Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Random Photos Part One

Three parts today.

Mekhi Phifer looks good in a suit.
Elin Woods sold great, even with the raised price People charged for the issue. However, she still lost by 500 thousand to the twins. The good news for People is they didn't pay Elin.
A new Princess for the photos. Princess Maria of Denmark along with Prince Joachim. Princess Letizia still wins.
Roger Federer on the way into the US Open.
Four of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.
Sandra Bullock getting some Starbucks in Austin. She looks like she has seen a ghost or Jesse James and Kat Von D.
They are twins!
You can tell by the outfit that Taylor Momsen is shooting scenes for Gossip Girl.
Sons of Anarchy! Love the show. Here are Theo Rossi and Sarah Jones.
And Katey Sagal and Charlie Hunnam.
Why do the paps still follow Vanessa Hudgens?
Another reason to love Will Arnett. Carries his own stuff.


Ray said...

Katey Sagal looks smashing!

Cindy said...

There's nothing 'real' about those housewives, lol

PotPourri said...

Katey Sagal looks awful trying to be a 19 year old.

surfer said...

And two of those BH housewives are Paris Hilton's aunts!

RocketQueen said...

@Cindy - you beat me to it! The two on either ends of that picture look like they've been in a plastic surgery massacre.l

Charlie Hunnam can sometimes look so YUMMY, then sometimes looks so....like this.

Karmen said...

Carli is so right: Mekhi Phifer is absolutely gorgeous. I want to make that picture my computer's background, but he and Jon Hamm in Rolling Stone are going to have to duke it out.

Robert said...

I suppose it can be argued that he did it for his daughter's sake, but I find Jesse James re-locating to Austin right after Sandra B. and hooking up with Kat von D. to be a real douchebag play.
What the hell is that, Snooki 2.0? This one's even dumpier than the first one!
Vanessa Hudgen's flower child outfit makes me nostalgic for the 60's.

Sherry R. said...

Sometimes my daughter dresses just a bit too much like Snooki. Plus, she's tanned, has long black hair and is short. Craaaaaap.

Mango said...

Did People raise the price of their rag just for the Elin issue? How did they justify that? Donations to Trashy Waitress against Privileged Athletes? Or just pure greed?

Princess Maria should be wearing a slip under that skirt, the shameless hussy!

No kidding about the jacked up lookin' housewives flanking Paris' aunties. I thought that Kelsey Grammer's ex was going to be in this one?

Snooki-wannabe is one low pedestal to aspire.

Holy crap! Taylor Momsen is smiling!

Elle said...

Elin didn't get paid? Hopefully she asked for a sum to be donated to charity because if she didn't, then that's kind of a waste.

lanasyogamama said...

I can't even look at Mekhi without singing the Eminem line "It's no Mekhi Phifer" in my head.

Team Sandra! But then again, is there any other team?

Snooki and her friend do not have Cameron's legs.

Yah, you can tell because Taylor Momsen is wearing that REALLY LONG SKIRT.

Katey Sagal looks really sexy.

Electric Warrior said...

As if I need another reason to luv Will Arnett....


Damn Katey Sagal looks great!

lbf said...

What's u w Charlie Hunnam? Drugs? Straight?

__-__=__ said...

Enty, that's not Starbucks. I believe that's Sweetish Hill. We don't drink that swill in Austin.

Katey Sagal looks great!


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