Friday, April 06, 2018

Blind Items Revealed #3

March 31, 2018

This one named rapper with a spelling problem almost killed his soon to be ex because she exposed his hookup with another woman which he immediately caught a lot of grief over.



Brayson87 said...

Who TF is this? Never heard of this person before.

tinydancer61 said...

+1 Brayson!



T. W. said...

A video of him threatening her appeared online a few days ago.

Fabulous is a rapper & actor. His first album came out in 2001.


More Than Love - Amerie ft. Fabolous:


Was the "woman" a woman?

IanPhlegming said...

Is this a joke? A parody person? I've never heard of him.

The increased focus on rappers and rockers on CDAN another interesting shift in content. I don't mind it one way or the other, but a lot of these people seem like fringe flash in the pan soul-selling nobodies whose time in the spotlight will emulate the tsetse fly.

Sd Auntie said... a good song.

longtimereader said...

Hip-hop acts dominate the charts and youth culture, sorry if you haven't heard of them but they are clearly currently 'famous' so come under the CDAN remit.

sandybrook said...

What shift in content?

sandybrook said...

Oh maybe a shift from conspiracy theories and THE CHURCH amirite? Unfortunately that shift to that shit is the shift in content here not the shift to entertainers, rappers, rockers, actors and actresses.

Sd Auntie said...

You said it Sandybrook! I love rapper blinds . Go hang out on CMT

Brayson87 said...

Lets see:
It's not right that Enty cherry picks every has been or obscure rapper to try to depict a talented and creative rap community as nothing more than beaters, cheaters, money launderers and closet cases. I think Fox News has that covered. It's a disservice to a vibrant and very relevant music genre.
If we wanted to know about aspiring rappers in legal trouble we'd just watch the local news.
I miss the McDonald's Shamrock Shake, as good as the Eggnog Shake, they should have it year round.
It's Pizza Friday y'all! :)

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Unknown said...

And the fact that these people don’t know who Fabolous is, a rapper who was extremely popular in the 2000s is mind boggling. What planet do they live on?

Poor Mick said...

100%, Charisma. I refuse to believe someone with "87" in their username doesn't know who Fabolous is; forgetting who he is, sure, since "Breathe" was 2004, but that song was enormous.

If there's one thing to be said about rap, it's that there's no real second-string working hustle for anyone who's past their prime like there is in rock. Outside of maybe Rock the Bells, the "casino circuit and reunion tour" options for people who were world-beating legends in their time is, like, Gathering of the Juggalos and that's it. Not a lot of long-term dividends in an industry that demands either a dynasty of the flavor of the week; hope there's more people working on that.

Anyway! Oh well, not the first rapper to turn out to have some personal issues. Sounds like he's running about middle of the pack.


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