Tuesday, November 23, 2021

Blind Item #6 - Reader Blind - 90's Limo Driver

The driver waited a block from a hotel on Sunset and smoked a cigarette in the front of the stretch. He finished it and flicked it out the window as he drove up to the hotel to pick up the then bombshell wife of the permanent A+++ list celebrity. She came out with her bodyguard, who was carrying a baby seat. She had a toddler girl in her arms. The bodyguard strapped the baby seat into the back of the stretch. The celebrity’s wife smelled the cigarette smoke. “Oh, we use your service in New York all the time and always order non-smoking cars,” she said. “Sorry, ma’am, they just sent me here, I can call dispatch and have them send you a non-smoking car,” the driver said. “Let’s just go,” she said and they all climbed in. The driver wondered if they even had non-smoking cars in LA. They drove to a studio lot where the celebrity’s wife was doing a cameo on a sitcom. The hunky bodyguard, dressed in a tailored suit, sat silently in the front. The wife squealed with excitement upon seeing the studios. “Will you wait for us?” she asked the driver. He promised her he would as they climbed out. The driver called the dispatch office to announce the drop. Dispatch told him to get down to LAX. The driver was angry, wanting to hang at the studios for several hours. “But I have their baby seat in the car,” the driver protested. “Bring it to the office,” the dispatcher said. The driver was furious and sped to the dispatch office with the baby seat. The window to the dispatch office opened and a cloud of cigarette smoke rolled out. The driver cringed and handed the baby seat to the dispatcher.

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