Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Lets Talk Real Housewives

Bravo loves its Real Housewives brand. Why not? They are cheap to produce, the women are free publicity generators and the show gets huge ratings and brings in big bucks to Bravo. They love it and audiences love it. With all of that money being made by Bravo, now the Housewives want it too. They want their pay doubled or tripled or threaten to walk. I say the ones that threaten to walk, let them walk.

Some like Teresa Giudice think they are crucial to the success of the show and deserve huge bucks. I think people like Teresa make the show good, but I don't think it is reliant on individual people. Many of the wives have left on many of the different cities. The shows are still popular. If Teresa thinks they can't find another housewife like her in the State Of New Jersey than she is out of her mind. I am sure the show would love to have her back, but why pay her a fortune when she can be replaced by someone else. I think replacing also keeps it fresh. How many times do you want to hear the same arguments repeated? I get it that Danielle is a scary person. I get it that Teresa is willing to yell and scream for money. Now, find me some new people to interact.

Law & Order realized that you could dump characters and even though people were really attached to the character, the audience would continue to watch if the show is good. Obviously Real Housewives and Law & Order are worlds apart when it comes to quality but the idea remains.

The show is not about the individuals, but what happens when you throw them all together. It is like The Real World for people who think they are rich and have had a lot of botox.


Jackie said...

I seriously don't understand the appeal. But I get where Bravo is coming from. If people will pay to see the Kardashians prance all over, why not some rich folks in well known cities/states? I just find it insulting to my intelligence. But I suppose that's why I don't watch much "reality" tv.

strawberrygirl said...

I read that Teresa got so mad with Danielle because apparently Danielle hired a PI who discovered Teresa's husband Joe has a gf on the side and a baby. They're all trash except for Caroline.

califblondy said...

Teresa needs to go and take Danielle too.

I'm dying to know if it's true that Teresa's hubby has a secret son.

Karmen said...

I can't stand reality TV shows. Real Housewives, Jersey Shores and Real World all the same to me: absolute crap. My boyfriend says he likes Jersey Shore, because it's like that wild friend who gets into hilarious drunken debacles without having to deal with their mess.

sunnyside1213 said...

@ Karmen. Amen.

Meg said...

After this season, I think Teresa fancies herself as the star if the show (the Bethanney, if you will).

I cannot BELIEVE she pushed Andy Cohen down during the screaming match!!

I am also dying to know the background on the love child.

selenakyle said...

Gyahh, I slept through it! Arrgghh. I never watched almost any TV until when I got sick in January and watched 4 days of Bravo straight; once Tabitha's Salon Takeover took over my brain, I am now hooked on this Bravo shit.

And now that hubby therefore watches it with me now and then, HE thinks Caroline is not the goody-goody, in-the-right, "I'll help and make it all better" person she makes herself out to be.

Tenley said...

Yeppers, I always thought the original 90210, for example, easily could have simply let the one class graduate and introduce new classes, rotating who's popular, hell, I mean that happens in real life. And in the workforce (as Enty hinted at). They could have introduced a Freshman class that had conflicts/rivalries/romances with the original group and with themselves and really, it would have been fine. The show would have survived much better still based in high school instead of trying to follow the same characters into college. LET THEM GO.

KellyLynn said...

I don't like any of the Real Housewives shows, but I do agree that there should be room to switch up the housewives. Just like the reality game shows can pull compelling stories out of a new cast every year, these non-game reality shows should be able to do the same thing.

Jessica said...

I can kind of see both sides here. Housewives is hugely popular for Bravo. They lost Project Runway already. Now the only other huge draw is Top Chef.
Now if they are only getting 10k each, Bravo is getting their top show made for like $50k salary cast. That's 20k more than just one person gets on Jersey Shore. That is pretty absurd.
On the other hand, Danielle is already off the show. Even if Dina comes back, there will not be enough drama between Caroline, Jacqueline, Dina, and Kim G or D. I think as you said Enty, they could lose a cast member, but losing two at the same time, not so sure.

Mango said...

Yes, know it's trash, but the show's been a guilty pleasure for me. However after Monday's reunion show, not so much.

The reunion show was unbelievable. Teresa was out of control and panting with rage at times.

Jacqueline also found it hard to control herself, yelling out and interrupting when Jeff asked Danielle a question. She is VERY angry because she has a dim-witted teenage punk for a daughter who committed battery on Danielle (and somehow it's Danielle's fault?) Danielle won't drop the charges. Good for her! Someone assaults me, I press charges.

Even Caroline (who I always thought of as the voice of reason) has totally lost all sense of perspective when it comes to Danielle because she too lost control a few times, but no where nearly as wildly as Teresa did.

And Affable Andy was a total pussy who couldn't keep those housewives under control. I'm tired of his soft questions but if he can't even control four women who work for him, he doesn't deserve to host the show. Either that or he needs to borrow Springer's body guards.

__-__=__ said...

Tenley, I thought the same thing! Friends also. I mean, once they started breeding who cares. As for Housewives, I'm not sure they can find a bigger crook than Teresa. She really spends ridiculous money on the tackiest things. I can't imagine their auction will raise any money. That stuff wouldn't even make a decent estate sale. Talk about a tax payer rip off!


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