Monday, April 15, 2019

Blind Items Revealed #1

April 7, 2019

The alliterate talk show host is ready to finally fire her husband, but will she have support of the studio? That is the question.

Wendy Williams


Brayson87 said...

Well unless her sleazy ex is going to start banging replacement hosts RuPaul or Jerry O'Connell I'd imagine so.

Substance D said...

They don't need Ru Paul.

Vita said...

Wendy was finally talking/joking about divorce today...a few months later than expected, but seems to be pretty strong about it. Also, made a funny crack about being happy her days of changing diapers are over, giggled quietly, then took a drag and gave flick of imaginary cigarette.

Randaleese said...

Ahhhh!! Wendy got some lovin!!

JL said...

Network suits always underestimate the fans. Now that she is single and ready to mingle, the fans are more supportive than ever. It would be a mistake to replace her. No one does what she does. Look at the disaster than is Strahan and Sara. Suits dreamed that mess up. Just get her a Gelman.

Thursday November said...

She was stupid enough to give him a producer title on her show, and president of her production company, even though it's in name only she will either need to pay him off or dissolve the companies & re-name her show to get rid of him.

Bloggybutt said...

Nah, she can fire him pretty easily. She'll probably pay him off though or maybe the studio will to get rid of him.

Bristol said...

Finally found her first husbands name! Bert Girigorie.

Unknown said...

you finally found her first husbands name? He just did an interview with Radar online last month.

I wonder if Wendy ever filed police reports of any of the abuse because it would seem to me if she had it documented that should mean something in court when dividing up assets. God forgive you have to pay huge sums of money to your abuser.

Mischief Girl said...

Is Wendy's show that huge of a hit? With the amount of press surrounding this woman the last few months, you'd think she was supposed to be Oprah's successor.

Or is Wendy this universally beloved?

I just don't get the daily speculation and commentary about her. Is she really that big a star?

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