Monday, July 22, 2019

Blind Items Revealed #3

July 15, 2019

This permanent A++ list politician was interviewed by the FBI on Friday in regards to the wealthy pedophile.

Bill Clinton/Jeffrey Epstein


MyDogSmiles said...

Ruh Roh

YummyBoogers said...

Ahem....I thought Slick Willy Clinton was designated as "A++ Lust" 😉🤣

J said...

Banging groupies on the side is one thing. I mean, the guy's wife was Hillary, so who could blame him?

But Lolita-Expressing, that's something else.

I remember admiring the Clintons so much. I figured Hillary's statistically incredible cattle-futures trading was a one-off small time grift. It sucks to learn how horrible the democratic leadership really is.

As for the republicans, they've obviously been horrible since Reagan.

Those pictures of the Clintons with Trump, all buddy-buddy? Those are the real deal.

Boo said...

Good morning friends, do you delete a post? Thank you.

p.s. Bill and Jeff need to be pushed into the ocean with two buckets of chum with them. They're vile, evil, and disgusting men.

YummyBoogers said...

@J, I'm with you. If it weren't for the Lolita Express/Epstein connection, and the whole Juanita Broadderick/sex assault accusations leveled against old Slick Willy, his constant philandering on Hill-dog, and his dopey, squinty-eyed, stuttering, hill-billy denials would be laughable and almost endearing in a "Bill's just being Bill!", wave of the hand type of way.

Thorne said...

As much as I'd love to think Trump will be implicated, logic stops me. If you had super cool fun teenage sex slaves, would you invite that loudmouth fraud in on the secret? And as for Katie Johnson, I do not trust anyone who retains Lisa Bloom. Don't get me wrong, I do believe President Pussygrabber has committed his share of rapes, just not necessarily while partying with Epstein.

Pissoff said...

Were they butt-buddies?

cc423 said...

Now do Trump!

sandybrook said...

Bliss Boo at the bottom of your post should be a trash can, pressit and it will ask you if you want to delete this post and it will delete it after you agree.

SDaly said...

It was reported long ago that foreign governments had blackmail material on Clinton (before he became friends with Epstein). I can't imagine what type of blackmail material is out there that could have been applied to Hillary (via Bill).

nextstepz said...

Did Clinton ask the FBI to define what the meaning of "is", is?
Creepy old liar, what a disgusting corrupt joke of a person.

Count Jerkula said...

Let me guess, Clinton didnt have sex with the underage whores, just oral swap and rimming?

Alf Landon said...

Dershowitz carefully denied having sex with "women"

Alf Landon said...

TDS sufferers get help for your mental illness. Everything is not about him or your irrational hate. Trump did sign an order in 2017 freezing assets of these pedophiles.

herbert arnold said...

folks ask yourself why we have seen so many stories in the past few months about deep fake videos. there are videos out there, they know theyre coming, and the mockingbird media is trying to help them get out in front of all that is coming. those who know cant sleep. how much you choose to know is up to you.

DavidHowesCREBroker said...

I'm still with Enty on this one!

All of the pedophiles, left or right, need to be charged, tried, convicted and imprisoned for their crimes.

If Bill Clinton and/or Donnie Trump had sex ("raped") an under-aged girl, they must be sent to prison!

PS: I watched "Taken" for the +100th time last night.
My 63 year old brain says my 63 year old body can kick sex traffickers ass as well as Liam Neeson. (Hey, he's 67!)


J said...

Trump is a complete buffoon who should never have been elected. We can thank Hillary's hubris and incompetence for that. Now that he's in office, however, and the democrats crazily imagine that divisive identity politics is going to get them anywhere, we can look forward to a second Trump term.

Policy-wise, Trump doesn't seem to want war. That's kind of nice. As for pussy-grabbing, I'm a grown man who has been among other men. You may not like it, but that stuff gets said. Who wants to bet a grand taking the side that Bill Clinton never said such a thing?

And as for the immigration question, I'm not aware of what the coherent democratic policy position is. Open borders and free medical care for anyone who gets here? That's fine with me, but say that's what you want and pass the bills. May be politically problematic however when unemployed Americans are paying ten grand or more a year for horseshit insurance coverage.

Thieving, sure. But you gotta wonder how the Clintons managed to pay for Chelsea to have the (IIRC) fifth-most-expensive wedding in history.

Bernie Sanders is the only one who strikes me as remotely decent (and I'm probably wrong about him). Unfortunately, he's very very old, and the new "squad" he's inspired don't have a fragment of his experience or common sense.

Future's gonna suck. Glad I don't have kids.

Do Tell said...

Sanders and his wife have some financial improprieties related to her former job. They are also textbook limousine liberals. he becomes a Democrat when it suits him, then goes back to his independent status after his failed attempts to capture the Presidency.

Count Jerkula said...

No, Hillary is not to blame. The DNC is to blame for allowing Hillary to hijack the party. That move allowed the socialist loons of the party a voice via Bernie, forcing the party further left and losing middle America. As they spend the next 16 months trying to out left each other w/ promises of healthcare for illegals, everything free, etc, more and more middle class Dems will flock to Trump. Only a massive recession can stop a Reagan 84 style reelection landslide. The people in the Rust Belt who lost jobs to factory moves to Mexico arent going to be drawn back to the Donkey Part by telling them they will be taxed more so illegals here to take their new non union jobs can have better healthcare than they do. Nor will they be drawn back by telling them they will be paying off the student loan debt of financially irresponsible citizens.

I cant wait to see what Trump can accomplish when he doesnt have to worry about reelection.

Monkeyweather said...

Agreed. That ploy of the pedos and murderers is going to fail.
People aren't as stupid as [they] think.
When the WORLD sees these videos we're NOT such idiots that we're going to immediately think "well my TV told me it's not real".

