Friday, November 26, 2021

Blind Items Revealed #7 - Anniversary Month

January 23, 2018

So, do you think if this current Oscar nominee who is not one of the two mentioned in the earlier blind item wins, everyone will give him a standing ovation? A lifetime casting coucher? If you are female and wanted to be in his movies, you hit the casting couch. There is a blind I wrote many years ago about him and an actress ALL of you know who got a role because he made her have sex with him to get it. I think it ended with her looking up at an award or something while he was on top of her and that she thought he seemed nice. There is a postscript to all that. That experience shook her and she started drinking and doing drugs to cope. I wrote about all of that in separate blind items and how she lost a baby because of those drugs and booze. To this day she has never told me or anyone I know who the father of that baby was that she lost fairly well along into her pregnancy, but the top choice for the dad is this current Oscar nominee. I could go on and on about this nominee, but you just go ahead Hollywood and give him his standing ovation if he wins and talk about what a great guy he is.

Denzel Washington

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