Thursday, March 29, 2018

Blind Item #8 - A Reader Blind Item

The year was 1989.
It was my birthday and a girlfriend
decided to take me to that famous LA underground club
that changed locations weekly.
We got there, I in my sky blue skin tight mini dress
and hair up to here, innocent and unknowing as to what
the evening would hold.
I was immediately adopted by this 24 year old grandson
of a very famous studio head who was already gone but
still remains extremely well known to this day.
He reminded me of the singer of REM. Ha. He made sure to
tell everyone I was "legal" so naturally every single
person had to buy me a drink.
I was not a drinker.
He then asked me if I was interested in going to the VIP
room. Why not, so he grabbed my hand and off we went
He asked which VIP room I wanted to go in. I asked what
the difference was. He said there were two film wrap
parties so I said whichever one seems more fun and let
him decide (here's me from OC with zero idea.)
Room #1 had the weirdest conglomeration of famous people.
The film was horror, complete with a monster. It starred
a famous ballet dancer.
I was offered drugs by almost everybody, I was rather
shocked but I declined because I didn't do them. A
older man who was famous for quite a few TV/films in
the 60s was there, he was not doing drugs and offered
to share his pizza with me so I did. We chatted and ate
and had a great time.
Until I went to the bathroom. Nobody warned me that was
where the harder stuff was, and the weirdos. The guy
who played the monster swore I was in the film, that
he had killed me in the last scene. I said no, not an
actress. A director overheard us and came over to ask
me if I was interested in acting. I said no. He gave me
his card anyway. My friend took it and tossed it LOL.
Then an actor famous for certain comedies back in the
70s bugged me to do coke with him. I again declined. I
think this again impressed my new friend who stayed by
my side and kept watch. Many people asked for an intro
but I still didn't even know who he was.
Soon the people in the room were asking me about myself,
my life, where I lived, etc. They were shocked I wasn't
in entertainment and had no desire to be and found my
boring life to be enthralling!
Soon my friend grabbed my hand and took me to the other
VIP room. This film that wrapped was much higher on the
success scale and had several of its costars present.
It was a comedy drama and had several memorable lines,
one of which I repeat to this day regarding licensing
for adult activities.
The room was more of the same, only there were several
people in there who were with same sex dates and I had
NO IDEA they were gay!!!! I am not going to out them
but it was very shocking, let me say.
Everybody was very nice to me because of my friend whom
someone had informed me who he was at the bar when he
stepped away. It didn't change anything for me, he was
near my age and was very nice to me and we were having
fun. He asked me if I was interested in being his date
for the premiere for this movie and I said why not. He
chuckled at me because I was not impressed in the people
postulating and more interested in talking about music
which he loved.
Soon we went back downstairs because the band started.
My friend said nothing about who was performing but when
we got there the guy onstage was wearing this weird
combination straitjacket/corset, lots of femme makeup, and
the performance was very dramatic. Not really my thing.
I had a guy I was interested in meet me at the club so
I said goodbye to my friend and set off for a romantic
Hollywood is really freaking weird, and that was just
one memorable evening. The premiere is another story.


Tricia13 said...

Dino DeLaurentis grandson Dino for studio guy?
Baryshnikov dancer

Tricia13 said...
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nonyabusiness said...

so we're taking blind items from readers now?

Glow W said...

Fun story.

Tricia13 said...

Burt Reynolds actor?

Sal Salington said...

This isn't even a blind. It's just some rando's account of a night out.

Brayson87 said...

Straight from the cellphone eh?

AvignonVagabond said...

I think the first movie is 1989's ballet horror staring Jennifer Connoly called Ballet. I think the second movie is Heathers and the actor is Christian Slater.

Former CNN Anchor Candy Crowley said...

If I tell you about the night I got naked for Stevie Wonder, is it technically a blind?

Unknown said...

Marilyn Manson for the music?

AndrewBW said...

@Candy Be careful, I hear Stevie reads braille!

Unknown said...

Better fan-fiction than Ready Player One.

Brayson87 said...

What happened to her girlfriend? And she ditched the grandson to have another guy she was interested in pick her up for a booty call because the band sucked?

cc423 said...

First movie sounds like The Cabinet of Dr. Ramirez. Baryshnikov -- The ballet dancer. Weird conglomeration of people -- Peter Sellars, Joan Cusack and Peter Gallagher.

Unknown said...

1989 Jennifer Connolly movie obviously 'inspired' Black Swan. 1989 Jennifer Connolly, when she was 18-19, was maybe the hottest 10 who's ever walked God's Earth. She's now a botoxed freak, but back then the perfect woman. The thought that she might also have been a coked up whore at the time is just too much. I just can't! I'm literally! I need to go lie down.

Former CNN Anchor Candy Crowley said...

@AndrewBW -- then I better hope this rash on my left +i+ goes away before we get together again. Otherwise, he might get the wrong message.

Chug ChooChoo said...

2nd movie with the memorable quotes - Say Anything

Lurky McLurkster said...

Enty had asked for reader stories on the Twitters and Book of Face. It is a chance to do more with the community, along the lines of the reader photos.

J said...

I met Fabian once.

For a long time I thought on one would ever give a shit about that.

Still feel that way.

ladybugmo1 said...

I think this was too long ago for him. It sounds like a Rozz Williams project to me.

Chug ChooChoo said...

"I don't want to sell anything, buy anything, or process anything as a career."

RealRescuesDon'tDoThis said...