Honestly, the arrogance of even TRYING to convince people to not believe the evidence of their own eyes?!?!

Monkeyweather said...

It's not a partisan thing.
Let the guilty be exposed, and let justice be done.

In the meantime, remember: the MOST guilty also own all major media outlets. They'll point in every direction but at themselves, and they are trying very hard to shift the narrative.
We just saw them peddling the idea that the temple on pedo island is "just a gym", even though photos of the underground stairs and the "dining room" filled with naked people at and ON tables have already been revealed.

Amartel said...

Ruh roh. Billy Jeff might have to lose a couple of +s off his rating. He'll never see prison though it's richly deserved, for both of them.

VRWC said...

I'm not really sure what to do. I agreed with everything you said. I feel light headed.

Sal Salington said...

No chance someone with the profile of an ex president gets interviewed by the FBI and the only hint of it is on some Hollywood gossip blog.

Count Jerkula said...

Come sit on my lap, before i make you weak kneed too.

James Howlett said...

CREbroker all you have to do to win a fight is "trigger" someone wearing a mask. It's how trolls are so effective online. It has nothing to do with Sun-Tzu or Machiavelli. It's 100% Pepe.

Marybel said...

You think Slick told the truth? What a waste of time and resources.

Tricia13 said...

Me too ,Count. And that is a first for sure 👍🤘

Fifi LaRue said...

It wasn't Hilary's hubris that lost the election; no, it was the Bernie supporters who sat home on election night sucking their thumbs because Bernie was not the candidate of choice. I blame the Bernie supporters 100% for the election of trump.

not a libtard said...

(so how's that Trump impeaching going?)

Sophia S said...

Look at Bill checking out Ariana's ass...

J said...

lol unknown.

BRAD PITT said...

@ J

i remember admiring the Clintons so much

Laura Silsby
John Podesta
James Alefantis

Turitella said...

Hillary, is that you? Did you really expect Bernie people to vote for your cheating, lying ass?

I saw the funniest cartoon the other day. Hill and Bill sitting on the front porch in their rocking chairs and Hill says to Bill, "I managed to get rid of 30,000 emails and you couldn't even manage 26 flight logs???"

Turitella said...

I forgot to mention vicious.

We came, we saw, he died HA HAHAHA on watching a video of Gaddafi getting butchered by a bayonet.
That was real funny, psychopathic bitch.

Collateral Justice said...

"No, Hillary is not to blame...(snip)..." end partial quote by Count Jerkula

If we squeeze our eyes wide shut then it's obvious the Clinton body count is just a Vast Right Wing Conspiracy.

Said the complicate under belly of government corruption and National Security abuse.
Is 40 years long enough for the discarded bodies to be swept under the rug?

Count Jerkula said...

Ok Tricia, you can sit on my lap too.

Count Jerkula said...

Slick would have been called a backnin the day one hit wonder. Jive Soul Bro got ripped off at the Grammies that year.

Count Jerkula said...

One time i tried to screen cap's Clinton body count write up and it was so long my lap top locked up then blue screened. I had to cap it in 3 parts.

orangesoda said...

You all lost me at Bernie Sanders. I was born in a communist country. It's not fun, I'll tell you that.

molly said...

orangesoda......socialism communism is all a tool of US propaganda. In reality , socialist countries actually get something back from their taxes. WE get bombs for innocent people who happen to live on top of oil reserves. The well kept secret of modern times is the US is fascist.“Fascism should more appropriately be called Corporatism because it is a merger of state and corporate power”
― Benito Mussolini

Collateral Justice said...

It is interesting that you choose the first and only figurehead of the Fascist Party.
Good old Benito Mussolini who was life long Marxist disciple.
He came to power in the last days of 1922 and locked down all consumer good pricing like a good Communist must do.

What made him a Marxist is he Nationalized ALL Industry in Italy before 1925.
Benito was sacrificed by his own party because he tried to go too far right into Socialist territory. That was only 8 years under a Marxist Industry and 10 as a Fascist. Ain't no free market capitalism in that shit.

Yet in 1943 the Italian Fascist Party once again took over Italy.
Yeah. The same party that killed it's founder.

Have you been at the Kool Aid again? Because Jim Jones is your lover.

Collateral Justice said...

"It wasn't Hilary's ... blah, blah ... I blame the Bernie supporters ...(spit)...." end partial quote @Unknown
Only one Bernie Bro hated Hillary enough to put his formidable testicles on the line.
His name is Seth Conrad Rich.

A loyal Democrat (slash) Bernie Bro who was willing to die for that Socialist pig of a blood sucking leech.
All it got Seth was a "I'm a Russian Hacker" T-Shirt to be buried in.

Care to guess who his Boss was the day Bernie's IT department folded into Debbie Wasserman-Shultz's fiefdom we called the DNC vote rigger Party?
Why it was the greatest Pakistani spy who bitch slapped the FBI while walking free and clear. To this day.
The one and only super spy who tells the FBI to suck CIA dick and get's a kick back.

Imran Awan, who was the DNC Congressional IT (overpaid) administrator and the Senates very own Pakistani Spy Hero.
For well over 14 bloody years as a spy.
The Awan family is Royalty in Pakistan because National Hero's deserve no less.

Here in the States we are even stupid enough to destroy evidence for the sake of CIA/FBI blackmail specialist.
Pedo-Blackmail rules the DC swamp because Pedowood could teach them a thing or two.

Other than that I sure hope Anthony Wiener becomes the official DNC pick.
So long as Eric Holder get's the VP nod.

Willing to pay $25 bucks for the T-shirt. Might pay extra for cammo.


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