Friday, June 28, 2019

Blind Item #9

By my count, there are at least four A listers who contributed to the serial woman beating A lister's record. This is in addition to the two other A listers who made a music video with him.They say they care about women, but this doesn't really show it. They also know that the media is too scared to ever ask them about it because all those reporters just want backstage passes and to feel cool rather than holding their feet to the fire and making them justify their actions.

1. Foreign born former A+ list tweener
2. Foreign born former A list female rapper
3. Foreign born A+ list singer/rapper
4. Former A+ list rapper who makes a lot of kids and a lot of music.
5. A/A- list reality star from a reality family.
6. Foreign born A+ list singer.


Brayson87 said...

Let the shitbag listing begin!

L said...

Chris Brown and some women

Moose said...

1. Biebs
2. Nikki
3. Drake

sandybrook said...

50 cent
Celine Dion?

Natalie said...

I didnt know rappers could sing
chief keef
Celine dion haha

Natalie said...

@ sandybrook I said celine too.

Moose said...

5 is a Kardashian
4 is Fetty Wap

Moose said...

Part of the line up on Chris Brown's new CD, "Indigo"

The 30-year-old entertainer began teasing the effort back in late 2017, after the release of his 45-track album, Heartbreak on a Full Moon. Since then, Brown has dropped a number of tracks off the star-studded album, such as “Don’t Check on Me” featuring Justin Bieber and INK, “Wobble Up” with Nicki Minaj and G-Eazy, and “No Guidance” featuring Drake.

Indigo is a double-disc album that spans 32 tracks, including three bonus cuts. Other guests artists are Lil Wayne, Gunna, Tory Lanez, Trey Songz, and Tyga.

Moose said...

1. Biebs
2. Nikki
3. Drake
4. Lil Wayne

taurus1987 said...
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sandybrook said...

Very good Natalie! 💆👏

Moose said...

5 is Kendall Jenner, who is in Brown's "Crazy Days and Nights" video.

MontanaMarriott said...

6> Dua Lipa or Jessie J?

MDAnderson said...

6. Tory Lanez??

gauloise said...

4. Snoop? They collabed in 2017

Hanniam said...

How the hell does he get so many collaborators when his reputation is permanently tarred and he’s struggling so hard to stay relevant?

MDAnderson said...

I wonder if ed Sheeran contributed?

Brayson87 said...

@Hanniam, R Kelly pissed on a minor, everyone knew it, and still he managed to have a career.

J said...

Although individual rappers set fine examples for the rest of us, it's what they achieve working together which really becomes marvelous.

Like when Feminist Beyonce's husband collaborates with famous gynophile Too $hort.

AmesR09 said...

Chris Brown and his harem of equally narcissistic abusers.

Sd Auntie said...

future for the one with lots of kids.

Sd Auntie said...

weekend for fb singet

DavidHowesCREBroker said...

All of them!
Whoever they are.

Just so you all know, Today is our (me & spouse's) 34th Wedding Anniversary!

I can honestly say, that the thought of beating, harassing or invalidating my spouse has never crossed my mind.

If it ever did, she'd have divorce me years ago. I am so, so lucky!

Guys who think treating a woman badly is the way to go are idiots.

(Thanks for letting me get that off my chest.)

@DavidAHowes on Twitter.

HushHush said...

David you are a gentleman, and congrats on the anniversary. Being in Vegas your dinner options are unlimited, enjoy!

sandybrook said...

Happy Anniversary and Mazel David

Krissie said...

surprised Bieber didn't get more backlash over that Chris Brown MJ/Tupac comparison...that was pretty abysmal

Yaccub said...

Diddy, Mariah, Cassie are somewhere in there

A.Claire said...

A bunch of garbage people.

Anonymous said...

David: what a gentleman. Bravo. you gotta a younger brother?? ;)

HouellebecqGurl said...

Lil Wayne
Kendull Jenner
The Weeknd

MissDe said...

2. Nikki 3. Drake 4.future 6.weekend

April said...

Ed Sheeran for 6.

Regina said...

shame on all of them this is like, not as bad obviously, but reminds me of R.Kelly. People knew his dark secrete and still made music with him then acted like what?? we didn't know, when it all came to light for the second time. I always wondered why Chris Brown is still in the industry after everything he has done to women and why people, especially women, would ever make music with him again! Hollywood is so disgusting


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