Sunday, July 07, 2019

Blind Item #6 - Jeffrey Epstein Revisited

This is from November 3, 2017

Apparently when you start publicly writing about things, then more documents appear and more people start talking.

#1 - The Island - Yes, there is diplomatic immunity, BUT this foreign born former A+ list royal had to get special permission earlier this year to visit the US. The government couldn't say no when asked, but did make it clear they wanted the royal to cancel his travel plans. Apparently during the Island investigation, a recording came to light from about a decade ago during a visit to Washington DC where the royal was overheard having sex with a 15 year old girl. It was a recording that was not listened to live, but later. No one really knew the recording existed until questions were asked about the island. Apparently the owner of the island provided the teen in question.

#2 - A reporter needs your help. They know you will figure out the name in this blind and hopefully you will know something that will help bring this celebrity down. They are A+ list at what they do. If you turn on this cable network, you will feel they are on almost all of the 24 hours in the day. Of course if you manage to watch him for longer than five minutes, you must have it on mute or have lost your remote control. According to a very close family member, this host/celebrity has raped multiple young boys. He is paying people off and many of the boys he has raped have been family members so it is a very closely held secret. The reporter is afraid everyone will be bought off before he can be exposed. So, send me tips to send to the reporter.

#3 - The Island - Apparently this permanent A+ list celebrity had a don't ask don't tell policy. He wouldn't ask the women how old they were and he didn't want them to tell. He would also request that during flights to be blindfolded and according to one of the girls interviewed he said he could guess what nationality a girl was by the way they pleasured him orally. He insisted on playing the game every single time he flew to the island.

#4 - The Island - That A list mostly movie actor who is having so many issues right now has another big one staring him in the face. Apparently the owner of the island made special arrangements one time for a trip not to the island but to a different country where our actor raped a dozen boys in one of the poorest countries in the world. Oh, and get this. The actor bragged about the money he paid to the parents and said he claimed it as a tax deduction.

#5 - The Island - That A list director was getting bombarded by young men he molested threatening him and he has gone into hiding and shut down his social media accounts. 


sandybrook said...

4 Spacey
5 Singer
If a reporter wants help for #2 pay me and I'll help I'm not charitable

sandybrook said...

Q1 Prince Andrew

sandybrook said...

3-Peter Townshend or Jimmy Page?

MDAnderson said...

2. Andy Cohen
3. Clinton or Epstein lawyer Alan Dershowitz

The Phantom said...

Old news

1/ Prince Andrew
2/ Sean Hannity
3/Bill Clinton
4/ Kevin spacey
5/ Bryan Singer

Spider Rico said...

Prince Andrew
Possibly Hanks (so many choices though)

cheesegrater15 said...

1. Prunce Andrew

2. Bill O'Reilly lol kidding

3. The tangerine shitblimp

4. Spacey

5. Singer?

Post Cards From The Edge said...

Guy ferrari

MDAnderson said...

2. Change to Guy Fieri. Didn’t see the the assaulting of boys in the family.

molly said...

Complete list of names in Jeffrey Epstein's little black book. You will be surprised as to who is and is not in it.

Unknown said...


Guesser said...

The don't ask,don't tell comment is referring to the President Clinton gays in the military policy,and the oral is part of his history.

Freebird said...


Post Cards From The Edge said...

Kevin spacey is just fucking evil.

J said...

3. One of the Clintons.

Mango said...

@ molly - Interesting link! I stopped at the C’s - neither Clooney or the Clinton’s are on it,. I wonder how old that list is. One person was listed as having a beeper. Does anyone still use those?

cheesegrater15 said...

It's pretty old. Michael Jackson and Tara Palmer-Thompkinson are on it. Clinton's assistant is listed. Dipshit isn't listed, but Ivana and Ivanka are.

Thia said...

@Mango - oddly, way more than you think. I had one for work as late as 2015.

hhstarr said...

Clinton isnt on it but his advisor, Bands, Is, and it lists him as under Clinton (and this is old). Bands was in the middle of the Clinton Foundation stuff. On the flip side, it doesnt list Trump but has someone from his organization as well as his ex and daughter.

Samantha the 1st said...

Guy Fieri makes me sick anyway. His hair is greasier than the food he shoves in whole at those diners. If it's him, that network better help authorities.

Thia said...

#2 - Anderson Cooper. He's on CNN for what seems like 24/7.

MJ said...

3 Alan Dershowitz

Miss Teak said...

Shit’s getting juicy!! For #2 I’m going with “not Andy Cohen” even though he fits the description. But he’s not into boys. I’ve got no other ideas though I like Sean Hannity.
The black book gets props for being uploaded in the Futura font. But it’s old- Ashley and Alegra Hicks (siblings) haven’t lived under the same roof in decades. Neither have the von Furstenburgs. But damn- it’s a real who’s-who of the last 30 years.
The only outcomes I’m really anxious to see are justice being served to Epstein’s victims and for Alan Dershowitz to go down.

