Thursday, September 02, 2010

The 2 Year Old Indonesian Has Quit Smoking

A couple of months ago I posted a video of a two year old Indonesian boy who was smoking two packs of cigarettes a day and was totally hooked. His parents found it humorous. The rest of the world did not. Well, according to the Indonesian government, the boy has given up the habit.

The NY Post has a quote from someone in the government who said, "He has quit smoking and the most important thing is he doesn't ask for cigarettes anymore. He received psychosocial therapy for one month, during which therapists kept him busy with activities and encouraged him to play with kids of the same age. We diverted his addiction from cigarettes to playing."

Well, that is how it should be. I just hope the child does not have any long term health effects from this. It can't be good to be two and smoking two packs a day. Some good news at least that for now he has stopped. Maybe because he is so young he will forget his addiction.

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Pookie said...

while this is good news...SHAME, SHAME, SHAME on those POS parents.

Becki said...

Its not all the parents fault. Its the culture there. And the way that Tobacco companies advertise and promote smoking there.


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