Thursday, September 02, 2010

Today's Blind Items

In honor of 90210 day, I bring to you one of my favorite blind items from the past. This one I wrote in January of 2008, so that will hopefully explain The Time references. Now I want to hear The Bird. I can't even type their name without singing that song. Anyway, this blind is all about 90210.

January 24, 2008

So a little change of pace. After I saw that The Time was going to play the Grammy Awards it got me thinking about a time when I was just starting out. I used to promote concerts to get through school. This was when little guys still could do it and corporations had not swallowed up every possible venue. I had promoted The Time two or three times and made some money. I had got to know some of the group and once we happened to be in Las Vegas at the same time. They invited me to their show and to a party they were having after. I want to say they were playing at the Riviera, but I can't remember. I think it was because this was when Frank Sinatra was still alive and I remember thinking I had seen him play in the same room a week earlier and how crazy Vegas is that two totally different acts can both pack in a crowd. Of course Sinatra tickets were three times the price of The Time tickets.

Anyway, after the show, we went to a club or two, but this was still the older Vegas. Excalibur was the only big new hotel. Everything else was still to come. The clubs were still very rough around the edges. Very rough. So, after seeing a possible stabbing death at the second club we went to, we decided to head back to the hotel and one of their suites. I don't remember anyone calling anyone but all of a sudden the place was absolutely packed. Packed like it took you five full minutes to make your way across the room from one side to the other.

There was one clear area though and it was this big glass table. It was probably seven feet long and three feet wide. Sitting around the table were people basically two deep. The top of the table was covered in coke. I had seen people do coke before and thought I had seen a lot on a table before, but this was the most ever. None of the guys from The Time were touching it. I do remember that. BUT, I do remember that there were two people from this brand new television show called Beverly Hills 90210 who were sucking coke down like someone was trying to steal it from them. Most people were being very patient and chatting in between lines. Not these two. One female and one male were all over it. They were outdone in their zest for the drug only by this actress from Saved By The Bell. I honestly thought they were going to fight for it. Later, after the crowd had thinned I saw the male from 90210 and the actress from Saved By The Bell getting it on in a corner. She was pretty hot, I have to tell you. The guy I remember was very sweaty. The actress from 90210 never left the coke. Ever. Not until it was all gone. Then she got up, and left. Didn't say goodbye or anything. Just walked out and left. Hell of a night.


Funny Girl said...

In my mind, I see this as:

Ian Ziering
Shannon Doherty
Elizabeth Berkley

Stephen said...

Elizabeth Berkely

RocketQueen said...

I remember this one, but can't remember which guesses were the most popular.

I like Stephen's guess. The 90210 actress has got to be Doherty.

Amy in MI said...

Brian Austin green
Gabrielle carteris
Tiffani amber Thessen for saved by the bell and later joined 90210 cast

Lady J said...

Ian Ziering
Tori Spelling
Elizabeth Berkley

jax said...

BAG was too young back then.

Luke Perry
Tiff Thiessen.

memyselfandi said...

Tori Spelling
Brian Austin Green
Tiffani Amber Thiessen

Pookie said...

ian z.
shannon d.
elizabeth b.

Linnea said...

This should be revealed! I mean, what the statue of limitations on this? :)

JJ said...

I say

Jason Priestly
Shannon Doherty
Elizabeth Berkley

Didn't Jason P admit to having a drug problem?

FrenchGirl said...

Doherty(always had drug trouble)
Luke Perry(did he have a relationship with Shannen?)
Tiff amber Thiessen(she was in Daved by the Bell & in 90210)

Seachica said...

Brian Austin Green
Shannon Doherty
Tiffani Amber Thiesson

TAT dated BAG for awhile, and she later joined the 90210 cast. Also, she's definitely gorgeous. Shannon had a huge drug/partying problem and got kicked off the show for being a bad influence.

Angie said...