I was wondering if the corset/straightjacket could have anything to do with Tim Curry and the Rocky Horror Picture show?

Unknown said...

Alex Winter would've been 24 at that time.Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure came out at about that time

plot said...

Guess I'm in the minority because I love these stories.

Unknown said...

Excellent-memorable quote/Say Anything most notable for the soundtrack that was awesome

J said...

Thing is, when Enty publishes something, one can attach his credibility (which perhaps changes over time, part of the deal) to the story.

If Enty keeps publishing things dropped off by people he doesn't know, it's a completely different situation.

I come here because I think it gives me a (very imperfect) sense of a lot of the nonsense going on in Hollywood. People from Des Moines telling me what happened to them this one time definitely won't give me the same feeling.

Brayson87 said...

@J, Most people in Des Moines are generally more interesting than most people in Hollywood.

Brayson87 said...

The main problem with this blind is that it is a Mary Sue story. Everything went perfectly, she did everything right, everybody was interested in her. All she had to do was show up at a club in a mini dress, because that's so rare in LA.

More Cowbell said...

I like this blind! The Dino D guess for the grandfather studio head doesn't work because it says the grandfather had already passed in 1989, and Dino D didn't die until the 2000's.

Amartel said...

Loving the reader blinds! And the commentary on the reader blinds.

B626 said...

Doesn’t help me guess the movies
But I’m thinking the Adult Activies quote is
Just Do It

More Cowbell said...

Tony Goldwyn would work for the friend/grandson of a studio head, but he was 29 in 1989, not 24.

Thonker said...

Literally a blind item cause how are we supposed to guess any of these lol I wanna know what the comedy-drama movie with the same-sex dates is... @readers at least attach some sort of rating/profession hint will ya?

Sara, Making It Work said...

Almost makes Enty's writing look good.

Humor Me said...

Ben Mankiewicz as the studio grandson (he would have been 22 - close)

Etoile as the Horror movie; Charles Durning as the dancer and the nice old man (I'm guessing)

Heathers as the movie full of quotes; Christian Slater as the actor / premiere date

boy George on stage

Anonymous said...

I have a Braille version of the Kama sutra. It’s for sale. Paperback.

Anonymous said...

So it’s Will Wheaton

ancoranonhocapito said...

At first I thought it was a poem but halfway the first part it lost all its incidental music and then it was just another bragging story with very little insight. That would have been a great idea though, a poem. I am sick of the elliptic language, the bad grammar, the bogus interface and the rapper/reality/cocaine stories to skip through on this rather sloppy website, waiting for the real stuff to seep down.

gabthetired said...

If it is say anything and the cabinet movie - it would have been a very Cusack evening. Joan was in both movies and her brother was the lead of the amazing day anything.

Erin said...

Erasure on stage

Nubian princess said...

Ummm... ok. Could this be anymore vague?

Dena said...

In Parenthood (1989) Keanu Reeves says, "You need a license to have a dog, hell you even need a license to fish, but they'll let any butt fucking asshole be a dad." (Or something close) so I'll guess that as the 2nd movie, but don't you even dare say that he was there on a gay date because he is my future husband.

Rosie riveter said...

*disclaimer* critical old person statement coming up:

I hate the way this was written.

Frankie goes said...

Jane's Addiction/Perry Farrell on stage

timebob said...

Jared Leto walked past me in NYC 2 years ago. I bet Himmm could turn it into a thesis.

Bumtitty said...

Not very interesting

Dusty Fairy said...

I love these stories and I’m glad Enty is putting them up.

Brayson87 said...

@Erin, Erasure is my guilty pleasure ;)

Kno Won said...

Ben Mank was my first thought.

I can’t even imagine who’d have been shocked by corsetry & whatnot in 1989. That part’s pretty odd,

Kno Won said...

In 50 parts.
I once saw Ursula Andress walking around Rome at midnight, carrying an armful of white roses and accompanied by a luscious toy boy.
I should write a book about it.

Makeupbylizz said...

I agree, sounds more like xtian death the Rozz years.

Makeupbylizz said...

Movie is Parenthood. Need a license to fish but anyone can be a dad.

Makeupbylizz said...

Ah! You beat me to it!

Bettyboo said...

Tony Goldwyn as grandson

Halloweenie said...

Keep em coming. Enty' slice of Hollywood life.

Velvet Voice said...

the guy onstage was wearing this weird
combination straitjacket/corset, lots of femme makeup, and
the performance was very dramatic.

Erasure - I wouldnt call it "dramatic" -
Marilyn Manson
Nine Inch Nails
Jane s addiction

Am I a bxtch for not liking this sugar coated story? ... Sounds SOOO IRREAL ..

Southern Man said...

I walked right by Alan Alda once. We were right in front of Carnegie Hall. He's very tall.
Can I submit this as an item??

mkent327 said...

The band sounds like it could be The Cure, of which were extremely popular during the time listed in the BI.

SteveD said...

You can't just give it away, Southern Man.

This alliterative former A-lister, who had a TV show that everyone watched back in the day, and has a "sensitive" reputation, didn't seem to care who saw that he was well-above average height, while in front of that hall that shares a name with the nearby deli that you all know.

Court b said...

Nope, 89, boy George maybe

Court b said...


Scandi Sanskrit said...

HE Only had one thing released in 1989 and it was “Baryshnikov Dances Sinatra” (not a horror).

Southern Man said...

@SteveD haha- perf


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