Tuesday, April 03, 2018

Blind Item #8 - Bigotry - A Reader Blind Item

You might recall a few years ago, as the Supreme Court prepared to make its historic decision on gay marriage, a quartet of ungrateful whiners, who had grown up with gay parents, wrote briefs and were flaunted by anti-marriage equality advocates who did not want gay marriage to be the law of the land. One of the people in the quartet, a bona fide nutjob, founded a sham children's rights group with an important-sounding name. All members of this quartet joined this international institute, and several other members from around the world, basically a laundry list of anti-gay activists, joined the group as members of its various councils. While the group tried to bill itself as non-partisan, educational, and secular, the institute's job was basically to harass and spread lies about gay parents using junk science.

Aforementioned nutjob would eventually be fired from his cushy professor job for trying to force his students to attend the group's first meeting, and is now slowly sinking into irrelevance. Another crackpot from the group, who had several pseudonyms and an anti-trans flair, seems to have disappeared completely. So why did the group mysteriously shut down after about two years? Why did many of the group's most prolific writers and speakers freeze their social media accounts at about the same time the group disappeared? And why do those who were on the group's councils or published articles defending the nutjob when he lost his teaching position want to erase any association with the group or the nutjob, and refuse to talk about it?

 What happened was one of the group's more fame-hungry members (who seems to be the only one still friends with the nutjob) went on several high-profile trips to two island nations that were mulling gay marriage, in an attempt to sway the politics there. American tax-exempt entities are forbidden from trying to influence foreign campaigns and elections, and the penalties can be steep. This bigot would also get banned from one of the countries for illegally taking part in a political rally. While she started her own group that basically does the same thing as the group that disappeared, she, like many other members of the former group, keep their association with the quietly shuttered institution off their bios and refuse to talk about it.   


AvignonVagabond said...


Tricia13 said...

Children’s Rights Council/David Levy?

Sunspirit said...

I can’t be the only one thinking WHAT?!

Brayson87 said...

Ward Churchill

Terry Teratoma said...

Um, OK... is there more to this, or...?

.robert said...

This is an awful blind item.

Dusty said...

Orson Scott Card for the professor?

Brayson87 said...

Rachel Dolezal

Sign Name Below said...

Plot wrote a blind?

A dumb idiot said...

I'm guessing Katy Faust is one of these four, along with Bobby Lopez for the nutjob, Institute is International Children's Rights Institute.

A dumb idiot said...

Katy Faust's new org is Them Before Us.

Tricia13 said...


Guesser said...

@Sign,thought the same.πŸ˜‚ I thought the point of reader blinds was that the writer is somehow involved?

Brayson87 said...

Leonard Jeffries

Sign Name Below said...


Brayson87 said...

Steven Salaita

Unknown said...

Reader Blind Item, or Reader Ax Grind?

Whatever the group is, sounds like a honeypot.


I will never write a blind.
I will just spill dirt in comments.

Phelps said...

We're taking blinds from plot now?

plot said...

Nope not me.

Excellent BI though. Katy Faust went to Australia to try to fight their marriage equality laws. She writes for The Federalist which is ironic since on every other position that rag tends to bellow "State's Rights!" except when it concerns minorities or sexual equality. Then they turn on a dime and demand the whole world conform to the white, straight, superior narrative.

Christians are now spreading the hate of those gays in Africa and support the massacres of gay people in Uganda and Nigeria.

Exactly like Jesus, right?

Rosie riveter said...

Jesus, who are these people and who cares? Where's the fucking gong when you need it?
Welp, guys, looks like it's a wrap for reader blinds...

Brayson87 said...

What's funny is that if Trump is removed from office then new president Pence will go after gay marriage again. Think about that when the impeachment hearings start.

Mike Pence’s Beliefs Are Clear: Same-Sex Marriage Leads To ‘Societal Collapse’

Unknown said...

ATLAH world missionary church?

Unknown said...

Sarah Palin

Shawny said...

Pence can’t touch ss marriage. But it’s fine if he wants to waste all his time and money and resources, as well as the time and money and resources of other bigots, in a lost cause.

Sd Auntie said...

Who cares!

plot said...