Mango said...

@ cheese - thanks!

@ Thia - I know hospitals still use them, but other than that I haven’t had a beeper sighting in years.

Miss Teak said...

Edit: I like Sean Hannity as a guess, not as a person


4 is Spacey in Uganda
also present: Epstein, Bill Clinton, Chris Tucker

UnicornsRReal said...

Pres Clinton is all over that flight manifest as was Dershowitz and even Prince Andrew landing at a royal air force base near Sandringham. Insane.

Aquagirl said...

@Mango: I have a friend who has a side gig selling beepers. Most of his customers are doctors, small companies, and people who live in areas where they have sketchy cell phone service. When he said he was going to do it, I thought the same thing as you did (I figured maybe drug dealers might still use them), but he’s been doing it for around 5 years & it’s created a good cash flow so that he’s able to cover all of his basic monthly expenses—rent, utilities, etc.,—from this business which only takes maybe 10-12 hours per week. His f/t job pays quite well, so he invests much of that money. It’s really put him in an excellent financial position. Who knew?

Lucky13 said...

#2 has to be Hannity

Would Trump have been a perm A+ celebrity when this was first posted? He's a close Epstein friend (once claiming him to be one of the best guys he's ever known), and Trump's known for decades of sexual assault and bragging about ogling nude teen girls backstage at pageants he hosted (among other things, including several public comments over the decades surrounding his desire to have sex with Ivanka since her own childhood).

tessy2013 said...

Prince Harry

hunter said...

I also got a massive Andy Cohen vibe from #2.

Anderson Cooper is definitely A+ list, I would be quite shocked if this were him. What about someone like James Corden?

The part about how you can't watch for more than five mins without mute makes me wonder about his voice and the only weird voice person is that sweet roly-poly guy from the entertainment news, the intern - ROSS Matthews, I don't see him for this either.

Tink said...

Shepherd Smith for #2

Mrs Libnish said...

Lucky 13 - you are fucking delusional. Sauce that or GTFO.

I like Phantom for the guesses with Hannity as the reporter.

+1 to Guesser for the add'l info on the Clinton guess.

John F. Jensen said...

#1 Prince Andrew
#4 Spacey
#5 Singer

Those 3 are a lock.

#2 I see Hannity mentioned. I'm a pretty good judge of character, but hannity would shock the **** out of me! Anderson Cooper is 100% a flipping weirdo...

#3 No clue whatsover.

Samantha the 1st said...

I can't see Coops as an abuser.

Bleu said...

Only TDS could make you miss the Don't Ask Don't Tell Blowjob President clues.

Guesser said...

I never would have guessed Guy Fieri, but the clues fit. They show marathons of his Food Network shows,he hosts at least 3. His sister died,and her ex accused him of improper conduct with their child. He was never charged,and I don't know how the custody ended up. A lot of rumors followed, but again not charged.

Post Cards From The Edge said...

Guesser....that was the main guess from a blind last year almost exactly worded. Even the request for information. Said he was furiously paying off victims.

Samantha the 1st said...

Guesser - I didn't know any of those allegations about Fieri's family. That sickens me because I remember one season of D D & D where he traveled with his son. I remember wondering why he was suddenly traveling and doing the show with his son, who appeared 10 or 11 at the time. The son had no real role to play in the show. It was weird. That's around the time I quit watching it. Something seemed off.

notthisagain said...

other names on there:

alec baldwin
andre balazs
tony blair
michael bloomberg
richard branson
edgar bronfman jr
jimmy buffett
candice bushnell
naomi campbell
janice dickinson
minnie driver
duchess of york & duke of york
griffin dunne
the ferragamo family
ralph fiennes
the forbes family
the forte family
the getty family
the guggenheim family
the heineken family
george hamilton
lady victoria harvey
dustin hoffman
liz hurley
robert hurst
michael jackson
mick jagger
the cuomo family
the kennedy family
the massimo family
david koch
doug liman
courtney love
rupert murdoch
christina oxenberg
carole radziwill
joan & melissa rivers
the ronson family
the rothchild family
bobby & maria shriver
the trump family
chris tucker
christy turlington
bob weinstein

notthisagain said...

1 - prince andrew
2 - guy fieri
3 - bill clinton
4 - kevin spacey
5 - bryan singer

Miss Teak said...

#3- I know we’re supposed to be guessing the perp but who is the reporter? Vicky Ward or Ronan Farrow? Also, not the Coop bc he doesn’t have male relatives who he’s close to. And La Cohen may get turned on by kp when he’s high but he’s not living the full-on pedo lifestyle. And not to open a partisan can of worms here but these kinds of scandals usually involve folks on the right side of the political spectrum. I just, ew, the thought of Shepard Smith’s kewpie doll face molesting a boy is terrible.

