Monday, July 08, 2019

Blind Items Revealed #2

June 29, 2019

Of course this permanent A list mostly movie actor sticks up for someone accused of sexual assault. It isn't the first time. I mean just look at the family member or even the mirror.

Ben Affleck/Noah Levine/Casey Affleck


AListDiva said...

It's a shame when u find out the guys u thought were good guys ate actual POS! I hopecthe Affleck's and Matt fade from oblivion soon, but with connections, I doubt it will happen!

LooLooEasy said...

Ben Affleck is so disgusting, and I side-eye anyone who has ever associated with him in any way.

Vita said...

Can anyone spare me looking up noah levine?

adminuser said...

Noah Levine is the founder of Refuge Recovery, a buddhist path to recovery from addiction.

The board of the Refuge Recovery non-profit tried to throw him under the bus after #metoo accusations proved to be unfounded.

Members of the board failed in court in their attempt to force Levine off the board and submitted sworn testimony that there was no proof to the accusations.

Whatever you think of Damon and Affleck, Levine is a person of good intention and integrity.

This attempt to link Levine is just bullshit.

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Vita said...

Thsnks, adminuser

Henriette said...

Affleck has always been a POS. Just watch his dumb interviews and his self-righteous assholery. The smartest thing he ever did was not marry JBlow. I still don't think she ever got over that.

OKay said...

@Vita @adminuser That is so not what happened. The allegations against him were found to be credible.

adminuser said...

@OKay yeah that's why he wrestled control away from the board that tried to oust him. legally. in a civil court. because the accusations were not supported by the facts. but ok, #believeher regardless of actual proof.


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