You DO know that gay marriage is now a Constitutional right? That there is nothing Pence can do about that fact except support localized efforts, funded by Koch Brother money, that end up wasting time and money for no new result. Pence is not about the laws of the land.

Like anti-abortion efforts, anti-gay marriage is an empty totem of the GOP to curry votes. The cynical mercenaries of the GOP don't even care about abortion or gay marriage. But they will pretend to for their voters.

Guess who else funnels tons of money into international anti-LGBT movements? Vlad. Nice bedfellows.

plot said...

Not *above* the laws of the land.

tinydancer61 said...

I'm with @ rosie

Whatever said...

The reader blinds are usually pretty bad, but this one is really stupid. It's not even really a blind, so WTF is the point?

Natasha21 said...

It sounds interesting but how many of these people are actually famous? They might be famous to some people who are political junkies , but not to everyone. There are very few "opinion" people who are more known than others. Milo Yanowatshisfaceolus, The jewsish nerd (Shapiro), Ann Coulter, Rush Limbaugh. Theres that Jordan Peterson guy from Canada. And theres the nutcases from Blaze: The guy who used to own VICE( Gavin something?)
Anyway if these people are more famous to the public- we need more clues as to who they are.
If not, this is a blind for certain people.

plot said...

Reality show blinds are very certain people as well. I sure as shit don't know anyone from those blinds but I don't bitch about them either.

Brayson87 said...

@Plot, I know the difference between a man that believes in God and a man who believes God works through him and to not roll the dice with the latter.
Funny I didn't hear about that amendment being passed, oh wait that was a Supreme Court ruling, well those never get reversed. That one vote margin on the case was fine, 85 year old RBG and 81 year old Anthony Kennedy should make it until the next democrat is elected president, no chance of a 6-3 conservative majority on the court.
I'm not saying the frying pan doesn't suck, but don't forget the fire.

plot said...

The application for gay marriage for the 14th Amendment has withstood every court challenge to date. No court has ruled that gay marriage in any way infringes on the rights of others while it clearly is applicable to the 14th.

It's not only been supported by Constitutional judges but others that were appointed as conservatives by the Bushes. Judges with a more libertarian bent seem to favor it along with favoring the practices of Big Corp monopolies - so this crosses quite a spectrum of political views.

First the SCOTUS will have to find grounds for reviewing the decision...after anti-gay marriage folks spend years fighting the whole battle again from the ground up where it will probably founder repeatedly AGAIN. The SCOTUS very rarely reviews a prior decision and will have to give good reason for the review, not based on a whim, but a Constitutional reason that gay people should not be given the same rights as others. Since the anti people have tried, and failed constantly, to prove that gay marriage effects anything about their lives, their marriage, their families and their rights, then it's very likely that SCOTUS will refuse to hear a new case, no matter who sits on that bench.

just sayin' said...

If anyone is wondering who's more to blame for the constant contention on cdan, Plot or his/her detractors, this blind sets the record straight. Not one comment from Plot and people start dragging on him/her.

Sign Name Below said...

@just sayin'
I am not sure this blinds proves what you suggest. I am the one who made the Plot comment, and the only one btw. Sure it was low-hanging fruit but I was pretty sure it would give people chuckles and it did. No one said anything mean about Plot and neither did I. In my family, we tease each other all the time. So consider it good-natured ribbing.


Oh man
Everyone read "Hamlet's Father" by Orson Scott Card. It's short.
A work entirely devoid of subtext!

MichiganMama59 said...

Gay marriage is the best thing that ever happened to divorce lawyers.

I don't know why anyone is forced to get marriage license.

Shawny said...

It made me laugh. And I side with Plot. All the way.

Guesser said...

@Melvin,got anymore funny gross blinds? Short,funny,direct involvement with reader and celebrity. @ just sayin' on the contrary @plot showed what she always does,leave a comment that tries to incite people and change the narrative. @plot,I agree it is unlikely that gay marriage would be overturned,it was made constitutional by a conservative court for a legitimate reason,not because the court was stacked in it's favor.

plot said...

@just sayin'

Darlin' you are the CATS! I didn't really care when my name came up, except for being a little embarrassed (cuz gosh darn it, it could have been me! Right up my alley and all.)

I will defend this BI though, since it shows exactly why the original anti-gay marriage group, with such strong supporters, was shut down. That's some very interesting info! Will be socking that away for later.

