst of Hanover from Germany (sort of). Doubt it's her though.
My first guess would be Mette-Marit. Only conceivable option in my opinion.

L said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
L said...

about Marie of Denmark, when i lived in Copenhagen for 3 years there were very very very strong rumors that Joachim is actually gay or bi [like his daddy - Prince Consort Henrik]. should this be indeed the case, it would be not too big of a deal for his wife to get some action "on the side"


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