Ian Ziering
Lark Voorhies
Shannon Doherty

mazemerizing said...

Agree with Shannon and Elizabeth guesses, but definitely believe this is Jason Priestly. I've seen him drunk and high as a kite and don't believe he would have passed up a table full of coke back then.

Karmen said...

When I read that you had "The Bird" stuck in your head, I initially thought you mean that "Surfin' Bird" by The Trashmen. Ya know, that obnoxious one that was on Family Guy. Now I have that stuck in my head. Ugh.

jess said...

Ian Ziering
Shannon Doherty
Tiffani Amber Thessen

"The guy I remember was very sweaty" makes me think of Ziering.

PotPourri said...

The Bird...why does Enty put that in here and what does it mean? Love Family Guy's Surfin Bird. Bird, Bird, Bird is the word!

PotPourri said...

a couple of things. I think Tory Spelling was too light in weight to do that much coke without it killing her. I like Shannen for this. Do not like Brian Austin Green for this because he was like 14 when the show started. I like Ian, Luke or Jason Priestly for this.

Karmen said...

Jamie's Girl - Enty meant this song, which is far more soothing and much less annoying than the one on Family Guy:

WTF said...

wasn't this revealed?

jen said...

Priestly & Doherty for sure, and I'll go with TAT.

sunnyside1213 said...

Brian Austin Green
Shannon Doherty
Tiffani Amber Thiesson

TAT dated BAG for awhile, and she later joined the 90210 cast. Also, she's definitely gorgeous. Shannon had a huge drug/partying problem and got kicked off the show for being a bad influence.

yeah, I gotta go with Valerie here.

lmnop123 said...

I know that Lark Voorhies wanted to sue someone a while back because they said that she was a coke fiend. According to one website the case was dropped and she settled out of court. I've always believed that the rumors were true.

I don't have a guess about the 90210 stars even though I watched that show faithfully for years. Any one of them could have been coke fiends. I do know that the girl who played Emily (Christine Elise) had to leave the show because she was acting crazy like her character and was also on drugs and yes Jason Priestly was also a known drug abuser.

lmnop123 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
lmnop123 said...

Okay I just checked the show ran from 1990-2000. BAG was born in 1973 so he actually wasn't that young they just made his character much younger (about 14). BAG was actually 17 when the show started. This could be him too or what about Luke Perry.

Char said...

This seriously could be any of them, and it wouldn't surprise me at all. It would probably shock me more if any of them DIDN'T use drugs.

parissucksliterally said...

I know for a fact that Jason Priestly did a hell of a lot of blow. Maybe not at that party, but he certainly started after that.

tigerjen77 said...

I sincerely doubt it is Tifani A. Thiessen. Her brother was a heavy drug user for years and she watched him destroy himself. She has gone on record many times as saying she could never do that to herself.

Going w/Elizabeth Berkley for the SBTB cast member.
And just to switch it up for 90210 I'm going w/Carol Potter and James Eckhouse. Aka: Jim and Cindy Walsh.

Pink_Palace said...

valerie nailed it!

this is one blind i know, as a long-time friend is/was good friends with BAG. he, shannen and Tiffani-Amber Thiessen used to hang out all the time. Roxbury used to be the club back in the day and my friend was pictured quite a few times with them. Tori joined them quite a few times, but mostly it was Brian, Shannen and my friend who shall go nameless

MnGddess said...

Um, exactly how much coke can you do before you have to go to the emergency room? A 3 by 7 foot table and one person spent all night on a coke binge AND is not dead? Wow.

Henriette said...

I know one of them is Shannen Doughty. She was the Lindsey Lohan of her day.

Unknown said...

I think it is Jenni Grth and Tiffani Thiessen. They have been very good friends for a long time. And the guy is Jason P.

Stephanie said...

Brian Austin Green and Tiffani Amber Thiessen were dating at the time. Its definitely them, besides remember the year that they had David go through Coke addiction on the show?


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