AvignonVagabond said...

Yeah certain posters like to run their mouth and act offended when they get a clap-back!

Kno Won said...

But......that didn’t happen here.
There was a discussion of SCOTUS rulings, but no one attacked or clapped back.
It’s called adulting.

Sign Name Below said...

See? @Plot sees why I made that dumb joke and I hope Plot laughed a bit because really, it COULD have been Plot even if it wasn't, right @Plot? Right guys?



plot said...

No denying it, Sign Name Below, it really could have been me.

Unfortch, I have no idea how to pass on a BI to Enty, since I do not Facebook.

IanPhlegming said...

"A speech of Orson Scott Card on his views of homosexuality: Homosexuals aren't born homosexual, and that there is often an underlying history of sexual abuse."


Tricia13 said...

πŸ˜‚can’t expect Dereck to know anything about that . Well sooner see unicorns and leprechauns in office.
Or ET. He’ll use the Red Presidential bat-phone to “phone home”, of course.

secondskin said...

Is this blind a joke? What is it doing on here? It's not gossip, it's an excuse to virtue-signal.

Nubian princess said...

Yes!! Best comment today!

Boldblonde said...

A headache to read.

Nubian princess said...

Can't believe I'm going to type this....Plot is spot on correct.

Nubian princess said...

I dragged him on another post too. But, it was also in good fun. Lighten up guys! Not everything is an attack. Yikes!

Furious-Pussy said...

This was one of my favourite reader blinds!!!! I was surprised that so many commenters dissed the contribution. I personally feel that reader blind items deserve support and so does content that is beyond our own heteronormative experiences.

Unknown said...

This just spend like someone bitching about something they don't agree with. Makes for a very boring blind!

orangesoda said...

Damn, I wish I had Dave Chapelle's 'Wrap it Up' box for this one. Not a blind, not interesting either. I guess it's my own fault that I kept on reading but I genuinely thought *something* was going to happen.
Nothing happened.

Lucretia said...

I think you guys totally miss the point of gay rights and trans ideology.

It Marxist ideology, therefore communist.

The LGBT was created by pedophiles and is funded by pedophiles, George Soros especially.

Marxist ideology demand that parents have no rights, that children belong to the state.

It also denies the basic reality of sex and science.

It also says that children are sexual from newborn. See experiments by that freak that is seen as a revolutionary sex scientist.
He had pedophiles molest children and babies, and reported their response as sexual pleasure.

Hugh Hephner carried on his work on breaking down society through sexual obsession and perversion.

Both CIA agents.

Now the idea that raping a baby is OK, comes from the Tulmud and Torah.
Look it up.
Jews are permitted to rape girls from new born to nine years, and boys from 3 years to nine years.

Studies show that most homosexual men have been abused as a minor, they have been groomed.
In one set of interviews, many admitted to abusing minors, proudly too.

The New World Order is based on placing homosexuals and pedophiles in power.

This way, they can't tell on each other, they can't back out, because of pedo evidence and blood oaths to various cults. They cover for each other, always, they have sworn to it.

Lucretia said...

Now women are a problem, because most don't like to have their children raped.

So the NWO is simply replacing women with men in dresses, trans, pedos.

Sex reassignment surgery was first invented by a pedo psychiatrist and pedo surgeons in Australia.

The twins they experimented on have since suicides.

Their is no such thing as trans.
Their is a mental illness called Gender Identity Disorder or Gender Dysphoria.

Its in the same class of mental illness as anorexia.

Now, you don't fix anorexia with liposuction.

You can't fix gender identity disorder with surgery and hormones.

Their is a sexual fetish called autogynophillia, sexual arousal over women's things and the idea of being a woman.

These men are often misdiagnosed as GID.

Men that have GID and don't transition have a 20% suicide rate.
Men that do transition have a 47% suicide rate.

95% of children with GID accept their born sex before adulthood.

Hormone blockers damage cognitive development and growth.

But, Hey. It keeps kids prepubusent for longer, making them more appealing to pedos, so they can be trafficked longer and the pedos traffickers make more money.

Transitioning anyone is medical mutilation.

Homosexuality is also part of the New World Orders depopulation plan.

