Friday, April 06, 2018

Blind Items Revealed #4

March 31, 2018

As I predicted, it took just a few days for this aging permanent A list musician to have three women he is rotating between while his "significant other" is across the country doing her thing. He knows when she comes back, she won't care he has been with other women so he is not really even trying to hide it.

David Foster/Katharine McPhee


sandybrook said...

The wonders of Viagra a 68 yr old juggling three women while cheating on a fourth.

T. W. said...

She doesn't care as long as she gets paid. She'll be the death of him if he ain't careful.

Freckles said...

And none of them want a thing from him, it's his wonderful personality. I want another l

SteveD said...

I'm sure she's grateful that the other women are lessening the times she has to service him herself.

Rosie riveter said...

How can that old dude get it up for multiple women

Brayson87 said...

Adderall plus viagra, keeps him awake, keeps him hard.

Gator said...

She's a user, why would she care?

TimC said...

never saw the point in those two together. he's had a great and accomplished career and she's just starting. there's really nothing he can do for her, completely different eras in music like talking in two different languages. why?

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Robin said...

I guess when your energy isn’t spent on actual music, your energy goes elsewhere... but geez... ya’d think the septuagenarian could find another hobby other than being a player. Ego ego, ego.


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