Monday, August 30, 2010

Cy Waits Loses His Job & The Dog Ate Paris' Homework

Does it honestly get any better than Paris Hilton being arrested? Was anyone not giddy at the news she got arrested over the weekend? Can you believe I actually used the word giddy? I'm sure there must be some part of me that should feel bad that a fellow human got arrested and thrown into jail but I just can't find that part of me when it comes to her.

Paris has tried to spin a few stories this weekend and it will show you that she just throws lies out there and expects them to stick and have people believe her. Shortly after she was arrested she said that she would not be caught dead with a purse like the one the police said was hers. Well, that story did not fly very well, because not only did it make her look like an idiot, it also made her seem like a self entitled narcissist. Which she is of course.

So, today's story is that yes, the purse is hers, but that some unidentified friend had recently borrowed it and uses coke and probably left it in Paris' bag by mistake. Uh huh. That is like the whole Khloe Kardashian finding the coke in the dressing room and forgetting to throw it away story. The only difference is one got arrested and one did not. Paris managed to get away with it in South Africa, but not in Vegas.

Meanwhile, Cy Waits, the guy with the gun, and the boyfriend of Paris Hilton has lost his job. He and his brother had just been promoted to the top positions at The Wynn nightclubs but he was fired after his arrest for driving under the influence of drugs. Yay for Steve Wynn. I was hoping Cy got fired for his taste in women but it looks like Steve has a no tolerance drug policy for executives.

Yes, I know Paris will probably be not going to jail, but just this weekend and watching her squirm was fun.


GauchoGirl said...

She is such a vile piece of shit. I'm sure that she could care less that her boyfriend (and I'm sure her soon to be ex) lost the best job he'll ever get. I was beyond GIDDY when I saw the news :)

Adventurous Kate said...

Good on Steve Wynn. I love that man. Tryst and XS are the two best clubs in Vegas.

Lolita Breckenridge said...

Yes, it was good news that she got arrested. HOWEVER, I still think she did it to get the press. She has been pretty irrelevant lately.

Then Lohan got rich off going to jail.

Why else would you get lip gloss out of your purse if you just got pulled over? Really?

kimmypie1 said...

I feel bad for the twin brother who did nothing but still got fired for something his brother did.

jax said...

Enty she just got charged with a DRUUG FELONY, that change your answer about jail time?

dumb bitch,dropped the coke in the cops hand while trying to get it in the bathroom to flush it.

jess said...

BWAHAHAHAHA....such an idiot.

@kimmypie1 Oh man...did the twin brother got fired as well? really unfair.

surfer said...

kimmy - where did you hear that the brother was fired? The reports coming out just say that Cy was fired.

And Norm Clarke, from the Las Vegas Review Journal, in today's column, says the reports of his firing are "unsubstantiated," and have been met with a "no-comment" so far.

__-__=__ said...

Nope, don't feel sorry even for the twin brother. Laughing at Paris! Hope it is a felony. She is truly vile and a waste of oxygen. All that money and she could actually buy an education but instead this is what she does. Hope her parents are just so proud.

sunnyside1213 said...

No wonder the grandfather disowned that whole Hilton family.

Cecilia00 said...

If he's jobless, then I expect her to dump him soon.

Can't see her staying with him now that he no longer has access to the scene.

jax said...

to quote a lady on the tmz board:

sleep with dogs and wake up with the fleas.

so damn true.

Maja With a J said...

I wonder who would win a stupidity contest; Lilo or Paris.

jax said...

Paris, she dropped the coke in the cop's hand while trying to fumble it near a toilet from the sounds of police report.

Robert said...

1: "It isn't my purse."
2: "It's my purse, but a friend borrowed it and left the coke in it. I didn't see it."
3: "I saw it, but thought it was gum."
4: "I had no idea cocaine was there. I swear on my life!" (You heard it, folks!)
5: "It could be a setup. Everyone knows how against cocaine I am."
6: "I'm Paris Hilton!"

Anonymous said...

LOLOL@ Robert.

Where is she getting these lame excuses. She is pathetic.

I hope she gets thrown to jail and the key is thrown away.

kimmypie1 said...

"On Friday, Cy Wait was arrested on a DUI charge; his passenger was Paris Hilton. Hilton was arrested on a possession charge. Now on Sunday, E! is reporting that Wynn has fired both brothers."


The Bitch Next Door said...

We all know it's her coke as the Hollywood Hills Teen Burglary Posse bragged about stealing cocaine she had just sitting out in her walk-in fact one of the female perps gloated about doing a line while ransacking her jewelry.
I'm soooo tired of this worthless see you next tuesday. Paris and Lilo are both prime examples of what happens when parents don't care enough to see that their child obtains the bare minimum in life(GED). Sorry examples of humanity who booth use the same tired excuses.....IT'S NOT MY PURSE, IT'S NOT MY PAIR OF JEANS.
Society need to cull the herd.....

0 said...

I guess the same person who lent Blohan the pants that had coke in the pocket must have loaned Parisite a purse. What a generous cokehead there must be running around L.A.!

I want to punch myself for saying this, but I like Paris' hair in her latest mugshot. She's still ugly both inside and out, but damn if her hair doesn't look cute. I'm going to go sit in a dark room and wallow in my shame now.

Meg said...

I didn't realize that she was dating this guy until the arrest.....he is not very attractive. Looks kind of 'roidy.

Paris, sweetie you are WAY TOO OLD for all this. Lindsey Lohan already used up the "its not my (insert object containing drugs), it's my friends." Isn't this the same excuse she gave at the World Cup too?

Good for Steve Wynn. Thems the breaks, Cy!

Merlin D. Bear said...

Hold on one second... no jail?
I don't care if she's Mother Teresa reincarnated, this was Nevada, not California.
According to Google, this is what she potentially faces:
Code Section 453.011; NAC 453.510
Possession 1-6 yrs. and $5000; Subsequent offense: 1-10 yrs. and $10,000; Third offense: 1-20 yrs. and $20,000

And isn't she still under probation? If so, this is a clear violation, so wouldn't she be facing even more jail time?

RocketQueen said...

She'll totally get off for this somehow. She always does.

And speaking as someone who used to use coke, you NEVER leave it behind. Especially not in a purse that you give back to someone. Bitch please.

audrey said...

I guess she forgot all about all that film footage someone found in that unpaid locker of hers. I do believe she was caught on film doing coke--among other stuff so her claims of being against it don't really sound all that truthful. Stupid bitch.

Henriette said...

Maybe the coke belonged to the lice and scabbies that inhabit her cooch.

Maharesred said...

I dunno, but she might get some time for this one. She already has a DUI so that's not going to help her any. Well we can hope.


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