Friday, September 03, 2010

Random Photos Part One

Two parts today.

Kourtney Kardashian looks like she will jump on anyone who tries to ask a question about her relationship with Scott.
I have decided that if an outfit is not skin tight, Katy Perry wants no part of it. How does she even breathe in these things?
Keanu Reeves and his birthday cupcake.
A very thrilled looking Jesse James with Kat von D.
The first public appearance for Robbie Williams and his wife since they were married.
Sammy Hagar - Cincinnati
Unlike when Miley Cyrus wears and Iron Maiden shirt, I'm pretty sure Taylor Momsen knows who they are.
The Situation on the Jersey Shore instead of training for DWTS.
Tori Spelling celebrates 90210 day.
Victoria Beckham at the airport which she says she uses as her own personal fashion runway.
Wendie Malick still looks lovely.


RocketQueen said...

I just love Wendie Malick!

I know I said it earlier this week re: Miley, but it's bothering me! How can one NOT have gross, sweaty, smelly feet in those boots that Posh is wearing??

Casey said...

I'm not a fan of Katy Perry, but if I could pick and choose a body type to have, hers would be it.

Jesse/Kat D looks all the world to me like a publicity hook up, which he seems to not be enjoying at all.

Aphrodite said...

I thought Katie Perry was looking cute until I scrolled down and saw that ridiculous slit up the side. She just seems so desperate for attention the poor thing.

The Nightmare Child said...

Katy Perry wants to be an anime character. I'm utterly convinced.

Little Miss Smoke and Mirrors said...

Agree with Casey 100 percent re: JJ and KVD. said...

Jesse James always looks like he is secretly suffering from a severe case of diaper rash...just kind of sad looking.

feraltart said...

Dear Victoria,

You appear to be mutton dressed as lamb, see also Cameron Diaz and Elle McPherson amongst others. While you may have fabulous bodies, I am not your gynacologist and would prefer not to know if the curtains match the rug.

Thank you,

Jennifer said...

Thanks for the Taylor Momson pic - it sent me through association to thinking "Is Renee Zelwegger a beard again or is she the gay one".

Taylor Momson - Iron Maiden Shirt - "Teenage Dirtbag" by Wheatus - "jerking his little weenus" from Hangover - Bradley Cooper's gay, isn't he? - wtf is RZ dating him - Chesney and the "fraud" marriage annulment - who's really committing fraud here?

Strange fast circles for my mind this afternoon. And I'm supposed to be working, yeah right.

ms_goddess said...

Feraltart - LOL! If I had been drinking something at the particular moment I read your post, it would be all over my computer screen right now...

Jennifer - I kind of like rewinding the timeline in my head to remember how I got from one subject to a totally different one.

lanasyogamama said...

Katy Perry is starting to seem like a poor man's Dita Von Teese.

Could KatVD look any more smug?

There was a painfully long feature of Robbie Williams wedding in the Hello! my Mom just brought me from London.

You KNOW Tori was SO SO SO psyched for 90210 day.

When did Posh get hair?

Love Wendy Malik!!!

MadLyb said...

Hey, if you have the type of body where you can wear skin tight clothes and look good, then you may as well flaunt it while you can.

Oh Keanu (sigh!). I saw him play with his horrible band in Vegas and had to stop myself from rushing the stage and clobbering him. Man is HOT!

I love Robbie Williams, too, but he'd be more the sort I would go clubbing with - he'd help me find the straight guys since my gaydar has always been defunct (Liberace didn't even cause a ping).

And sh*t. Momsen is starting to grow on me. She's a pretentious little twit, but she tries so hard.

Meg said...

I kind of like katy's dress minus the slit. As the pp have said, if I looked like her I'd def be sporty some similar looks.

PotPourri said...

I like Kate Perry and Russell Brand both, they're weird, but it works for them. They are not standard issue.

Taylor Momsen is only 16. Wow.

Kat Von D only verifies what I thought about her, especially dating Roy Orbison's ugly son. She is a supreme opportunist, and JJ knows it. They are BOTH Douches!

Shmooey said...

LMAO at Keanu! Is that a candle stuck on the little cupcake? LOL

Paisley said...

Count me in with the people thinking the Kat/Jesse relationship is fake. They're already attending Hollywood events together? Please. And I thought his kids already started school in Austin. Who's watching them?

Lissette said...

Kat & JJ totally fake. He is doing her a favor and he is getting money for it. And, revenge, natch!

Katy Perry tries too hard. Her last videos are so obnoxious...we get it, you have a cute body. You look like Betty Boop...we get it. Stop hitting us over the head with it.

I LOVE KEANU! Wow! I got the butterflies looking at the picture! That hasn't happened to me since elementary school! Thanks, Enty!

memyselfandi said...

Wow is Tori actually gaining some weight back? I certainly hope so. She was scaring me there for a long time.


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