Homosexual marriage is not for homo's to get married, but to destroy the institution of marriage, and stop hetros marrying.
This has been admitted by various LGBT.

When you destroy marriages, its easier for Pedo's to get to the children.

The term anal sex and putting sodomy in porn is part of the Judaic/New World Order crap.


Because sodomy, anal rape, is considered the most effective means of mind control available.

Part of MKULTRA.

In occult terms, sodomising someone introduced demons into their body and gives the rapist some of their life force.

At the higher levels of Freemasonry is sodomising each other and raping and killing children.


Which they learned from Babylonian Occult Talmudic something or other.


The Jews learnt it from the Egyptian Royal families.

Ritual satanic abuse/MKULTRA, same thing, except the Jews/Nazis and Americans turned it into a science, giving birth to the OSS, which became the CIA.

Homosexuality and pedophillia is part of skull and bones, Bohemian Grove, Rhodes scholarships,parts of the military, police, law etc and the higher levels of many religions.

Billy Graham was a major CIA pedo.

So, homosexuality is not good for society.

Homosexuality and sodomy is being pushed on society as a means of mind control, social break down and depopulation.

Do some research on this topic.

I have.

Most of our world leaders and their governments are pedophiles.

In Australia, child services is the national pedo ring, run by the governor general.

Our premier's and prime ministers receive money from child services.

Money from trafficking the children to pedophiles and Lucifarians.

Its much the same in all western nations.

Children are shared internationally.

Police, military, hospitals, doctors, nurses, teachers and charities are essential to ensure the trafficking and MKULTRA program works well.

And it does.

You don't get a powerful position, unless you are already compromised, part of the club.

And we are being given over to the UN.

By the way, the UN demands that pedophillia and trans be made LEGAL and acceptable in all nations.

Trans and gender identity training in schools is simply grooming, sexuslising the children, from preschool onward.

It also.means that if a child talks about being abused, the abuser can say they got the idea from gender classes.

Sweet, as Good as the CIA False Memory Syndrome, that they use to cover up MKULTRA ritual satanic abuse.

They upgraded that to alien abduction.


I don't care how much these last two posts offend you
Get to know them

just sayin' said...

My comment was misunderstood (or poorly worded) but it resulted in a lot of kumbaya so that's better than I hoped for. I wasn't talking about the subject matter of the blind, but rather the commenting, in which sign name below brought up plot's name out of the blue. I saw it as trying to start something, so I apologize, s n b. All's good, I hope we can keep up a sense of humor about each other rather than feel threatened. We're all a bunch of nuts, no? xox Love you all.

plot said...

"I think you guys totally miss the point of gay rights and trans ideology.

It Marxist ideology, therefore communist"

Nope, but thanks for playing at assumptions there.

"I don't care how much these last two posts offend you
Get to know them"

Is that an order? Kiss my white ass, then.

@just sayin'

"We're all a bunch of nuts, no? xox Love you all."

So true and I'm so glad there is a peacemaker like you around. I need barometers in my life. Love back atcha.

Bitterella said...


The influx of nut jobs since this site returned to blogger is hard to believe. Especially all those who read a Hollywood gossip site and comment within minutes of each post (sitting around all day waiting?) and decry the lack of morals of these Hollywood creeps. If you don't like turds, then stay out of the sewer. And don't be under the illusion that sexual assault and harassment or pedophilia is limited to Los Angeles--these things happen in every industry and in the suburbs, in small towns, and in the back woods as well. And it isn't just liberals, either. Why just yesterday an anti-gay pastor in Tennessee was busted for having underage children sit on his face in their undies.

I usually just skim and skip the crazy commentary, but the hilarious hullabaloo that Lucretia spouted is particularly whacky and makes one wonder if she's also a flat Earther. Sugar, I've been Queer since day one and I am just as boring and vanilla and run of the mill as cotton flannel. I've been involved with LGBTQ rights groups for decades and the "agenda" has been dominated by trying to get drugs when our friends were dying of AIDS and trying to make sure we don't get beat up or fired for just being who we are. Marriage Equality came as a total surprise, honestly.

But if I'm wrong, you oughta be careful because the "Babylonian Occult Talmudic" is coming for you!

Original Unknown skeptic said...

Someone ☝️Forgot to take their meds πŸ™„.


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