Thursday, September 02, 2010

Random Photos Part One

Three parts today.

Ne-Yo gets his drink on with pink champagne. Not, my first choice for alcoholic beverages.
Pamela Anderson shopping in Malibu. At least she is wearing clothes. We can all be thankful for that.
Is that an engagement ring on Peaches' finger?
I feel like they are about to break into a duet of Endless Love.
Peter Scolari is in a new play on Broadway. Unfortunately it is not the musical Bosom Buddies.
Sofia Vergara posted this photo of her boyfriend after he got out of surgery. He does look pretty good. But then again so does she so it kind of works out well.
Always trying to sell t-shirts. I bet the whole crew at DWTS already has one.
The Osborne's and their permanent companion Howie Mandel.
They were together to watch Kelly Osbourne and The Pussycat Dolls.
She was joined by Mya and Carmen Electra.
But, lets get back to Kelly.
Wentworth Miller actually has some fans. Had to go to Japan to find them, but he has some.

22 comments: said...

Peaches is looking rather peachy. Well, for her, anyway.

And Kelly Osbourne absolutely glows! I just can't get over how stunning she is now.

Aren't I just a garden of praise and feel good hits today?

Pookie said...

does the hoff not get that shirt is so eight yrs ago?

kelly o. cleans up so well it's a shame she trailers herself out w/ the dangly cigarette.

wentworth is so handsome there!

RocketQueen said...

It's official. Kelly is a bobblehead. Agree about the cigarette, Pookie. WTF?

chopchop said...

Why exactly is Kelly Osbourne famous again? Because she's the bratty spawn of Ozzy? Anything else? Please don't say singer cuz I think Heidi Montag's album did better. Just wondering why people rip on reality stars who are famous for nothing and yet Kelly gets a pass.

memyselfandi said...

Kelly looks amazing! Good for her :)

memyselfandi said...

Kelly looks amazing! Good for her :)

J-Mo said...

Wentworth Miller should be on screen more. Not like that guest spot he did on some cop show a while back, but actualy acting.

ms_goddess said...

Chopchop, my personal opinion on Kelly - yes, she's really only famous for being the offspring of a rock legend (and being a part of the family reality series). But I really love that she has tried to branch out and actually do something entertaining (singing, DWTS). Maybe they were hits, maybe they were misses - I think that's a personal matter. I love her because instead of falling further and further into sex tape trashiness and drugged out douchiness, she's actually pulled herself out and has been transforming herself into a very lovely grown up young lady. I just can't help but root for her to be happy and healthy. Yeah, I feel the same way about my friends who aren't famous, but Kelly's there, in the public eye, so why not? Just stating my opinion here, since you asked...

Lissette said...

I never disliked Kelly, until the Fashion Police thing. I heard her make some disparaging remarks about some people, specifically, Jewel. Ironically, she had said something similar about her years ago and I felt she was using her new platform to zing her. It came across as childish and vindictive. Not sure what the story is there.
Furthermore, I remember she said something about someone being half naked to get attention. So, it's okay for her?
She makes fun of people for being celebrities without talent, but I have yet to see/hear/know what hers is. Why is it okay for her?

ardleighstreet said...

Endless Love? Ya think so? I think they look like they are arguing.

She looks like she called him an ass and he looks like he wants to deck her. See the closed right fist?

Mango said...

Peaches looks rather pretty in that pic.

Who is the "endless love" couple? I don't recognize them.

Sorka8 said...

So why is Peaches G famous besides having a famous father? I put that girl in the same unlovely catagory as Rumer Willis, another person famous just because of their famous daddy.

Both of them talentless together.

jess said...

Come on Enty...the princess is really skinny, what's up with that?
-I always like Jack Osbourne with a beard...I don't know why.
-Wentworth looks so good.

califblondy said...

There's something pitiful about Kelly that makes me want to give her a hug. I used to feel that way about Linds too, so obviously my judgement is way off.

lmnop123 said...

I admire THE HOFF. He's a mediocre at best actor/singer but he suree knows how to hustle. I wish I was that financially successful at hustling my "mediocreness".

I wonder if Kelly is healthy or is she starving herself or back on the drugs?

I think that Carmen Electra would make for a decent candidate on DWTS as opposed to the reality stars.

anarchi said...

When is Howie Mandel going to stop being creepy with the Hitler goatee and the Billy Corgan (creepy) head? Isn't he older than 21?

Robert said...

Pam looks beat; Peaches looks sweet.
The Princess must be tiny! And I see ardleigh's point.
Part of Kelly's appeal might be her transformation from insufferable druggie brat to likeable person (DWTS.) I guess half-naked for attention is good or bad depending on the context.

jen said...

Is that an engagement ring on Peaches' finger?

She's sure as hell hoping people think that! Seriously, the pictures of her out with that Eli dude, she practically broke her wrist trying to make sure that ring was in all the shots.

I like Kelly. I've no idea why, I just do.

Chrissy Buns said...

so i'm noticing the new 'it' style must be stockings that reach over the knee...i have seen several hollywood types sporting them...

PollyPureBred said...

Love Kelly
Love Wentworth
Even love Peaches and Eli together...those crazy kids!

mooshki said...

I don't get that one, Enty. What makes you say that Wentworth doesn't have fans here?

lanasyogamama said...

I'm worried about Kelly. She looks good, but I think she's starved herself to get there, and can't maintain it without suffering.


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