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Jne said...

Lawerence o’doneell he’s kinda creepy and mean

Ubervation said...

All the crybaby liberal pussies trying to tie Trump to this - Fucking deranged freaks

Village Guru said...

Why do we never see Rush Limbaugh on these pedo lists? According to all the talk he loves little brown boy butts in Central America.

Unknown said...

Takeaways from scanning the list: He has been at it awhile if the beepers, carphones, etc. are noted. And the people with more than two numbers and an email, look at those people. They REALLY want to be contacted at all times. Car, office, summer house, etc.

HushHush said...

@Notthisagain interesting that the Mossimo family is on that list. Since Lori Lochlin is facing charges for the Varsity Blues university admittance scandal, she might have something to trade on Epstein.

Was watching the Batman movie scene where Heath Ledger 's Joker is having a sitdown with the mob bosses, and points at the Asian money launderer and says "I can always tell a squealer, and that that one, is a squealer!" Great scene.

notthisagain said...


whoops sorry hushhush and everybody, I thought it said mossimo but it actually said massimo dutti

Samantha the 1st said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Samantha the 1st said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Guesser said...

The Tiger returns!

tatty said...

I’m really hoping #2 is that slime ball liar (moo) Hannity,

MichiganMama59 said...

I'm hoping #2 is that slime ball liar Don Lemon

Mahogany1 said...

Steven A.... (hate that guy his voice is the worst) Why do people think he should be watched loudly.

Fifi LaRue said...

Cheese grater: Thank you for Tangerine Shitblimp!!!

Fifi LaRue said...

Ubervation: You can't deny trump is an orange shit blimp. Just take one look at him with your glasses on, not squinting, or looking away. He's fat and full of shit. And his skin is orange.
He is correctly named as Orange Shit Blimp.

Jennacheryl said...

@ Molly can you possibly repost the link? It just keeps bringing me back to the site.
Thank you

Skipperino said...

3 is Donald T, based on testimony that only surfaced briefly before the election before disappearing along with the witness.

Ubervation said...

@ Rabbit - Beep Bop Boop ORANGE MAN BAD

AbbyRock said...

Was this a regularjournal or one of the flight manifest? They're 2 different things.The first is just a list of names sometimes with numbers and sometimes not that Epstein has.

The manifest will say who the person is and where they flew from and where they were going. Not sure what to make about Dershowitz because as Epstein's lawyer, he would have flown on the plane.

The President is in one of the logs. It shows he flew from Daytona Beach to NYC with his son. He is not listed on the manifest going to Little St James.

Saw these during the 2016 election cycle.

Unknown said...

Lucky 13 is borderline retarded.

Same sort of person who completely disregards Hillary Clinton called senior KKK member Robert Byrd, her 'good friend and mentor' !!!

I think most readers with IQ's higher than dishwater can see why all this shite has been coming out since 2016 and not earlier, even though we are speaking of decades of abuse!

Unknown said...

and rabbit clearly isn't borderline anything, just full on judging by that psychic low-rent and utterly primitive comment

molly said...

Cathy O'Brian in Trance:Formation of America, named Robert Byrd as one of the most sadistic of handlers.. ..hard to take sometimes as I am a lifelong democrat.She also stated in that book, that Nashville was on a similar level as hollywood for handlers etc. Did not realize the Jeffrey Epstein book was so old, since I am computer illiterate etc. Have seen more updated versions with Bill Clinton having 21 phone numbers , guess so he could be reached at all times.

molly said...

Link for the Epstein book.

Samantha the 1st said...

People just google "Epstein guest list" you can find the images of the pages.

Veritas said...

Andy Cohen. Bethanny has first hand knowledge and ? Provided the teens. That is why he lets her run over him

Veritas said...

3 has already been exposed as Bill Clinton by the girl

Nonya Bidness said...

Try reading the NY Times, bully - a publication that vets & supports its stories with facts, not rabid namecalling.

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tinydancer61 said...

If Andy Cohen is involved in this, his newborn son should be taken away ASAP. It's not like he's that into being a Dad anyway...seems like the poor child is an accessory for photo ops, much like his dog. God knows what the plan is/was for that poor child as he grows up.

Large Marge said...

Am stumped about #2. The others are easy peasy.

Appearing on a network multiple times a day is def a Food Network thing. "At what they do" is another hint that it may be a foodie.

But Fieri? Damn, I didn't see it. He is pretty obnoxious-esp if you're not a fan-so the clues do seem to point to him. Still... shit.

I hate it when people turn out to suck.

Nail em all, coppers.

Unknown said...

Think re-runs.

Tony L said...

#3 Bill Clinton a pun taken from his don't ask don't tell military policy and Monica oral stuff

#4 Kevin Spacey who else?

#5 A list director - Not a movie director, Jason Miller communications director. This is definitely who he is talking about. Dude is scum


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