Saturday, November 27, 2021

Blind Item #6

This sports team hovers between A and B list in its own country, occasionally slipping down to B-. It has not won any major titles in decades, but it has come close in recent years and has a loyal cult following. Several well known players nationally and internationally have had their starts there.

It is currently dealing with a rash of media attention due to a player having a medical episode during a game. It was nothing to do with the vaccine, but people have jumped on it regardless. It is something to do with COVID though. The player has an issue where he does not develop COVID antibodies. He has had the virus several times on top of long COVID. This has previously affected his stamina, but he has now developed neurological symptoms.

Several days after the incident, the team owner fired the head coach. The team is in bad financial straits, and the coach was appointed fairly recently, so it makes little sense to fire him. The firing is an attempt to take media attention away from the incident. Even if it wasn't anything to do with the vaccine, the team does not want this kind of publicity.

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