Thursday, April 05, 2018

Blind Items Revealed #2

March 29, 2018

This former stripper turned celebrity turned reality star turned escort has not been giving a cut of her escorting business to a relative who has been basically stalking her to get the money owed.

Blac Chyna


Brayson87 said...

Mothers are the worst pimps.

Boldblonde said...

The apple didn’t fall far from the tree, in her case.

urban chaos said...

While we all knew this I wonder how she owes her mom money? Unless her mom thinks she’s PMK and wants a cut of her earnings I don’t see how her mom would have $$ to give her..

Unknown said...

I wish everyone would stop talking about her.

Thursday November said...

Angie really screwed up the good deal she had. In a year she'll be doing stip club tours, blowing guys in the back for $5.

FancyFel said...

I see your point but I can't ignore that she played the Kardashians at their own game of manipulating men. She has been separating men from their money her whole life.
Yes she gets in her own way but she's the Tom Brady of this game and we won't see the end of her any time soon.

hunter said...

"can't ignore that she played the Kardashians at their own game"

I beg to disagree, she was way too short-sighted and could still be living in the lap of luxury in a Kardashian household with all the trappings of reality stardom and STILL pimping herself out (for higher prices) to interested parties. I think she really shot herself in the foot because she probably couldn't help it.

Hanniam said...

+1 @hunter

Hers seems to be a game less planned and more about volume (both quantity and auditory).

FancyFel said...

It's a fair point to say that It may be short sighted.
But the long-term strategy approach DOES NOT have precedent in this family. No significant-other of a sibling has survived with out being disadvantaged.
BC is taking the conservative approach, she used Rob for a quick flip renovation to her bank account and is keeping the pimping premium in her own blood family.
My guess is that BC found out early via Rob confirmed facts that there is no real wealth and only rented car 'gifts' that make the rounds in the circle so she planned her grab and dash.
Obviously, I'm here to coach BC on her future next steps as needed.

Andi said...

the CarTrashians beat Parisite at her own game.

Angie did have them cornered for a little bit with Rob & the baby & the reality show & trademarking Angela CarTrashian, etc. But, she showed herself for the ghetto trash hooker she is.

She's going to be blowing guys at truckstops for $5 in a year.

zerooptions said...

Is that why she blew up at six flags?


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